Medical Doctors: Real Covid Death Rate in Sweden 2020 was Less than the Annual Influenza

Text: Aga Wilson

– 20 november 2021

COVID-19 SWEDEN. In this episode, Swedish Dr. Hanna Åsberg and Professor Björn Hammarskjöld discuss the situation in Sweden. The country has been praised by many as one of the few that stood their ground, never implemented lockdowns, and with very few restrictions which made it seem like heaven on earth during the pandemic. But is it really so?

Video interview Age Wilson, FreeVoice @ | Text by Aga Wilson and Torbjorn Sassersson | Also visit NewsVoice´ English section | This video was deleted by YouTube

We go into statistics and compare Sweden to the rest of the world and what’s been happening here with some really interesting insights from Hanna and Björn. What has it been like here with censorship and how has the situation unfolded for those doctors and scientists that went against the mainstream views reported in media? Watch this episode to find out more.

According to Åsberg and Hammarskjöld, the real death rate from Covid-19 in Sweden 2020 was less than the average death rate compared to annual influenza.

Professor Hammarskjöld discusses the definition of a pandemic and child injections as well as the very weak basis for safety issues.

Hanna Åsberg has been one of the main drivers behind the initiative Bota Sverige (Cure Sweden) in 2021. Cure Sweden’s mission is to stop the experimental Covid injections and start a debate on the Swedish perspective of the Covid narrative.

Åsberg talks about the situation regarding the children in Sweden and the experimental injections as well as restrictions, face masks, mainstream media coverage, general attitude, Swedish statistics of Covid-19 (death tolls, hospitalization, the jab, etc).

“Glenn Dormer, M.D., and I have toured around Sweden to meet ordinary people in the street and make this medical information more accessible to the public. Together we held approximately 60 lectures and covered the whole country. We have also held a press conference and sent 660 letters that were personally addressed to politicians and admin workers in the health care system.”


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