COVID Russia: The new normal

The Virus Scam has become a permanent fixture of “public health” in Russia

Edward Slavsquat Mar 20 2022
Putin inspects the “synthetic molecules of small interfering RNA” that Russia will now give to hospital patients with a positive PCR test. The drug was developed by a Bill Gates-linked bureaucrat.

By Riley Waggaman, a Moscow-based writer and former “senior editor” at RT

Moscow has dropped its mask rules; regions across Russia have canceled compulsory vaccination decrees and self-isolation regimes. Has Russia finally parted ways with the Virus Scam?

Not at all—it’s just that around-the-clock news coverage and public rituals are now reserved for the “special operation” in Ukraine. The dreaded Virus has become an omnipresent but normalized danger that can be suppressed—but never fully eradicated—using a dazzling array of unproven drugs. In fact, the Russian government is pumping out all kinds of new treatments to protect the population from positive PCR tests.

Hide your kids

Russia has fallen behind other countries when it comes to injecting children. But even as COVID takes a backseat to the conflict in Ukraine, Russia’s public health authorities are marching forward with plans to needle youngsters. Alexander Gintsburg—the alleged mastermind behind Sputnik V—will soon begin testing the “kid-friendly” version of his clot-shot on children aged 6-11. Meanwhile, Russia’s health ministry is telling under-18s to get vaccinated to ward off “stealth omicron.”

Russia’s “Sputnik-M” has barely been tested; doctors who have spoken out against this senseless vaccination program warn that Russia’s youngest generation is being subjected to a potentially catastrophic medical experiment.

It’s not difficult to imagine that in the not-too-distant future, children in Russia will need to periodically prove their “COVID-free” status. In January, Russian scientists announced they had developed a “Mantoux reaction” test for coronavirus. In Russia, Mantoux tests are commonly used to screen children for tuberculosis. The TB test is basically required in order to enroll your child in school (there are ways around it but you have to jump through various hoops).

Are you ready for your biannual intranasal booster?

Russia’s fabled Gamaleya Center—“the world’s leading research institution”—is currently registering its Sputnik V nasal vaccine. The drug is being marketed as a booster shot that will likely be required every six months.

From indefinite immunity to infinite shots—in only 8 months.

Putin selflessly volunteered to test this nose-drug in November, marking his fourth Sputnik dose in less than a year.

Russia’s Bill Gates groupie saves the day

But is Sputnik Nose Powder powerful enough to stop “stealth omicron”? Perhaps not. Thankfully, Veronika Skvortsova, the head of Russia’s Federal Medical-Biological Agency (FMBA), has successfully registered a new vaccine, Konvasel, which annihilates all forms of clandestine omicron.

Skvortsova sits on the Bill Gates-funded Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB). Fellow board members include Dr. Chris Elias, President of the Bill & Melinda Gates’ Global Development Program, and America’s favorite doctor, Anthony Fauci.

Skvortsova is like the Leonardo da Vinci of COVID drug developers. On March 15, she met with Putin to discuss one of her latest inventions, MIR-19, which stands for “Small Interfering RNA.”

Skvortsova briefs Putin on her COVID vape. March 15, 2022 (Source)

As Skvortsova explained:

The main components of the drug are synthetic molecules of small interfering RNA (siRNA), which inside the infected cell of the body target the pathogen genome and contribute to its degradation.

The drug, which is inhaled, is currently being used in hospitals. According to Skvortsova, “outpatient studies are currently underway to use this drug as soon as the first positive PCR test is detected. Then it is most effective. Experience shows that three inhalations per day for five days is enough to obtain a negative PCR test.”

She stressed MIR-19 is safe and effective and will not alter the human genome in any way, shape or form. And there is absolutely no reason to doubt her.

During her reign as health minister (2012-2020), Skvortsova presided over a years-long hoax in which phony data was used to declare victory in a public health war against cardiovascular-related illnesses. She also partnered with Gintsburg to create a genetic Ebola vaccine that later failed spectacularly. Basically, Skvortsova specializes in two things: unproven genetic slurries and public health hoaxes.

Edward Slavsquat

The Bill Gates groupie who gutted Russia’s healthcare system

By Riley Waggaman, a former “senior editor” (newsroom errand boy) at RT During her nearly eight-year tenure as health minister, Veronika Skvortsova presided over a series of awe-inspiring scams that maimed Russia’s healthcare system and set the stage for the current global clot-shot horror show…Read more2 months ago · 26 likes · 14 comments · Edward Slavsquat

It remains to be seen whether MIR-19 will be as safe and effective as some of the other drugs already being used to combat COVID in Russia—including a medication that causes “serious toxic damage” to the liver (source: Russia’s minister of health Mikhail Murashko).

The new normal

The globalists are in full retreat. In Russia, hospital patients with positive PCR tests are being instructed to inhale synthetic RNA vapor.

Meanwhile, pensioners are mysteriously dropping dead in record numbers. On March 16, RBK reported the number of registered pensioners in Russia had decreased by nearly 1 million over the past 12 months—the largest drop since the early 1990s.

Probably nothing.

It’s a very strange time to be in Russia. Remarkably, the same officials and public figures who pushed for lockdowns and clot-shots are now wrapping themselves in the flag as they vow to sniff out the dreaded “fifth columnists.”

Gintsburg showcases his clot-shots; Maria Shukshina does not approve.

Russian actress and activist Maria Shukshina summed up the current situation quite nicely:

The [COVID] propagandists were in favor of coercive vaccination, and those who were against were called enemies of the people, they called for shooting, cordoning off quarters and stabbing, stabbing, stabbing. This was all said on federal channels. Now a somersault in the air—and the same full-time propagandists who advocated compulsory vaccination and participated in the globalist agenda of Schwab and Gates to redistribute the world, are now patriots and now they are for spiritual and moral values, nationalization and import substitution. They first failed the vaccine agenda, and now there are fears that they will fail the patriotic one… There is no trust in these people.

Some have theorized that the Not-War in Ukraine is the opening salvo of the Kremlin’s purported rebellion against the Davos agenda—including the Global War on Public Health. Observable reality suggests otherwise.


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