Best by Dates No Longer Matter for the Pfizer Jab!

26th January 2022

Health bosses have extended the life of the Pfizer covid jab by two weeks rather than throw away out-of-date jabs.

Originally it was said that the jabs had to be thrown away 31 days after being thawed.

Now it’s 45 days.

It’s a bit like your local supermarket suddenly deciding that the eggs that are beyond their sell-by-date will be fine for another two weeks.

Is there any evidence that extending the lifespan of the Pfizer jab is safe?

Well, Pfizer says it is.

And the Government doesn’t want to waste the stuff because they thought they’d be able to con more people into being jabbed – so they ordered rather too much.

They claim that extending the sell-by-date doesn’t affect safety, quality or efficacy.

And, of course, everyone believes what Pfizer says. And what the Government says.

They would never lie, would they?

So those being jabbed can be reassured that nothing has changed.

The jabs still don’t work.

And they are still likely to kill the people who are jabbed.

Nice to know.


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