Italy Announces Rollout of Dystopian Social Credit System; Compliant Citizens Will Be Rewarded For “Good Behaviour”


Italy Announces Rollout of Dystopian Social Credit System; Compliant Citizens Will Be Rewarded For “Good Behaviour”

On 28 March Matteo Lepore, Mayor of Bologna, and Massimo Bugani, councillor for the digital agenda and civic use of data, announced the City’s digital innovation plan 2022-2024.

“We will start with a pilot project for the city: at the center is the virtuous citizen, the one who, for example, separates waste well or does not waste energy, or uses public transport and does not take fines, or is still active with the Bologna Welcome Card. The Municipality says to these people ‘we will assign you a score’, as part of a circular reward with economic benefits to individual users.”

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Social credit scores are already in use in various places around the world, but nowhere more than in the communist hell hole that is China. The dystopian measurement acts similarly to a traditional credit score, however, as the name indicates, one’s score has little to do with their financial prospects or ability to pay off debt on time – social scores are all about your level of compliance to the regime and acceptance of the approved narrative.  Where this dystopian coercion tool is used in an authoritarian dictatorship, like China, there is no such thing as individual rights or free speech.

Governments across the western world are exploring using this tool, especially in the wake of the Covid “pandemic,” which proved that governments can obtain almost limitless power in a crisis and set the stage for the next phase of the World Economic Forum’s plan – “you will own nothing and be happy.”

Italy will be the first in the EU, and the West, to implement a government-sponsored social credit system with the rollout of its new rewards-based program that aims to modify people’s climate change behaviour by assigning a score based on their compliance.

The program will kick off its pilot starting in the autumn of 2022 in Bologna.  Citizens who comply with the radical climate change agenda by displaying “good behaviour,” such as correctly recycling or using public transportation, will be rewarded with cryptocurrency and discounts to local retailers, according to local newspaper Bologna Today.

Enrolees will be given a “smart citizen wallet” where their rewards can be accessed. The higher one’s score, correlating with good behavioural changes, will allow them access to more benefits.

At first, enrolment into the social credit score will be optional, however, there are justified concerns that the program will become mandatory in the future, not unlike the dystopian vaccine passport which has become a staple of everyday life in the EU.

MEPs warned these control measures were in the pipeline last year.  In a third press conference – which took place on 24 November 2021 in the European Parliament in Strasbourg – four MEPs explained why the Green Certificate is violating peoples’ fundamental rights as well as other related topics.  During this press conference Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes said:

“Clearly, we are witnessing right now the Chinafication of Europe.  Because we see what is happening in China right now with the social credit score – where the government is monitoring and surveilling all the people from the beginning to end.  Everything that they do, everything everywhere where they walk, it’s everything, you know – they control everything and they watch everything.  This is an example of tyranny.  

“When the government knows everything about you – where you go, what you did while you were there, where you enter – that’s the tyrannical system.  And we’ve seen this system being implemented, right now, under the leadership of Ursula von der Leyen, slowly but surely, in the European Union.

“The green certificate was just the first step.  There are a few more proposals right now under debate in the parliament: the European wallet ID, for example, the European social security card.  All these things are creating a system that will monitor control, supervise and condition the rights of all the European citizens.”

Cristian Terhes: MEPs fighting for freedom in the EU. Defending peoples’ rights against Mandatory Digital Certificate, 24 November 2021

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