My offer to share videos and blood clot tissue samples from multiple embalmers with the CDC and FDA

I want everyone to know that every time they have been offered to see evidence of harm, they refuse to see it. This is the latest offer. These clots are impossible to explain away.

Steve Kirsch Apr 20 2022

Here’s the offer I made earlier today (at 12:20pm PST on April 20, 2022) to the CDC and FDA.

I’m posting this to establish a public record that they were informed and offered the evidence and took no action.

This is extremely important evidence that has been in the public domain for a while that they have been willfully ignoring.

I don’t expect a reply anytime soon because every time they have indicated that they aren’t interested in evidence showing they are killing people. They don’t want to see it.

I don’t expect a reply because the videos and tissue samples would be impossible to explain. All of this information has been known for months (since at least Feb. 4 when Hirschman appeared on Stew Peters and a few days later on my channel). Has Richard Hirschman ever been contacted? Of course not!

They will prefer to just ignore the issue and pretend it isn’t happening.

Or perhaps they can claim it is rare since it only happens in up to 90% of cases (they define rare as less than 100% of cases). In Hirschman’s case, it’s gone from 65% of his cases to now over 83% of his cases.

Check out just one of the videos (just 60 seconds; it’s a must see) that I want them to see. This is from embalmer Richard Hirschman who is seeing these clots in over 40% of the cases he embalms. This is taken from an artery in a man who died after COVID vaccination. Richard is seeing these clots now in 83% of the 35 cases that he did this month.

I formally filed a complaint with the HHS Inspector General today

I reported these people to the HHS Inspector General today.

Dr. Ryan Cole on these telltale blood clots in vaccinated people

Watch this video at the 40 minute mark where Dr. Cole explains that these clots are caused by the spike protein which is why the body can’t break them down. I’m mentioned in the video a couple of times. Watch it for around 7 minutes to get the full story.

People who get vaccinated are at markedly higher risk of dying, permanent disability, and also brain diseases such as Alzheimers.


My email to the FDA and CDC is one more piece of additional evidence showing people at the FDA and CDC are uninterested in seeing any evidence showing the vaccines are killing people.

There is simply no way to explain the video above.


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