COVID-19 As The Sole Cause Of Death

The table I never thought I’d see…

John Dee Jan 25 2022

This is a table I never thought would see the light of day being a count of deaths by age band and gender in England & Wales over the period Feb 2020 – Dec 2021 for all those cases where COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. We may note this came about because of a FOI request to the Office For National Statistics (ONS), with release on 17th Jan 2022. A link to the source is given here. I’ve added a total column plus an accumulated total column so folk can quickly answer questions like how many deaths under 20 years of age? (Answer = 3).

Some folk will point out that COVID-19 will elevate risk of death for folk with pre-existing conditions so these figures do not provide a full picture. This is indeed true but we then get into a chicken or egg situation whereby we can debate whether heart failure killed a person with COVID-19 or COVID-19 killed a person with heart failure. Such a case cannot be sensibly counted as a COVID-19 causal death nor can they be sensibly counted as a heart failure causal death; it is a hybrid. However, in terms of COVID-19 killing completely healthy people this table is the one we need to study.

Neither is death certification and death certificate processing without issue. Clinicians will certainly testify to this and I have personal experience of surgeons arguing with the coroner over cause of death, as well as pathologists arguing amongst themselves. Although the death certificate is a legal document what gets recorded is by no means the gospel truth (which can be impossible to establish in a complex case).

Then there is the process of national coding of certificates using the Multicausal and Unicausal Selection Engine (MUSE) within the IRIS software suite run by ONS, which decides how the physical paper certificate should be interpreted in the production of statistics. MUSE was updated in Jan 2020 and not doubt incorporates WHO guidelines which state…

“With reference to section 4.2.3 of volume 2 of ICD-10, the purpose of mortality classification (coding) is to produce the most useful cause of death statistics possible. Thus, whether a sequence is listed as ‘rejected’ or ‘accepted’ may reflect interests of importance for public health rather than what is acceptable from a purely medical point of view. Therefore, always apply these instructions, whether they can be considered medically correct or not.”

…even death is not as it seems.


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