Covid-related stories everyone should be talking about! 🥳

Aprl 3 2022

Global Covid Narrative Collapsing:

1) German statistics confirm not many Covid deaths in most countries and many people refusing vaccines (

2) Moderna vaccine corruption exposed ( as the facts snowball.

3) U.S. parents are increasingly realising the extent of mask damage ( as mandate resistance grows.

4) Dutch airlines reject enforcing mask policies ( on board planes.

5) MEPs verbally attack PM Trudeau ( Human Rights violations.

6) Dr. Tess Lawrie explains which mainstream media cannot be trusted (

Growing Movement for Freedom:

7) Sen. Malcolm Roberts makes vaccine truth speech ( in OZ Senate following a Covid Inquiry.

8) MEP Bernhard Zimniok speaks out ( that enemies of democracy are rising in Europe.

9) MEP Cristian Terhes says imposter leaders ( have brought the world into chaos.

10) MEP Mislav Kolakusic calls out harmful pharmaceutical products (

11) MEP Christine Anderson refuses to wear a mask ( in parliament.

12) Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s new purpose ( to expose Covid truth and create a positive new normal.

13) Cartoonist Bob Moran finds new purpose bringing hope and reflection ( in Covid times.

Inspirational Covid-related Media:

14) CPN Event with Dr. Tess Lawrie now on Odysee and Rumble ( share.

15) Kids Against Masks – Young Heroes of the 1st Amendment – Middle School Edition (

16) Kids Against Masks: High School Edition ( Coming Soon (trailer).

17) CPN Food For Thought ( If news had reported all the people creating change not Covid cases.

18) New poll’s visual representation of mass formation ( around Covid and Ukraine narrative.

19) London art exhibition raising public awareness ( Covid facts.

20) Art exhibition in NZ to provide space for an open hearted dialogue ( about the impact of Covid.

Community in Covid Times:

21) CPN community describe their experiences ( with mass formation.

22) CPN launch new events ( to heal and find balance in Covid times.

23) Healthy hypnosis with free hypnotherapy sessions online ( to release stress, heal somatic illness and help us find new direction.

Creating a Positive New Normal:

24) The Democracy Fund provides mandate legal advice (, Covid events and supports independent youth journalism.

25) Freedom Directory is collating all freedom networks ( in one place.

26) So many inspiring people as CPN focuses on connecting as a community ( to create a positive new normal – together.

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