Was the Covid crisis a fraud to cancel global debt?

BySally Beck

March 14, 2022

WALL Street executive Edward Dowd alleges the Covid crisis was manufactured to solve governments’ out of control debt crises. His 20 years’ experience with high-profile financial crashes alerted him to a potential underlying fraud being used to wipe the books clean.

Dowd watched the 1990s internet dotcom bubble burst and witnessed the 2008 global recession caused by fraudulent trading in the US property market, so has a nose for these things.

And with governments still saddled with debt from both those disasters (the UK’s public debt is £2.1trilliondouble pre-2008, while the US debt had tripled at $30trillion) something mighty had to happen to deal with it.

In an interview with me he said: ‘We figured that if there’s a sovereign debt bubble, the people who created it were not going to take the blame. So, we wondered would they start a war or something like that? They had to cause some distraction.

‘When Covid hit I was very suspicious. I didn’t have any proof that it was a plan, and I really don’t like to talk about whether it was a plan, or an excuse used by people, but I can tell you with confidence they used it as a system of control to prevent riots when the current bubble pops.

‘They want something to point at as the cause of the potential chaos.

‘We’re at the end of the line and there’s going to have to be cover stories.

‘I was already worried that this was a civil liberties problem. I knew they would take it to absurd levels and I predicted on Twitter in May 2020: vaccine passports, demonisation of the unvaccinated and cancelling of medical experts talking about the counter-narrative.’

Dowd had no concrete proof at that time, but little by little information that backed up his fears began to emerge.

The indecent haste in which the Pfizer vaccine was released was the first red flag. He said: ‘I knew it was operation warp speed and it sounded like a disaster to me being an investor. I knew corners would be cut, safety protocols could be thrown out of the window, and it was an experimental technology. I knew normally it took seven to ten years to develop a vaccine and for the safety data to be vetted before they could safely release it on human beings.

‘With those two things I said, I’m not getting the vax, despite the fact I’ve had all my childhood shots and a tetanus booster. I thought everybody would think like me. I had no idea that they would utilise psychological operations and propaganda to persuade people there was nothing unusual.

‘Very early on in the vaccine rollout, April, May and June of 2021, I started hearing anecdotes of injuries and mysterious deaths after getting the vaccine. What I know about statistics and vaccines is that if it truly is a safe vaccine there will be adverse events and there will be deaths but they’re so rare I should never be hearing about them.

‘By October I was already protesting the mandates and met with Dr Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA technology and a critic of the vaccine rollout, particularly to children) and realised this was an unmitigated disaster.

‘Then a friend of mine in the biotech industry told me that Pfizer had failed the all-cause mortality endpoint in their clinical trials. I got the actual document from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and it was true. There were 21 deaths in the vaccine group and 17 deaths in the placebo group. (See page 23 in the FDA’s report.)

‘In any drug, when you fail the all-cause mortality endpoint, meaning that there’s more deaths in the vaccine group than there is in the placebo group, the drug is not approved by the FDA, but they approved it for emergency use.’

Initially, Pfizer repeatedly refused to release the data, but current UK figures show 726 Pfizer-related deaths reported to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), our drugs watchdog. This is likely to be 10 per cent of the true total.

Their vaccine was also the first to be approved for emergency use in the UK and I sent the MHRA a freedom of information request asking to see the raw data. All anyone had seen were press releases and scientists were beginning to complain. The MHRA refused the request saying ‘it was not in the public interest’.

Dowd began focusing on Pfizer and saw strange things. Their Chief Financial Officer Frank D’Amelio had left in November 2021. ‘You don’t leave a company with a great opportunity in front of you,’ Dowd said.

Then whistleblower Brook Jackson, from the clinical research group Ventavia, got in touch with him. She anonymously alerted the FDA to the fact her company unblinded 1,000 Pfizer trial participants. She was fired at 3pm the same afternoon but her evidence of alleged fraud was published by the British Medical Journal.

‘Unblinding is garbage data,’ Dowd said. ‘Even though she only had 1,000 patients of the 44,000 patients in the trial, mathematically, that 1,000 could have totally made Pfizer’s claim that their vaccine had 95 per cent efficacy either go away or be much lower.’

Edward Dowd, 54, is one of those rare Wall Street executives, a ‘unique animal’, with 30 years’ experience across three financial disciplines. He has fixed income experience, where investors are paid interest or dividends; credit marketing experience, where investors buy and sell securities mostly in the form of bonds, and equity experience, where buyers and sellers trade stock.

For ten years, until the end of 2012, he worked for BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager with $10trillion in assets. Dowd was managing director, equity portfolio manager and looked after $14billion in assets. His experience means he has a 360-degree overview of the financial sector.

Gut instincts are fine, but we all need hard evidence and more appeared by the end of 2021. He knew if he looked at funeral homes’ activity and insurance companies paying claims something would emerge.

Then a reporter in Indiana, Margaret Menge, attended a virtual press conference held by Indiana’s Chamber of Commerce. Scott Davison, Chief Executive Officer from insurance giant OneAmerica said his firm had seen a 40 per cent increase in all-cause mortality, especially among young people, and it wasn’t just Covid. ‘Deaths are up just huge, huge numbers,’ Mr Davison said, although he did not connect them to the vaccine.

The above tells us we are in for a bleak future before a much-needed reset, but not in the way the World Economic Forum set out in 2020. Dowd said: ‘I believe there’s going to be a lot of chaos and trouble in the next 6 to 12 months.

‘I do believe on the other side of this we’re going to have a renaissance but we’re going to go through some dark times.

‘What I’ve told people is that money’s less important than community and having a group of likeminded people you can rely on.

‘We’re going back to tribes. It’s going to go from global to local. That’s going to be a painful process. These guys (those controlling the pandemic response), want global control and we’re going to go back to local.’

Dowd, who lives in Maui, Hawaii, is following his own advice. He said: ‘I’m forging many many relationships so if the proverbial shit hits the fan, I’ll come out the other side of this because I have other human beings to rely on and they’ll rely on me.

‘My goal is to save lives, to get the vaccination programme pulled and I’m using my skills as a financial person to do that. I know that if I can show that Pfizer committed fraud, the house of cards has a better chance of coming down.’


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