Canadian Stasi Snatch Freedom Convoy Organizers off the Street as Trudeau’s Crackdown Begins

By streiff | Feb 18, 2022

AP Photo/Robert Bumsted

On Thursday afternoon, the state security forces loyal to the regime of Justin Castreau Trudeau arrested two of the more highly visible leaders of the Freedom Convoy.

In best Stasi style, Chris Barber and Tamara Lich were scooped up off the street by regime functionaries.

If this sounds like something out of the last days of communist rule in Poland and East Germany, it should. The ruling clique in those countries behaved exactly as Trudeau has.

The whole Freedom Convoy experience has produced some interesting data points that we need to keep in mind.

First and foremost, the people who bleat the loudest about the danger to democracy are only in favor of democracy so long as they get their way. In a way, it validates the old saw about democracy being two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch. We need to be thankful that our Founding Fathers were wise enough to realize that democracy is simply a gateway to mob rule and to put in place checks and balances to prevent it from becoming the way we are governed.

Secondly, Trudeau is a fascist. His use of an emergency powers act clearly intended for wartime use or when the country was invaded to declare war on Canadians demanding that he stop his illegal rule-by-decree schtick reveals him to be the philosophical, if not the genetic, descendant of Communist strongmen (strongthings? because Trudeau is hardly a man).

Third, Canada has been revealed as a Potemkin republic under Trudeau’s dictatorial rule. Ministers have been dragged from their cars and jailed.

Trudeau’s deputy actually broke into laughter describing how people who donated to the GiveSendGo campaign that raised $10 million for the Freedom Convoy would have their bank accounts seized (Canadian Deputy PM Laughs About Her Totalitarianism in Disturbing Display).

This is no time for us to smirk and point fingers at how what was thought of as a Western democratic government has become something out of the Third World in less than a month. However, I have to admit that the noxious, anti-American bias of the Canadian left makes it damned tempting. If we aren’t vigilant, the same fate awaits us here in America.


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