‘Arrest Boris Johnson!’

Crowds at UK Parliament Chanting.

December 14, 2021 By NEWS WIRE1 Comment

Angry protesters gathered outside the gates of the UK Houses of Parliament on Monday, with crowds chanting, “Arrest Boris Johnson.”

Demonstrators were making their voices heard in advance of the upcoming parliamentary vote on vaccine passports and further restrictions to be imposed by the Johnson regime, supposedly to “fight the Omicron variant.”

The issue is expected to be put to vote on Wednesday, and it’s reported that some  77 Conservative MPs may rebel against the regime’s so-called “Plan B” COVID restrictions and state-led vaccine sales push.

Tory rebels are expected to vote against or abstain from the vote tomorrow, but Johnson and his ministers are lobbying to push through even more strict COVID regulations – despite the conspicuous absence of any actual clinical evidence of a resurgent pandemic. This far, the only thing the government can show is  an alleged wave of positive PCR tests. Still, the regime is hoping to strong-arm the population to accepting yet another experimental GMO gene therapy ‘booster’ injection, as well as a reintroduction of mandatory masks in most indoor venues, a ‘work from home’ mandate, and Chinese-style ‘vaccine passport’ human tracking system initially for large events, which is very likely to be made universe by the government.

Also on the list of authoritarian decrees is compulsory vaccinations for NHS ‘frontline’ staff. NHS staff who don’t want to be experimented on may be forced out of their profession.

Executives at Pfizer and AstraZeneca are hoping Johnson can bring home another win for the pharmaceutical cartel, as shareholders are keen to record their end-of-year profits by December 31st.

Watch as protesters descended on the gates of Parliament this week: 

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A unified pushback against the globalist agenda

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