Dr. Malone And EcoHealth Whistleblower Cover It All, CIA, Bioweapons, Wuhan Leak, Transhumanism And More [VIDEOS]

The deeper we dig, the worse it gets…



While the Biden administration appears more concerned about enforcing mandates and pushing the COVID-19 jab on Americans, experts like Dr. Robert Malone, who helped invent the mRNA technology, have passionately been seeking the truth surrounding the pandemic and its mysterious origins that are continuously debated. Having already been censored and de-platformed, Dr. Malone recently sat down with the former Vice President of data and technology at EcoHealth Alliance, Andrew Huff. Being a whistleblower himself, both Malone and Huff dissected the entire COVID-19 pandemic for gain of function to the lab leak theory.

In the video, which is featured below, Huff detailed how while working at EcoHealth Alliance, he was approached by Peter Daszak, the President of EcoHealth, about the potential partnership between the organization and none other than the CIA. While not shocking to Dr. Malone, Huff mentioned how Daszak continued to update him on the relationship with the agency. Not to mention, while president – the organization sent close to $600,000 to a Chinese lab.


The pair of experts didn’t just focus on Ecohealth as they also discussed the importance behind Gain of Function (GoF) Research. For those who might not know, Gain of Function allows an organism to have new properties or enhance existing ones. This organism can be a fungus, rodent, bacteria, or even a virus.


MORE NEWS: Smoking Gun: Scientific Fraud Revealed By CDC Officials & NY Times – Drs. Robert Malone & Ryan Cole [VIDEO]

Although there have been benefits to GoF research, Huff admitted that there is a dual purpose to the research that doesn’t add up given that viruses emerge in a completely different way than when performed by scientists in GoF.


Moving away from the discrepancies surrounding GoF research, the pair also discussed another hot topic surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic – the Lab Leak theory. Another claim that has been repeatedly shut down by the Democrats and Biden administration, Huff recalled watching the media and government craft a narrative around the coronavirus that didn’t add up.


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