Why 5G Is Dangerous for Planes — and People

28 jan 2022

On the latest episode of Del Bigtree’s “The HighWire,” Dafna Tachover, attorney and founder of We Are The Evidence, explained how 5G technology could have catastrophic impacts on airplane safety equipment and why it’s so harmful to human health.By Jeremy Loffredo

Dafna Tachover, attorney and founder of We Are The Evidence, explained how 5G technology could have catastrophic impacts on airplane safety equipment and why it’s harmful to human health.

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On the latest episode of Del Bigtree’s “The HighWire,” Dafna Tachover, attorney and founder of We Are The Evidence, explained how 5G technology could have catastrophic impacts on airplane safety equipment and why it’s harmful to human health.

The interview followed news last week that executives from the biggest U.S. airlines warned of an impending “catastrophic” aviation crisis unless the Biden administration intervened in plans by AT&T and Verizon to deploy 5G technology near major airports.

Tachover explained how 5G differs from other versions of wireless technology. “1G was calls, 2G was calls and text, 3G was calls, texts and some data, 4G was calls, texts and a lot of data,” she said.

Tachover said 5G is a concept, not just a technology. “It’s a concept of infrastructure that’s supposed to allow the Internet of Things, driverless cars and anything and everything else moving forward,” she explained.

Tachover said:

“We’re going to interconnect tens of billions of devices. Everything in our house and our environment is going to communicate and intercommunicate … Your laptop will talk to your refrigerator, your laundry machine to your tea kettle.”

Tachover told Bigtree even the most mundane objects will be connected to the internet, even diapers — a small sensor and antenna sends an alert to the mother’s smartphone every time a baby poops.

“So all of these devices will be interconnected and for that we need a much more intense infrastructure of antennas … and that is what 5G is,” she said.

In the beginning, telecommunication giants thought they would run 5G off of millimeter-wave networks, Tachover said. But the industry ran into a problem. The millimeter-wave networks are easily obstructed by different environmental factors, such as trees, houses and walls — so they fail to reach medium to long distances.

“So you would need to put many more antennas in very close proximity in order to have this network function,” Tachover said.

So the telecom industry moved to buy lower frequencies, known as the C band frequencies, from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for their so-called “next-generation wireless networks.”

The C band frequencies travel faster and further than the frequencies on which the telecom industry originally planned to build the 5G network.

Before telecom industry giants purchased the C band frequencies in 2021, the frequencies were used primarily by the military, Tachover said.

“The purchase forced the military to change the frequency used by their communication equipment to make way for Verizon, AT&T and their Internet of Things,” she said.

The only problem, said Tachover, is that commercial airlines also use these C band frequencies for their safety communication equipment — a fact no one considered until very recently.

“So the military got off of the [C band] because it was being sold, but no one talked to the airlines?” asked Bigtree.

“Correct,” said Tachover. And the risk is that the antennas and technology that commercial airplanes use to measure and communicate altitudes and weather systems is the same frequency that the telecom industry plans to put its network on.

“When you have two antennas that use the same frequency there’s going to be interference,” she said. “That is clearly a huge risk,” she said.

Tachover said the Federal Aviation Administration ordered a halt to the 5G implementation, but at only 50 airports, out of 5,217 public airports in the U.S.

“What about all of the other ones?” she said. “And it’s not even the main airports.”

Tachover explained:

“It seems the telecommunications industry has so much power, they’re allowed to endanger planes, air traffic and people in order to bring download speeds from 10 seconds to 2 seconds. How can that be more important than safety? … It’s outrageous.”

Tachover said wireless technology regulations are outdated, especially when it comes to the impact of the technology on human health.

She said:

“The FCC adopted health guidelines on radio frequency or wireless technology in 1996, and since 1996, the FCC has not updated its guidelines despite thousands of studies, including government studies, showing clear evidence [of harm].”

In 2013, a federal court forced the FCC to open an online public forum, asking whether or not the commission should review the outdated guidelines.BUY TODAY: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s New Book — ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’

According to Tachover, thousands of comments and studies were submitted, yet the FCC decided there was no need to review the guidelines.

“Basically the whole thing was a fraud,” said Tachover.

She was one of the attorneys who sued the FCC and subsequently won. She said the judges were “in shock” over what the FCC had done.

“The court ruled the FCC did not conduct reasoned decision-making” regarding the risks of wireless harm and safety.

There are “many, many studies” documenting clear evidence of how wireless technology damages DNA, damages sperm and contributes to ADHA and cancer.

“There’s a 50% reduction in the quality of sperm in males … it’s not ‘maybe evidence’, it’s clear evidence,” Tachover said.

Watch the interview here:



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