All Cause Mortality and COVID-19 Injections: Evidence from 28 Weeks of Public Health England “COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Reports”

May 2022

John W. Oller, Jr., PhD1 andDaniel Santiago, PharmD2

1Professor Emeritus, Department of Linguistics, University of New Mexico 0000-0001-7666-651X) and corresponding author

2Pharmacist in Orlando, Floridaat 0000-0001-5975-0592)


According to data collected in the UK for weeks34-52 in 2021 (excluding week 51 which was not covered) and in weeks 1-12 of 2022 —a period of 28 weeks during which the genetic “vaccines” from Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca were being pressed upon the public —deaths reported to Public Health England(PHE)from their hospital “trusts” were being tabulated in a series of vaccine surveillance reports.Each source for the data analyzed here covered a four-week period. Deaths were reported to PHE from under age 18,progressing in increments of 10 years to 80 or older. In addition to deaths, the UK National Immunization Management System also recorded the date of a positive COVID-19 test result, and dates of any vaccinations. To obtain non-overlapping records,the 7 surveillance reports relied on here appeared in weeks 38, 42, 47, and 51 in 2021 and 4, 9, and 13 in 2022. Assuming that dying was not reported more than once for any individual, and, that dates of positive COVID-19 tests and COVID-19 vaccinations were reasonably reliable, we believe there is no good reason to doubt the data or the analyses we are reporting. During the28 weeks we are referring to, we foundan almost perfect correlation between the total deaths within 60 days of a positive COVID-19test,across the various age groups (a) from any cause whatever and (b) deaths after the persons who died had received one, two, or three doses of at least one of the COVID-19 vaccines. We simply collated the data from the various UK Health SecurityAgency vaccine surveillance reports to discover a correlation of 0.99881, coefficient of determination at 0.99762, between (a) and (b).The shots account for almostexactly100% of the variance in death-from-all-causes in the UK data set.


The spike protein,supposedly expressed in the modified mRNA taken from SARS-CoV-2, the component known to be the most toxic in the whole SARS-CoV-2 virus (Fleming, 2021), has reportedly been made more invasive, less easily detected and less easily disposed of by ILR3, and more capable of being produced in large quantities through commandeering of the ribosome of C-19 “vaccine” recipients. Boosters do not seem to enhance antibody production against the SARS-CoV-2 spike. In fact, data from the UK Health Security Agency for the 28 weeks during which reports were provided in COVID-19 vaccine surveillance reports, showed an almost perfect correlation, r = 0.99881, between total deaths-from-all-causes within 60 days of a positive COVID-19 test and deaths after receipt of one to three C-19 injections. Two conclusions seem inevitable: (1) with 74 to 95 percent of persons from 18 to more than 79 having already received one or more of the C-19 “vaccines”,the 15,055deaths of persons who received a positive diagnosis of COVID-19within 60 days of their death, and who died, ostensibly, withCOVID-19,if not fromCOVID-19, shows the C-19 injections to be ineffective. (2) The fact that death-from-all-causes within the 60 day time frame was, across the various age groups, nearly perfectly correlated with deaths of recipients of one to three doses of C-19 vaccine, suggests to us,that the C-19 vaccines are more deadly than anything else being tracked in the UK population by the National Immunization Management System.


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