DR HILARY JONES, “Celebrity TV doctor”, Health Editor and Spreader of Covid-19 Misinformation

8 dec 2021,

• Multi millionaire Hilary Jones began presenting medical TV programmes for British Medical TV in 1986. He and Lorraine Kelly were the first presenters signed by GMTV when it won the morning franchise in 1993.

• In 2019, he became an advisor and a company director at MedTate Limited a company then stating it was partnered with Givaudan On joining the company Jones said: “I am delighted to be joining MedTate, as we share a passion to drive wellness in the UK, and in particular to…..create a much bigger conversation with consumers about health wellness and individual responsibility”

• MedTate is a British company, operating in nutraceutical manufacturing and drug development. “It is currently involved in the drug development for 3 blockbuster drugs to treat NASH, Autism and ADHD, with further research for possible treatment for Dementia and Type 1 Diabetes”

• Jones resigned, at least as one of MedTate’s statutory directors, in July 2021. Medtate does not appear to have made any money to date but perhaps their research is expected to pay off soon!

• The link to Givaudan being a partner of Medtate has since been removed from MedTates website but you can find a screenshot of it on here: https://thevoxpost.com/who-is-dr-hilary-jones-and-why-is-he-constantly-on-my-tv-screen.

• Bill and Melinda Gates own almost 14% of Givaudan

• Hilary is also a sole director in two other statutory companies: Frontline Doctors Limited (9th December 2020) and What’s up Doc Limited, a company which in the year to 30th June 2021 broadly liquidated £1.1million of cash/ investment property which looks to have moved to the newly formed Frontline Doctors statutory entity.

• His latest book “Frontline” is a novel that focuses on a mysterious and deadly new pandemic sweeping the trenches of First World War France.

• Jones also has other promotional work such as Medical Advisor to Acorn Stairlifts and as a guest speaker for many organisations.

• He has been called out for his hypocrisy several times over the “pandemic”: “Dr Hilary Jones urged viewers to avoid ‘non essential’ travel this year in a heated early morning debate – but viewers pointed out that the doctor has a luxury cruise liner trip coming up himself” . Or not wearing a mask at Wimbledon: “He says everyone has a deep-seated public duty to abide by the rules. Then he goes to Wimbledon, sits in the royal box and doesn’t have a mask on in a crowd full of people”

• He was made an MBE in 2020 for services to broadcasting, public health information and charity.

• Jones is still registered with the GMC, has five children, and is married to his third wife.

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