Message: To the AYA community

28 jan 2022

We are writing to let you know, first-hand, that a large group of parents has formed to seek answers from the AYA Board and to express our serious concerns about AYA’s COVID policies and the detrimental impact these policies are having to our children’s education, social development, and mental health. We love AYA and what it represents for the community and that is why we grouped together. We want transparency, a voice, and most importantly, we want to see COVID policies that put our children and their well-being (mentally and physically) at the core of any policy. Please find linked below the two letters which were sent to the AYA Board expressing our concerns. By releasing these letters to the broader AYA community, we are able to provide full clarity of both the mission and intent of this group.

Despite numerous attempts, individually and collectively, to have our concerns addressed, nearly all of our questions remain unanswered. The results from last summer’s COVID survey, where we understand that a large majority of families wanted mask-wearing to be optional for students, have yet to be released. The Board has been unwilling to meet with us in public or private. Neither the Board nor Mr. Gorycki will disclose who is on AYA’s Medical Advisory Committee and if there is a Pediatric Mental Health Professional on the committee. We seek transparency and clarity about the ever changing COVID communication and policies. For example, Mr. Gorycki’s email sent December 29, 2021 acknowledges challenges “that collecting data on our student’s vaccination status puts undue pressure on families to get vaccinated.” His next communication sent two days later enacted a punitive rule excluding unvaccinated children from athletics, that was then slightly modified but still extremely onerous.

We only need to look at other area schools such as Highland Park ISD, St. Marks, ESD, and others that have successfully navigated COVID with the SAME health and safety outcomes as AYA without the endless and needless quarantines of healthy children, without forcing children to wear masks all day, and without punishing unvaccinated students. Who is AYA trying to protect with these COVID policies and what is the end game? When will our children experience a sense of normalcy that so many other children in our area get to experience?

We hope you will join our cause as we seek transparency and answers from the AYA Board and Administration. We hope you will join us in compelling the Board to host a public, in-person forum so that we may convey all of our concerns and they can explain why they have chosen to enact these specific COVID policies. We know of many issues the school is facing other than COVID and would like to be instrumental in resolving those issues, as well. We believe a robust and civil dialogue between parents and the AYA Board is the only way to regain trust and confidence in the direction of our school, and we hope you will support such an endeavor.

Please respond to this email if you support our call for a public discussion with the AYA Board. In closing, we hope you will view our intentions as noble and well-meaning in order to facilitate necessary improvements for the future success of our school. Our hope is that we have inspired you to make the choice, to take the chance, to witness change.


Concerned AYA Parents

Original Letter:

Board Response:

Response Letter:


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