Over a Million People Injured by Covid Vaccine, Billboard Campaign Warns

by Adan Salazar January 21st 2022,

‘There’s something going on with this vaccine that’s causing incredible adverse reactions, and for some reason it’s not being reported by the media or our government,’ says billboard group’s founder. Image Credit:WCYBShareLIVE

Informed consent activists are posting hundreds of billboards across America that will warn motorists about the alarming rate of vaccine injuries, as reported in the government’s own VAERS database.

The billboards, purchased by a group called Banners 4 Freedom, are popping up in states across the US, and organizers say they’re a great way to circumvent the mainstream media’s censorship of vaccine adverse reactions.

The billboards read, “Covid-19 Jab Injuries 1,033,992+,” along with a bible quote, Psalm 20:5.

“There’s something going on with this vaccine that’s causing incredible adverse reactions, and for some reason it’s not being reported by the media or our government,” the group’s founder, Robert Agee, explained in an interview with WCYB.

Agee says he believes the data reported in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System to be accurate because “To knowingly file a false VAERS report is a violation of federal law, and is punishable by fine and imprisonment, so I do not believe all these entries to this system are false entries otherwise people would be committing felonies.”

WCYB reports some adverse reactions listed in VAERS include “miscarriages, severe allergic reactions, and heart attacks.”

However, Infowars has highlighted other horrific entries such as one discussing extremely abnormal tumor growth in the chest cavity of a patient who had recently received Pfizer’s Covid jab, and another which documented a pregnant mother’s birth to a baby that died after bleeding from its nose and mouth after receiving both doses of Moderna’s mRNA vaccine during the third trimester.

Healthcare workers have also come forward claiming VAERS figures are being artificially suppressed because many hospitals won’t report vaccine injuries.

Agee says he’s hopeful the billboards will warn the public and parents to be wary of injecting the experimental vaccines.

“Anybody has a right to do whatever they choose to do,” he told WCYB.

“If they want to choose to take the vaccine they are welcome to, we live in a free country. However, we need to be informed about the possibility of the adverse reactions to this. Being that there is 1 million reported adverse reactions to this vaccine is absolutely startling, and should cause people to question, ‘Is this something that will benefit me? Or is this something that will potentially harm me for the rest of my life and cause death?’”

The idea which started in Texas with one billboard has expanded to more than 100 roadside billboards in over 25 states, including Utah, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri and Ohio.

The group has been able to raise over $200,000 so far.

“We have raised over $200,000 in only a few months and have been able to put up over 100+ outdoor billboards across the USA, 500+ indoor billboards, 30 bus benches and more!” the group says on their website.

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