74 Harvesting and Mule Rings: Where They Were, How They Did It, And The Impact – Our Work is Now Corroborated

Topic: Elections

Capt. Seth Keshel May 14 20224415

The best way to understand the dysfunctional 2020 election is to see that California’s election processes, shortcuts, tricks, tactics, techniques, and procedures were exported to the entire nation, against the laws of most states.  One of the major election tricks championed by California’s renegade government is the practice of ballot harvesting.  Ballot harvesting is the collection and return of ballots by someone other than the voter and can be innocently applied to one spouse dropping off a ballot for another.

Ballot harvesting is abused when it is used to seek out illegally mailed ballots in places such as nursing homesapartments, and dormitories.  2000 Mules documented the trafficking of mail ballots to drop boxes, typically in the dark of night by those commissioned to deliver hundreds, if not thousands, of ballots each over weeks of the period allotted for returning mail ballots.  The system was sophisticated and clearly engineered to overcome what was expected to be monstrous turnout for Donald Trump.  Every trend, indicator, bellwether, and predictor, some valid for more than a century, showed a Trump victory was inevitable.

Ballots were picked up at pre-designated headquarters and sent by “mules” throughout the surrounding counties.  If we are to view the “mule” operation as we would a military operation, each major ring had an assigned area for dropping off ballots, often crossing state lines, and designed for the purpose of either tipping a state for Biden or giving the illusion of Democrat control of counties destined to flip to Trump.

The use of drop boxes across the nation is prevalent, though the magnitude to which they were used is up for debate.  The map below shows that the major contested states (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia) all used ballot drop boxes, and many others may have had limitations on them by statute but used emergency declarations related to the pandemic to turn a blind eye to their use.  Other states that may have had fewer drop boxes still experienced substantially harvesting of mail-in ballots, as is made clear by simple statistical analysis.

I have identified 74 major mule or harvesting rings from the 2020 “election.”  I am defining “major” as a ring that generally impacts one major county (such as Maricopa County, Arizona), or bleeds over into surrounding counties or states, and appears to contribute at least 20,000 excess Biden votes over what standard registration trends, population change, and voter behavior would allow for; therefore, stand-alone “red” counties on my 2020 County Map (red denoting high statistical evidence of election fraud) may indeed have trafficking rings operating within them, but fall into a category of minor “mule” rings.

I will now list the 74 mule or harvesting rings and denote their geography and severity.  Severity will be rated as follows:

Class A: Over 60,000 excess Biden votes contributed

Class B: 50-60,000 excess Biden votes contributed

Class C: 40-50,000 excess Biden votes contributed

Class D: 20-40,000 excess Biden votes contributed

A map of a city

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Starting in the west, and moving east, here are the rings:

1)    Mariner Ring

Likely Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Assigned Area: Northwestern Washington

Severity: Class A

2)    Lilac Ring

Likely Headquarters: Spokane, Washington

Assigned Area: Eastern Washington, perhaps into the Idaho Panhandle
Severity: Class C

3)    Columbia Ring

Likely Headquarters: Portland, Oregon

Assigned Area: Northwestern Oregon

Severity: Class A

4)    Duck Ring

Likely Headquarters: Eugene, Oregon

Assigned Area: Central and Southwestern Oregon

Severity: Class B

5)    Arnold Ring

Likely Headquarters: Sacramento, California

Assigned Area: North Central California, east to the Nevada border

Severity: Class A

6)    Silicon Ring

Likely Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Assigned Area: San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding counties

Severity: Class A

7)    Valley Ring

Likely Headquarters: Fresno, California

Assigned Area: Central California

Severity: Class A

8)    Angel Ring

Likely Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Assigned Area: Los Angeles metro area

Severity: Class A

9)    Empire Ring

Likely Headquarters: Riverside, California

Assigned Area: Southern California, east of Los Angeles to the Arizona border

Severity: Class A

10) Gaslamp Ring

Likely Headquarters: San Diego, California

Assigned Area: San Diego metro area

Severity: Class A

11) Glacier Ring

Likely Headquarters: Anchorage, Alaska

Assigned Area: Anchorage Borough, Matanuska-Susitna Borough, and surrounding area

Severity: Class D

12) Aloha Ring

Likely Headquarters: Honolulu, Hawai’i

Assigned Area: Oahu

Severity: Class C

13) Spud Ring

Likely Headquarters: Boise, Idaho

Assigned Area: Boise metro area

Severity: Class D

14) Grizzly Ring

Likely Headquarters: Missoula, Montana

Assigned Area: Northwestern Montana

Severity: Class D

15) Beehive Ring

Likely Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UT

Assigned Area: North Central Utah

Severity: Class A

16) Young Ring

Likely Headquarters: St. George, UT

Assigned Area: St. George and Southwestern Utah

Severity: Class D

17) Gambler Ring

Likely Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada

Assigned Area: Las Vegas metro

Severity: Class A

Electoral Impact: 6 Electoral Votes

18) Ace Ring

Likely Headquarters: Reno, Nevada

Assigned Area: Reno metro

Severity: Class D

Electoral Impact: 6 Electoral Votes

19) Apache Ring

Likely Headquarters: Flagstaff, Arizona

Assigned Area: Northern Arizona

Severity: Class C

Electoral Impact: 10 Electoral Votes

20) Javelina Ring

Likely Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona

Assigned Area: Phoenix metro

Severity: Class A

Electoral Impact: 10 Electoral Votes

21) Sidewinder Ring

Likely Headquarters: Tucson, Arizona

Assigned Area: Tucson metro

Severity: Class C

Electoral Impact: 10 Electoral Votes

22) Breaking Bad Ring

Likely Headquarters: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Assigned Area: Albuquerque metro, Santa Fe, and Northwestern New Mexico

Severity: Class A

23) Mile High Ring

Likely Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Assigned Area: Denver metro and northern Colorado

Severity: Class A

24) Purple Mountain Ring

Likely Headquarters: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Assigned Area: Central and Southern Colorado

Severity: Class A

25) Heartland Ring

Likely Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska

Assigned Area: Douglas and Sarpy Counties

Severity: Class C

Electoral Impact: 1 Electoral Vote

26) Royal Ring

Likely Headquarters: Overland Park, Kansas

Assigned Area: Kansas City metro, Kansas and Missouri

Severity: Class A

27) Wrangler Ring

Likely Headquarters: Wichita, Kansas

Assigned Area: Wichita metro

Severity: Class D

28) Cattleman Ring

Likely Headquarters: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Assigned Area: Oklahoma City metro

Severity: Class D

29) Diablo Ring

Likely Headquarters: El Paso, Texas

Assigned Area: El Paso metro and Las Cruces, New Mexico, metro

Severity: Class A

30) Cowboy Ring

Likely Headquarters: Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Assigned Area: DFW Metro

Severity: Class A

31) California East Ring

Likely Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Assigned Area: Austin metro and surrounding counties

Severity: Class A

32) Alamo Ring

Likely Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas

Assigned Area: San Antonio metro and surrounding counties

Severity: Class A

33) Bayou Ring
Likely Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Assigned Area: Houston metro and surrounding counties

Severity: Class A

34) Iron Ring

Likely Headquarters: Duluth, Minnesota

Assigned Area: Duluth metro and Northern Minnesota

Severity: Class C

Electoral Impact: 10 Electoral Votes

35) Twinkie Ring

Likely Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Assigned Area: Twin Cities metro

Severity: Class A

Electoral Impact: 10 Electoral Votes

36) Badger Ring

Likely Headquarters: Madison, Wisconsin

Assigned Area: Madison metro and surrounding counties

Severity: Class C

Electoral Impact: 10 Electoral Votes

37) Cheesehead Ring

Likely Headquarters: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Assigned Area: Green Bay metro and surrounding counties

Severity: Class D

Electoral Impact: 10 Electoral Votes

38) Brewer Ring

Likely Headquarters: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Assigned Area: Milwaukee metro and surrounding counties of Southeastern Wisconsin

Severity: Class B

Electoral Impact: 10 Electoral Votes

39) Midway Ring

Likely Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Assigned Area: Chicago metro and Northern Illinois

Severity: Class A

40) Rapids Ring

Likely Headquarters: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Assigned Area: Grand Rapids metro and Western Michigan

Severity: Class A

Electoral Impact: 16 Electoral Votes

41) Motor Ring

Likely Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan

Assigned Area: Detroit metro and Eastern Michigan

Severity: Class A

Electoral Impact: 16 Electoral Votes

42) Gateway Ring

Likely Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri

Assigned Area: St. Louis metro into Western Illinois

Severity: Class D

43) Big Easy Ring

Likely Headquarters: New Orleans, Louisiana

Assigned Area: Southeastern Louisiana into Mississippi Gulf Coast

Severity: Class D

44) Hoosier Ring

Likely Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana

Assigned Area: Indianapolis metro and surrounding counties

Severity: Class C

45) Steamboat Ring

Likely Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

Assigned Area: Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky

Severity: Class B

46) Buckeye Ring

Likely Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Assigned Area: Columbus metro and Central Ohio

Severity: Class D

47) Wildcat Ring

Likely Headquarters: Lexington, Kentucky

Assigned Area: North Central Kentucky into Louisville metro

Severity: Class C

48) Opry Ring

Likely Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee

Assigned Area: Nashville metro and Central Tennessee

Severity: Class C

49) Rocky Top Ring

Likely Headquarters: Knoxville, Tennessee

Assigned Area: Knoxville metro and Eastern Tennessee

Severity: Class D

50) Gump Ring

Likely Headquarters: Birmingham, Alabama

Assigned Area: Birmingham metro and Central Alabama

Severity: Class D

51) Panhandle Ring

Likely Headquarters: Pensacola, Florida

Assigned Area: Florida Panhandle into Alabama Gulf Coast

Severity: Class C

52) Space Coast Ring

Likely Headquarters: Daytona Beach, Florida

Assigned Area: East Central Florida north to Jacksonville, Florida

Severity: Class A

53) Jolly Roger Ring

Likely Headquarters: Tampa, Florida

Assigned Area: Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida

Severity: Class A

54) Dolphin Ring

Likely Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Assigned Area: Southeast Florida

Severity: Class A

55) Falcon Ring

Likely Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Assigned Area: Metro Atlanta and surrounding counties

Severity: Class A

Electoral Impact: 16 Electoral Votes

56) Low Country Ring

Likely Headquarters: Charleston, South Carolina

Assigned Area: Charleston, South Carolina, to Savannah, Georgia

Severity: Class A

57) Gamecock Ring

Likely Headquarters: Columbia, South Carolina

Assigned Area: Columbia metro and Central South Carolina

Severity: Class D

58) Port Ring

Likely Headquarters: Wilmington, North Carolina

Assigned Area: Coastal North Carolina

Severity: Class C

59) Blue Ridge Ring

Likely Headquarters: Asheville, North Carolina

Assigned Area: Western North Carolina

Severity: Class A

60) Queen Ring

Likely Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina

Assigned Area: Charlotte metro and surrounding counties

Severity: Class A

61) Research Ring

Likely Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina

Assigned Area: Research Triangle and North Central North Carolina

Severity: Class A

62) Tidewater Ring

Likely Headquarters: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Assigned Area: Southeastern Virginia

Severity: Class B

63) Jefferson Davis Ring

Likely Headquarters: Richmond, Virginia

Assigned Area: Richmond metro and Central Virginia

Severity: Class B

64) Capital Ring

Likely Headquarters: Arlington, Virginia

Assigned Area: Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland

Severity: Class A

65) Steel Ring

Likely Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Assigned Area: Pittsburgh metro and surrounding counties

Severity: Class A

Electoral Impact: 20 Electoral Votes

66) Erie Ring

Likely Headquarters: Erie, Pennsylvania

Assigned Area: Erie, Pennsylvania, to Buffalo, New York

Severity: Class A

Electoral Impact: 20 Electoral Votes

67) Devil’s Den Ring

Likely Headquarters: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Assigned Area: Central and Southern Pennsylvania

Severity: Class A

Electoral Impact: 20 Electoral Votes

68) Liberty Bell Ring

Likely Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Assigned Area: Philadelphia metro and Southeastern Pennsylvania

Severity: Class A

Electoral Impact: 20 Electoral Votes

69) Dunder-Mifflin Ring

Likely Headquarters: Scranton, Pennsylvania

Assigned Area: Scranton metro and surrounding counties

Severity: Class A

Electoral Impact: 20 Electoral Votes

70) Garden Ring

Likely Headquarters: Newark, New Jersey

Assigned Area: Northern New Jersey

Severity: Class A

71) Gotham Ring

Likely Headquarters: New York, New York

Assigned Area: New York City Metro and Long Island

Severity: Class A

72) Whaler Ring

Likely Headquarters: Hartford, Connecticut

Assigned Area: Central and Western Connecticut

Severity: Class A

73) Chowder Ring

Likely Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

Assigned Area: Eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut, Eastern New Hampshire, Southern Maine

Severity: Class A

Electoral Impact: 6 Electoral Votes

74) Super Trooper Ring

Likely Headquarters: Burlington, Vermont

Assigned Area: Vermont

Severity: Class D

The work of 2000 Mules corroborates the findings of many in the election integrity movement, particularly mine.  I have long counted “excess Biden votes” as if there was an extra foot on the scale of the national election.  This new “mule map” may prove critical in helping sheriffs identify the key players who undermined the integrity of the national election, particularly as more information comes to light.

The reader must understand that these organized crime cells, under cover of mask and darkness of night, harvested and trafficked ballots across county and state lines with impunity, warping the electoral landscape to an unrecognizable state and permanently damaging the national attitude toward the electoral process.  This article and its maps demonstrate the level of planned depravity that was undertaken to those ends.

Justice must be served.




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