Russia-Ukraine war to trigger new world order: BlackRock CEO


March 28, 2022 1:29 pm

war new world order BlackRock CEOSource: Flickr

Russia’s war on Ukraine will trigger a new “world order” taking globalisation into a different phase, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink told an investment conference on Monday.

Fink, who heads the world’s largest asset management company, said faltering supply chains would force firms to seek suppliers closer to home, up-ending the current model.

Speaking at the Investopia conference in Dubai, Fink denied predicting the end of globalisation, as was widely interpreted from his comments in a letter to shareholders last week.

“But what I did write about is how we frame globalisation over the last 30 years is changing,” he said.

“And I do believe the Ukraine-Russia war is going to accelerate a change that was beginning even before because of Covid,” said Fink.

“I do believe Covid really started to show that the world is less connected,” he added.

Companies struggling with major bottlenecks in the global supply chain fear further disruption from Russia’s war in Ukraine, with everything from energy supplies to wheat under threat.

“I believe we are going to see an acceleration of near-shoring and on-shoring. So that still means globalisation but a different framework,” said Fink.

“I do believe it’s going to have a demonstrable impact on the emerging world as we move more manufacturing closer to demand. And so I do believe all of this is going to change the world order in a very large way,” said the American.

He urged governments to think “much more longer term”, predicting businesses will move “from one region to another, one country to another”.

Fink also named inflation as the biggest short-term risk for the global economy but advised central banks to be careful when raising interest rates, which risked causing recession.

“The big question will be, will the central banks overplay their hand?” he said. “It is my view that central banks are going to have to be more moderate in terms of their interest rate increases.”


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2 thoughts on “Russia-Ukraine war to trigger new world order: BlackRock CEO

  1. Fink and every single one of his accomplices should be arrested, charged with Crimes Against Humanity, tried, convicted, placed in mind-rotting and insanity-inducing solitary confinement, and then eventually publicly hanged.


  2. If globalisation does not cover all the world, can it still be called globalisation?

    I suspect Larry is looking at his bank account and future earnings and wondering how he can continue to rake it in, with half the world saying “up yours!”. He is right, though, in acknowledging that a change is taking place, but like all financially focussed people, he does not see or understand what is happening, and the creation of new, antagonistic power blocs does not augur well for the (up to now) unchallenged oligarchs and globalists.

    Even George Orwell envisioned the division of the world into three power blocs in his novel “1984”, and for those who have some understanding of ‘end-time’ Biblical prophecy, the centre of power will move from the US/Europe axis to the Middle East.

    These changes are under way now, and because Larry does not understand that there is spiritual activity and propulsion behind the physical, they are not something that he, or his globalist mates, can do anything about by changing business strategy.


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