No Vaccine, No Food: Hessen, Germany Permits Supermarkets to Discriminate Against the Unvaccinated (coming to your city soon)


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The first federal state in Germany has announced that they have no issue with the idea of supermarkets banning unvaccinated people from shopping there.

Hessen (also known as Hesse), which is home to Frankfurt, said that all retailers, including supermarkets, can now decide for themselves if they wish to implement the “3G” rule, which requires all customers to be vaccinated unless they test negative for Covid-19 or have natural immunity, or a stricter “2G” rule that permits fully vaccinated customers only.

As part of its Covid Healthpass Entry Rule, Hessen is making it as difficult as possible for unvaccinated people to participate and even live in society, based on the new rules. These new policies mean that any retailer is now free to discriminate without facing any consequences, and is actually encouraged to do so.

According to reports, the Hessen government actually issued a ban on unvaccinated stores “at the request of the sector.”

Volker Boffier, one of Hessen’s leaders, said: “We expect this option to be used only on some days, and companies that meet everyday needs will not use it.”

The decision was made after a court in Frankfurt ruled in favour of a barbecue store that issued a legal challenge stating that 2G rules cannot be implemented on the premises.

The court ruled that there was “a considerable legal reservation for the exclusion of dealers and similar facilities from the so-called 2G rules.”

It will be no surprise to hear that these new 2G rules in Hessen remain extremely controversial and have faced substantial criticism. Many rightfully agree that it completely discriminates against the unvaccinated, which is, in turn, furthering social division and creating a two-tier society.

Implementing these rules just before the Winter months, it could be argued this was done to coerce more of the unvaccinated to get jabbed so that they avoid starving and suffering as the days grow colder.


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2 thoughts on “No Vaccine, No Food: Hessen, Germany Permits Supermarkets to Discriminate Against the Unvaccinated (coming to your city soon)

  1. Setting the stage for the mark of the beast. If they can get businesses to comply with this world wide then it will be much easier when they implement the mark of the beast.


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