Laporte Roselló, in the Congress of Deputies: “No, ladies and gentlemen, clinical trials have not shown that ‘vaccines’ save lives”

“The so-called Pfizer and ModeRNA vaccines are not true vaccines. They are drugs based on a technology never used in therapeutics until now. Mass vaccination is a global experiment without precedent in the history of mankind.


February 8, 2022

Joan-Ramón Laporte Roselló yesterday attended the investigation commission on the management of vaccines and the vaccination plan, invited by Podemos and the PSOE. While the media ignores him or treats him as eccentric – that he appeared at the request of the government parties is fortunate in this case – the video of his intervention remains available and is certainly priceless. The most contrary speech to the official narrative delivered in a State institution since all this began.

Unlike those who supposedly advise the Executive, Laporte is an expert. With names and surnames. And without conflicts of interest related to the pharmaceutical industry or medical devices. Currently, he is an honorary professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He was previously a pioneer of pharmacovigilance in Spain, promoter of the Spanish Pharmacovigilance Service in the 1980s. He was also director of the Coordinating Center of the Spanish Pharmacovigilance System and member of the National Pharmacovigilance Commission until the creation of the Spanish Medicines Agency in 1999. From that date to the present, he has been an external expert of that institution and, for a time, a member of its Advisory Council. Outside of Spain, Laporte waschairman of the essential medicines committee of the World Health Organization in 2004, among numerous positions of responsibility. He is now an external expert for the European Medicines Agency on pharmacovigilance.

“A Global Experiment”

His entire message was focused on the collusion between the public authorities and the big pharmaceutical companies, with special attention to the role of the latter. The first step was to clarify the central issue of the commission: «Just as traditional vaccines are attenuated germs or portions of them that stimulate the immune system, messenger RNA vaccines introduce a nucleic acid that gives instructions to cells of the vaccinated person so that they manufacture this protein of the virus, the so-called spike protein , which in turn will stimulate the immune system ». To specify the definition: “The so-called Pfizer and ModeRNA vaccines are not true vaccines. They are drugs based on a technology never used in therapeutics until now. Mass vaccination isa global experiment without precedent in the history of mankind ».

A test preceded by the clinical trials of Pfizer (43,000 participants, of which only five were over 85 years old) and ModeRNA. In the first, 14 deaths from the virus were recorded in the placebo group and 15 in the vaccinated group —yes—, while in the second there was the same number of deaths, 14 in each of the two groups. “No, ladies and gentlemen, clinical trials have not shown that ‘vaccines’ save lives.”

Results as striking and important as, at the same time, insignificant compared to all the information that Pfizer and the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration of the United States) agreed to keep confidential for 75 years, and that thanks to a federal judge they will have to make public in a period of months.

Scientific truths about so-called vaccines

When analyzing the drugs in question, for Laporte and his research team one of the main uncertainties was the duration of the preventive efficacy of the vaccine. In this regard, they verified that “after six months of the second dose, the efficacy decreases from 20% to 30%, but it is curious that, instead of taking note of this fact as an insufficiency of the vaccines, the manufacturers welcomed this news with increases in their stock price. If a product is ineffective or partially effective, it will be necessary to repeat doses if possible throughout life. The dream of any seller of drugs for cholesterol, osteoporosis or hair growth.

Another important question was whether the inoculation would prevent contagion . According to Laporte, “it is clear that vaccines do not prevent the transmission of the disease, so the passport or certificate lacked a scientific basis and may also have contributed to an increase in the number of cases, since it gave a false sense of security.”

Once the previous ones were clearly resolved, the other uncertainty was the adverse effects of the analyzed drugs. The speaker referred to the “problem of myocarditis and pericarditis”, about which “we were first told that the incidence could be one case per million; the estimate was later lowered to one case per 100,000; then an Israeli study came out that spoke of one case per 10,000 in young adults. He then questioned the deputies present: “You will have seen or heard of famous soccer players and even spectators of sporting events who collapse in the middle of the match. They are vaccinated people who have heart problems possibly attributable to vaccination, and they don’t talk about that.”

Nursing home mortality and infant inoculation

Regarding the vaccination campaign, Laporte focused on mortality among the elderly and the inoculation of children and young people. First, in particular, he referred to what happened in nursing homes, where the incidence of the epidemic was devastating, especially at the beginning, and “mortality was 57 times higher than in the general population,” reaching a lethality of between 9% and 10%. Regarding childhood and youth vaccination, the researcher expressed that “probably in these groups we end up knowing that vaccines cause more deaths than the disease”. According to data from the Ministry of Health, in 2020, 52 children under the age of 20 died from the virus in Spain, of which “the diseases of the first 10 were known, although later due to confidentiality problems and others, no more specific data was given. Of the first 10, all but one had very serious illnesses: they had been transplanted, they had bone marrow transplants, they had leukemia.

“commercial medicine”

Without time to address the intellectual property rights of the so-called vaccines, towards the end of his speech, Laporte spoke of the advances in the pharmaceutical industry, the vast majority of which are unnecessary chemical compounds: «Of all the drugs approved in In the last 20 years in the United States and the European Union, it is estimated that less than 2% were true therapeutic innovations. Up to 10% were some modest improvement, but the other 90% are nothing, garbage that only adds confusion and higher prices.

According to the researcher, the last two years have demonstrated “the lack of will of the National Health System to be a true producer of knowledge and not a mere passive recipient of messages with clear commercial intentions. An ignorant buyer of technology who often pays smoke at the price of gold.

Before saying goodbye, he pointed out that « Spain is the most permissive member of the European Union in terms of conflicts of interest and opaque relationships between health professionals and pharmaceutical companies, something that also occurs with medical societies and their experts». And he shared his surprise because “none of the appearing representatives of professional corporations made the slightest allusion to the conflicts of interest of the majority of Spanish medical societies, of the members of their boards of directors and of their work groups”, also, addressing those present, “it has also struck me that you will not ask about conflicts of interest.”

Starting today, Joan-Ramón Laporte Roselló will be ignored and insulted by the usual media. For once an expert steps on the Congress of Deputies…

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