Fight Against Medical Tyranny – CDM Gets Interview With Trucking For Freedom In Canada!

by Christine Dolan January 27, 2022

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From the 100,000 crowd in Brussels last weekend to the “Defeat the Mandates” banners and hats, and “No Sheep in my Circle” t-shirts on the mall in Washington, D.C. to the “Trucking for Freedom” convoy across Canada from British Columbia to Ottawa, citizens who believe in unity and freedom are standing up and demanding that governments lift all covid mandates.

James Bauder, President of, has organized a national convoy to unite Canada and take back their freedom. Canadians are responding “with love,” says Bauder. 

Thousands of Canadians are turning out on the side of the highways and overpasses helping those trucking with food, support, hotels, and encouragement along the routes. 

Andrew Peloso and Jeremey Regoto are filming the Trucking for Freedom film and asking everyone to upload their footage to 

In an exclusive interview with American Conversations host, Christine Dolan, Bauder, Peloso, and Regoto bring you the latest from the convoy front.  

The Canadian convoys will arrive in Ottawa on Friday. 

 “We are not leaving until all mandates are lifted,” says Bauder. 

Truckers in America are heading north and when they succeed in Ottawa, Bauder says they will be heading to America. 

Stay tuned with for the latest on “Trucking for Freedom.” 


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