how did we get to a place where such outrages seem “normal”?

and how a populace can take back its just rights

el gato malo Sep 18

it’s quite possible that the world is suffering from a lack of outrage right now. i suspect this is due to a lack of perspective. let’s see if we can get some.

australia bas been, frankly, surreal this year. the speed and surety with which they have gone from a rights based society to overt military occupation, mass house arrest, internment camps, and astounding levels of dictatorship has, i think, surprised everyone.

it never should have happened. it was not supposed to happen. but look at every society in history that so succumbed and you’ll find on thing in common: you’ll find people who did not think “it could happen here.”

but it can. it can happen anywhere. and it will unless people stop it.

you get to keep the rights you’ll fight for.

it’s a hard rule, but it’s not negotiable.

and unless you too want to stay on this slippery slope, the time of going along to get along is coming to an end.

in today’s episode, watch as the aussie flatfoots learn a valuable lesson about just how difficult it is to stop a crowd of people who grew up playing rugby…Art TakingBack 🇺🇸 @ArtValley818_Australians are starting to push back 👊🏼

meanwhile, the aussie people were learning a valuable lesson about standing together against tyrannical authority and just how little power it has against a people united.

watch to the end where they go back to rescue a captured mate from the craven coppers cowering on the sideline. good on you mates. all of you.

the fact is simple: a people that refuse to be suppressed cannot be.

meanwhile, as the action winds down, watch as the “heroes in blue” demonstrate precisely why they are so justly referred to as “the filth.”

this is like watching a team lose 50 nil and then beating up on the other team’s mascot in the parking lot.

not exactly

is it?

and it tells you everything you need to know about the ugly, amoral power trip this group must be on.

many have wondered just how you get police to act like this. how do you turn them into agents of tyranny and not just willing but zealous assailants of their own neighbors? how do you turn “protect and serve” into “attack and subjugate”?

it’s unfortunately easy. we saw this same thing in puerto rico. the police there went from being some of the most easy going folks i’ve ever come across to being weapons-grade tyrants in a heartbeat.

in february of 2020, you could be barbecuing a brontosaurus on the beach while sitting on a throne made of medalla (local beer) and playing 125 decibel reggaetón and they would walk by and tip their hat in respect. “you, amigo, know how to go to the beach!”

they were, frankly, really pleasant to live around. it felt good. it felt right.

by the end of march, if you so much as left your home, you got swarmed by 8 cops demanding to know why you were outside and they were SERIOUS. the aggression and menace was palpable and they kept it for the better part of a year. even as recently as this spring, they locked down ashford ave in a dystopian police state with 20 cops a block, many in tactical gear, enforcing senseless outdoor mask mandates with a shocking level of intensity.

this was not a bunch of chagrined constables reluctantly enforcing rules they knew to be stupid. these were attack dogs, spoiling for a fight. no one i know had ever seen anything like it on PR.

you cringed every time you saw them. an air of friendly comradery had been replaced by one of entitled tyranny and incessant intrusion. and it all felt backed by violence. and worst, they seemed to like it. they felt like heroes and paladins.

and it’s because they were scared.

alas, such change is easy. all you have to do is conjure a threat that terrifies them.

based on what i heard, their sergeants all told them: “this disease is biblical plague lethal and if you do not stop these people from going outside all your abuelas and children are going to die.” this was, quite literally, the pitch. and it came down from on high.

these cops saw you as the guy trying to kill their gramma, and they acted like it.

saving abuela is heroic and using violence to do it valorous, not evil.

create a threat, attribute it to an enemy, other and de-humanize them, and create a call to action.

it’s a tactic as old as time. it was probably invented by some guy named “thag” calling the tribe to go smash rocks into the heads of the people over the hill because “them not like us!”

it’s also a tactic with a truly terrible history and because we’ve not only failed to learn this history but literally inverted it to deny it, we’re repeating it.

he fascists of the 30’s were left wing, not right. they sought to control society and its morals “for its own betterment.” the term “totalitarianism” was coined and used as a positive. such imposed control was presented as ethical and righteous.

Benito Mussolini quote: All within the state, nothing outside the state,  nothing against...

the state guided the economy AND the morality. it maps so perfectly to “woke” and the socialist ideas of “build back better” and the authoritarian instincts of the opportunists using covid as a pretext to grab and exert power that no serious student of history could miss it.

i mean, the aussies have the literal army in the streets and are using armed force to suppress all dissent. they are building actual camps in which to intern the “unclean.”Aaron Ginn @aginntAustralia proudly shows off its new COVID internment camps. September 9th 2021351 Retweets605 Likes

they are separating families and pushing people who have done nothing wrong into mass home arrest. this is not normal guys. it’s not even sane.

“vakzine macht frei…”

i mean, yeah-yeah, goodwin’s law and all that, but are we seriously just going to ignore this? because it’s a playbook we’ve seen before.

it’s the same fascist, totalitarian, authoritarian impulse as last time, only this time it’s turned inward.

instead of glorifying the virtues of war and calling the people to arms against the outsiders, they are creating an internal enemy and quite literally repeating their claims over and over until you hallucinate a reality in accordance with their narrative.

and it’s not just covid, though covid is the convenient pretext. it’s “domestic terrorism.” it’s “white supremacy.” it’s “climate deniers” and “evil people who believe in biological gender.”

this is how totalitarianism works. it’s an entire soup to nuts moral and socio-political structure that the government forces on you. it’s just a non-deistic form of imposed state religion. (and this is why it’s generally so antagonistic to deistic religions. it does not want the competition.)

they know you don’t really want it. so they must convince you that you NEED it and that others are going along so you must go along too.

exhort the few to jihad and the herd will follow.

and this is how they do it. just take the word “pacifists” and replace it with whatever payload you need. “covid deniers.” “mask deniers.” “antivaxxers.” “systemic racism deniers.” “climate change deniers.” “domestic terrorists in buffalo hats.”

times change. human nature does not. you get the picture.

it helps, of course if you then muddy the waters. you endlessly accuse those seeking freedom of being the fascists. you name the actual fascists “antifa.” it’s stunningly dishonest, morally abhorrent, and (if one believes in such things) just plain evil.

but it’s also REALLY effective. as propaganda and inculcated moral pretext and justification, it works like a dream. because nobody thinks they are the bad guy.

every fascist and tyrant thinks they are the good guys and every brownshirt thinks they are on the side of morality. you just have to sell them a rationalization onto which they can hang their sense of self.

Titus on Twitter: "Goebbles: “Always accuse your enemies of your own sins.”  Trump: “CLINTON KILLED EPSTEIN! “"

and once you can get groups like the police and the military to see their own people as “other” and “enemy” and themselves as anointed saviors riding to the rescue there is really quite little you cannot get them to do. history is replete with examples.

and it does not take a huge group to hold a society in thrall, just enough to impose its will upon dissenters and to cow the vast majority who seek nothing so much as to “go along to get along.”

these movements thrive not so much on the banality of evil as upon the evil of banality. people just get used to it, don’t really want to fight, fall for incrementalism, and get boiled alive.

there is a clear plan emerging from what looked like so many of the “social democracies” in the west. look at canada, new zealand, austraila, the UK. look at france and italy and germany. (the federalist structure of the US seems to be holding back the worst of this. for now.)

klaus and the WEF have been a very telling harbinger of policy to come. the cool kids table at davos and the G7 are turning into a nasty club of rome rehash, now with 200% more fascism and lots of ideas about surveillance states and totalitarian structures to push top down control by “elites” to handle social justice, climate justice, health justice, etc. keep an eye on them. their talking points have, of late, had a nasty habit of appearing in the mouths of the G7 leaders and apparatchiks.

this is, of course, just more “inversion branding.” they describe as “justice” that which is manifestly unjust. they take without permission, and deny rights to movement, vocation, association, and speech.

the governor of puerto rico announced a ban on public gatherings outdoors (unless all those gathered showed proof of vaccination or neg test) this week to commencing on friday. (yesterday)

this was because he knew there was a mass protest planned for satuday (today) marching on him to protest his vaccine mandates, pointless covid curfews, and meaningless mask mandates.

and he fears it. he fears it because his predecessor lost his governorship over protests and the replacement for rosello lost hers (in the primary) because people hated her covid policies.

he knows the people are not with him, so he seeks to silence them.

this makes pierluisi a villain. there is no other interpretation.

we’ve seen the same all over the west.

this is not justice, it’s injustice. this is not protecting the people, it’s oppressing them.

and so, this is not the time to sit idle any longer. it’s not the time to go along to get along.

this is the time to pick a side.

this is the time to take a stand.

one day, you’ll look back on this period.

do you really want to have been a part of the silent masses that enabled this usurpation of liberties and who traded their liberty, bit by bit, for the illusion of safety only to discover too late that what you were really doing was buying your own cage?

do you want to explain to your children why they no longer enjoy the freedoms you once had?

(because i’ll bet you really don’t)

this only works because we comply. so stop.

be peaceful but implacable. your right to say “no” and to self determination is fundamental. “because i don’t want to” is always a good enough reason.

we cannot all quit our jobs and take to the streets. but there is quite a lot we CAN all do.

  1. do not patronize businesses that force restrictions on you and that support the mandates
  2. support the business that stand with you. stand with them.
  3. encourage other businesses and other friends to do so.
  4. starve the beast and support those who do.
  5. pressure the schools. support school choice. take back education.
  6. oppose regulations and health codes. this is how they control private businesses.
  7. stand with the doctors who speak out against this at risk to their careers and positions.
  8. disobey. go reclaim normal, not “new normal.” normal. unjust laws are no laws at all
  9. and most of all, LET GO OF THE FEAR. fear is the vilification

erode this from within by denying it support. make your own way. freely.

the creation of parallel structures away from the authoritarians is not just your right, but a moral imperative.

and you do NOT wanna see where the other road leads…


The Time for Silence is Over

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One thought on “how did we get to a place where such outrages seem “normal”?

  1. I’ll tell you why they aren’t outraged. BRAINWASHING. I just spent two hours of precious time in a text argument with my next-door neighbor ER nurse. I share a lot of your content with her along with content from Dr. David Martin and other credible sources. She doesn’t wanna hear it.

    She said I am attacking her and her profession as a nurse working in a hospital. She said hospitals would never intentionally harm or kill people. She says she is angry at me for attacking her. When I try to tell her that it’s not her, it’s the system, she says she’s part of the system so I am attacking her. She has only been a nurse for about a year. She is too green and hasn’t had time to wake up. She lost her brother in July after he was put on a ventilator. That convinced her that people are dying of the c word.

    I have asked her more than once what drugs they gave him and if they tried oxygen before the ventilator. I asked her again this morning. She absolutely refuses to answer those questions. I don’t know if she even knows what they gave him. I don’t know if she has tried to get a copy of his chart. I told her she is family, she can ask for that. But she believes with all her arrogance in the system and that the system would not intentionally hurt and kill people. Her mind is controlled by the evil beings that established and run the system.

    I just lost a dear uncle this past Saturday. He is on the same level as my parents. Both he and my aunt were vaccinated a few months ago. Two or three weeks ago, they got sick with “c pneumonia“. My uncle was bleeding from both ends. He had an old ulcer in his stomach that had not been an issue but suddenly his stomach was full of blood clots. The doctor cleaned them out and that procedure seems to have made his pneumonia worse. His doctor said she had never seen anything like it.

    This was in a VA hospital in Johnson City, Tennessee. I have been trying to find out from family if he was given remdesivir for the c and when he was intubated, what drugs did they give him. Well I received a call Saturday afternoon that he was in kidney failure, my first question was, did they give him remdesivir. He was not diabetic and never had any kidney problems. Then all of a sudden, in the ICU, his kidneys started shutting down. My aunt has just decided to accept it must have just been the ulcer acting up.

    And she doesn’t want to talk about how they got sick after getting the shots. That is being completely ignored. She has no interest in getting a copy of his hospital chart. Two of her grandsons are married to young nurses and after spending time with them in June, I realized where the pressure was coming from, a couple of young brainwashed nurses.

    I honest to God don’t know what it is going to take to get through the mindcontrol wall. Because of their belief in an evil government, controlled by evil demons…aliens…whatever you want to call them, they are not from here…the truth will probably have to come in the form of someone in top levels of government to announce to the world exactly what has and is taking place.

    If the rumors about Trump possibly being reinstated and that we could hear some big news out of Arizona this Friday is true, and that Trump and Q are ready to expose literally everything, it might finally get through to them. They are all Trump supporters. But the paradox is, they’ve lost family members because on the lies. Cognitive dissonance is a real thing, what are they going to do with this information? Will they blame Trump for letting it happen? Some people are just willfully ignorant. Some are just stupid. What will be the fallout?

    I am a lightworker. I’ll keep going till my last breath. But I and others are under severe psychic attack. It’s getting more intense. How close are we to the end of this hell and the end of the demonic bloodlines?

    Thank you!🙏🏼

    Lisa ☺️

    “If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla⚡️


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