Pfizer vaccine can damage brain cells and immune system, study suggests

ByGuy Hatchard

March 23, 2022

A NEW preprint study conducted in Poland and published at bioRxiv investigates the effect of mRNA vaccine on glial cells in vitro (outside the physiology). Its conclusions point to possible effects of mRNA vaccines on crucial brain functions.

Glial cells or neuroglia are non-neuronal cells in the central nervous system, including the brain, spinal column and the peripheral nervous system, which do not produce electrical impulses. They maintain homeostasis and form the white fatty coating called myelin which protects axons—the electrical communication pathways between neurons. 

Glial cells have several main functions in the brain including: 

1.    to surround neurons and hold them in place 

2.    to supply nutrients and oxygen to neurons 

3.    to insulate one neuron from another 

4.    to destroy pathogens and remove dead neurons 

5.    to protect the integrity of the blood-brain barrier

6.    to facilitate neurotransmission and synaptic connections 

7.    to support physiological processes such as breathing

Glial cells have far more cellular diversity and functions than neurons, and can respond to and manipulate neurotransmission in many ways. 

Additionally, glial cells can affect both the preservation and consolidation of memories.

The authors of the paper were mainly engaged in demonstrating the effectiveness of new RAMAN imaging technology for use in the investigation of alterations in biochemical pathways associated with cancer development.

However their research unexpectedly revealed a range of effects of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine on mitochondria which amount to reductions in immune responses by glial cells which normally operate to support the immunity and functioning of the brain.

The authors conclude:

‘We observed the effect of the mRNA vaccine on biodistribution of different chemical components, particularly cytochrome c, in the specific organelles of human brain glial cells: nucleus, mitochondria, lipid droplets, cytoplasm, rough endoplasmatic reticulum and membrane.

‘We showed that mRNA vaccine (Pfizer) changes mitochondria by downregulation of cytochrome c resulting in lower effectiveness of respiration (oxidative phosphorylation) and lower ATP production. It can lead to lower immune system response.’

The authors further conclude that alterations in lipid (fat) production at the mitochondrial membrane are consistent with changes normally associated with increased aggressiveness of brain cancers and cell death.

This is a highly technical paper which is explained in a video here.

The study was conducted outside the brain in vitro (cellular research in vivo, inside the brain, is beyond present technical means) so its conclusions are subject to caution. Moreover, for the same reasons, we do not know how much, or if, the Pfizer mRNA vaccine penetrates into the brain. The study is also a preprint, which means it has not yet undergone extensive peer review although it has been judged suitable by bioRxiv for public release and comment. 

Nevertheless its conclusions are highly concerning. They are consistent with other studies showing that the Pfizer mRNA degrades immune response and they indicate the need for further research in this direction. We have previously written that insufficient information is available about the effect of mRNA vaccine on higher human functions. 

Most of all, this study confirms that the introduction of mRNA vaccines was rushed without sufficient safety testing of long-term and broader spectrum secondary effects. It also confirms that the introduction of active genetic sequences into the human physiology can have serious effects on stability (homeostasis) and mutagenesis through reduced immune capability. Molecular and electrical pathways in the brain are tightly controlled, energised and protected through gene-based functions. Interference with gene function can have multiple unexpected outcomes as happened here to brain cells in vitro.

The study authors imply that there may be accelerated death of glial cells whose functions, listed at the start of this article, support crucial brain processes.

This study underlines how far removed the global Covid pandemic response has been from a precautionary approach. Our governments should take note. Launching novel genetic technologies in a hurry without adequate testing can result in uncontrolled serious adverse outcomes.


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