Dr. Malone Exposes Spotify Censorship Of Joe Rogan, He Followed The Money To Moderna [VIDEO]

“This is about political warfare and information warfare”


Having witnessed the power that cancel culture possesses, Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor behind the mRNA technology, was a victim of censorship recently when he appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Being de-platformed for speaking out against the Biden administration and their efforts to push the COVID-19 jab on all Americans, Dr. Malone spoke with Fox’s Tucker Carlson about the narrative surrounding COVID-19 and how it apparently has nothing to do with shots or drugs, but money and power. 

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Discussing the recent backlash Rogan has received from cancel culture, Dr. Malone stated, “All of these chatters that many have bought into that it’s about culture wars, it’s about vaccines. No, it’s not – It’s about power and money. It’s about Spotify’s market cap dropping.” While making some serious claims about the COVID-19 agenda, the doctor, in the video below, also added, “So, the fascinating point is that the major owner, the top owner of Spotify is also the top owner of Moderna.”  



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Following up on Dr. Malone’s claims, it should be noted that the largest stakeholder in Moderna is Baillie Gifford and Company. They have accumulated around 46 million shares with a value of more than $11.6 billion. At the same time, the same company owns over 22 million shares in Spotify. That is another value of over $22 billion. And for those wondering, just as Dr. Malone said above, Baillie Gifford and Company is the largest shareholder in both Moderna and Spotfiy. 



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