EcoHealth Alliance: Whistleblower Exposes Corruption

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 Wendi Strauch Mahoney

February 9, 2022

A former executive of the EcoHealth Alliance has come forward as a material witness to claim “numerous unethical and criminal behaviors” took place during his tenure there. Andrew G. Huff, Ph.D., MS is the former VP of Data and Technology at EcoHealth Alliance, an organization that studies emerging infectious diseases “across a large portfolio of government contracts.” In his letter to the Senate Whistleblower committee, Huff says he “participated in all executive leadership meetings” attended by Peter Daszak and others. EcoHealth Alliance has become well known for its DARPA DEFUSE project on gain-of-function research on bat-borne coronaviruses.

Andrew Huff Sends Whistleblower LetterUncoverDC spoke with Huff’s publicist on Tuesday, who provided the Feb. 8 letter from Huff to Senator Roger F. Wicker (R-Mississippi), the Ranking Member of the Whistleblower Committee for the United States Senate.Huff says he was privy to information from all manner of operations and management at EcoHealth. He consulted on and reviewed proposals, including those associated with gain-of-function research on the development of SARS-COV2 and the EcoHealth Alliance partnership with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.Huff Letter to Wicker/Feb. 8, 2022In late October 2021, Huff says he “came forward as a material witness and whistleblower related to numerous unethical and criminal behaviors that took place at EcoHealth Alliance. EcoHealth Alliance engaged in fraud against the U.S. government (Timecard Fraud and contract reimbursement fraud).” Huff “brought them to the attention of Peter Daszak, Dr. Aleksei Chamura, and CFO Harvey Kasdan. After raising these issues at the meeting, Harvey Kasdan went home from work, had a heart attack, and died.”Huff’s letter states that Daszak disclosed to him in late 2015 and early 2016 that he was working with the CIA. In fact, at the end of his letter, he posits “that Dr. Peter Daszak could be a double agent working on behalf of the Chinese government based on his observations of his behavior and the nature of statements related to working with the Chinese (did not see risks, concerns, or other obvious problems) related to conducting gain of function work or other high-risk laboratory work in China.”Huff has posted several documents on Twitter in the past ten days, including an InQTel pitch deck authored and presented by Dr. Daszak in 2015 and an EcoHealth Alliance grant funding proposal. Huff also posted an Intelligence Advanced Research Project Agency Report (IARPA) report he wrote.The InQTel pitch deck PowerPoint presentation entitled “Identifying predictable patterns in disease emergence” is essentially a discussion of the global economic impact of emerging zoonotic diseases and their impact on countries and principal airports worldwide. The PowerPoint presentation also maps human-animal contact risk and hypothesizes which species will produce the next pandemic. InQTel is a CIA investment organization, a well-know fact in the intelligence community.Daszak InQTel PPT presentationIARPA is the agency to which Huff submitted a report in spite of the fact that EcoHealth Alliance had no funding on books for the report. Huff also links in the Jan. 31 tweet a 2013 grant funding proposal submitted to the NIH by Daszak and the EcoHealth Alliance for federal assistance called “The Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence.” UncoverDC wrote a story on that research in September of 2021.

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