Dr. Domenico Biscardi Found Dead in His Home After Announcement About Covid Vaccines

Thursday, January 20, 2022

The report below references another Italian doctor and lung specialist, Dr. Giuseppe De Donno, who had been successfully using plasma from recovered Covid patients to cure the condition in new patients, and then ‘suicided’ himself.

Dr Domenico Biscardi, geneticist and pharmacologist, has died. He was known for his work on vaccines against Covid. According to initial, as yet unconfirmed, reports, he was found dead at his home. No illness or tumour: the cause of death appears to be ‘a heart attack’.

Translation: Mourning in the world of scientific research, Dr Domenico Biscardi is DEAD,it seems he was found dead at his home. He realized and declared that he had definitive proof that nanodevices were contained in the. He wanted to press charges

With his videos he had become an icon of the “vaccination” sceptics in Italy after disclosing particularly controversial videos and messages going against the current propaganda. The doctor had been determined to be dismantling the “official” media discourse on Covid, infections and vaccines for two years, since the beginning of the pandemic.

Dr. Domenico Biscardi, who had denounced certain components (nanodevices of unknown technology) present in Pfizer’s vaccines and was ready to file an official complaint with the European Commission, was found dead at his home shortly afterwards…

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This is reminiscent of the case of Dr. Andreas Noack, a renowned Austrian chemist who died a few hours after denouncing the risks of graphene hydroxide…Try THIS Smart Meter Shield and Cut Radiation by 98%! It’s Why the Illuminati Are Freaking Out! (VIDEO)

Apparently, in the days leading up to his death, Dr. Biscardi received checks from the NAS for some, in his opinion, very important research he was conducting. At least that is what Domenico Biscardi himself had announced.

Translation: “ALARM
DEAD Dr #DomenicoBiscardi, NOVAX Doctor and Scientific Researcher
Found lifeless in Naples, Days ago he would have received a visit from the #NAS like Dr #DeDonnowho had no Illness, nor Suicidal Will.

Many people flooded his social profile with messages of condolence. “Dr. Domenico Biscardi has passed away, he announced a few days ago that he had made an important discovery about the Covid serums, then committed suicide. Like De Donno. Rest in peace, a hero, as you say.”

And again: “I have just learned of the sudden death of Dr. Domenico BISCARDI, the researcher who was investigating, with his Spanish and Russian colleagues, graphene and the other substances contained in the magic serums. Thank you, dear Domenico, for your tireless commitment and for the great lesson in life that we all gave by facing, with our heads held high and never backing down, the enormous risk that a researcher and disseminator of the truth runs.”

Translation: Dr Domenico Biscardi, who had denounced certain components (nanodevices of unknown technology) present in Pfizer’s vaccines and was ready to lodge an official complaint with the European Commission, was found dead at his home.

“Great mourning in the world of medical and scientific research, Dr. Domenico Biscardi has passed away, it seems he was found dead at his home,” wrote Massimo on Facebook, who then backed up:

“Just a few days ago he made a short video in which he said he had definitive proof that nano-devices of unknown technology were contained in the dried vaccine, and he said he was ready to go to the European Commission to file a formal complaint to this effect.”

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We are not making any claims to date and invite everyone who reads this article to do their own research. Let us not forget that we are above all seekers of truth, sentinels of the people, citizen journalists!



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