Twenty-five thousand vaccine deaths officially reported in Europe

1st october 2021,

I spent my morning manually transcribing data from the “European database of suspected ADR reports” ( to “Tableau”, as the EU does not grant ordinary citizens access to their database.

Up to 18 September 2021, 1,117,231 serious side effects and 25,248 deaths were reported in Europe associated with the Covid vaccines.

The number of unreported cases is probably many times higher. The reasons for this are as follows:

👉 Many ADRs go unreported. The small country, the Netherlands, reported by far the most adverse effects.
👉 Severe ADRs are often not associated with vaccination.
👉 Autopsies are rarely performed, so the actual cause of death often remains unrecorded.

In addition, long-term side effects are still unknown as the vaccines are still considered “experimental”, so I am afraid of what is yet to come.

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4 thoughts on “Twenty-five thousand vaccine deaths officially reported in Europe

  1. Hey bud, checked out your link for the source and found that literally all of your numbers are incorrect and deaths weren’t even reported.
    Thanks for the conspiracy shit though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually the numbers are correct and the deaths are reported.
      The reports conveniently don’t sum up the deaths, but rather display them only by specific reaction – you need to go to this tab “number of individual cases for a selected reaction”. After that, you scroll down to the ‘Outcome” graph and you will have to look at “Fatal”. Then sum up the deaths for all reactions, by going to each reaction on the left dropdown. So much for transparency.


  2. The disclaimer on the linked website states, among other things, “The information on this website does not reflect any confirmation of a potential link between the medicine and the observed effect(s).” It comes up every time you search for a web report.


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