Patients Declare US Government Colluding With Medical Community To Classify Horrific Covid-19 Vaccine Neurological Injuries As ‘Anxiety’

by Christine Dolan and L Todd Wood September 10, 2021

Diseases of the nervous system : a text-book of neurology and psychiatry, 1915

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CDMedia has been interviewing scores of covid vaccine-injured patients, who participated in the clinical trials as well as in the early rollouts in the United States. All have striking similarities about the types of injuries sustained, and ignored by the medical community. 

Common reactions to the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ include paralysis, severe internal tremors, intense tingling, headaches, twitching, rapid heartbeat, radically high blood pressure, chest and neck pain, skin problems, nausea, dizziness, malaise, menstrual changes, inability to walk, and brain fog, just to name a few. 

One woman died just two days after receiving the J&J vaccine. 

The U.S. government is reticent to treat these injures as vaccine-related. The pharmaceutical companies provide very little, if any help to these patients, even those that received the injuries during the initial clinical trials.

The medical community is also complicit, with many patients informing CDMedia that doctors and nurses seem to have been ‘tipped off’ on what to say, to classify the injuries as ‘anxiety’ or a ‘panic attack’.

Some of the patients interviewed were admitted to psychiatric wards for complaining of severe symptoms.

You can find all of the interviews published so far here. The experience of Andrea Rositas outlined below is typical.

Andrea lives in Southern California and has cardiac and neurological issues from one shot of the Moderna mRNA ‘vaccine’. Immediately after the jab, she started feeling weak, face tingled, and her throat closed up to the point she couldn’t breath. 

Upon noticing her reaction, the nurse administering the shot asked her, “Oh, did you eat today?” 

“I can’t breath,” responded Andrea.

“Nobody has had any reactions, if you did you’d be on the floor already. It’s just anxiety. You’re just having a panic attack,” the nurse continued.

Andrea informed us that a week to two weeks prior, officials had shut down a local vaccine center in San Diego because people were having the very same reactions — facial numbness, throat constriction. 

“They knew people were having these reactions. The person who administered it to me would have known, and they asked me if I had eaten. It was very disheartening.”

“The shutdown of the vaccine facility made the local news,” declared Andrea.

You can see the entire interview with Andrea at the end of this article below.

After the shot, Andrea was weak, had nausea, and was unable to drive.

After pushing the vaccines on students in exchange of coveted internships, Andrea’s teacher at the local college did not acknowledge Andrea’s vaccine reaction. 

Andrea asked the school to require the nurse who administered the vaccine to write a medical report on her reaction. The school did not respond.

Days after the shot, Andrea experienced sharp pains in her chest and neck. Eleven days later she experienced severe pain, intense heart palpitations, and thought she was experiencing a heart attack.

She called 911. Her blood pressure registered 200/100 which is stroke territory, and her sitting heartbeat was 160. She was admitted to the hospital, and subsequently released with a diagnosis of a panic attack and anxiety, and was told to seek psychological treatment.

After that, her nervous system went haywire with internal vibrations. 

“It feels like sitting on a vibrating cell phone, daily, so intense I couldn’t sleep for weeks,” says Andrea, comparing the feeling to a massage chair. 

“This is how my body feels inside, you don’t see it, but I couldn’t lay down. I felt like the bed was moving, with pain in my forehead, pressure, constant headache, tinglings, the most annoying feelings you’ll ever have to deal with. Head and neck vibrating; it’s not normal. Of course you will get anxiety when this happens for months.

“Nobody is helping me. Nobody knows the answers.

“I keep getting pushed to get the second shot by my allergist. He recently cut ties with me.

“Why would I do this second shot?

“I was told — you have to ask for a referral, no medical exemptions for second shot. This was after he put ‘allergy to moderna’ on the medical report.

“Doctors won’t report to VAERS.

“However, I reported it and in August my VAERS was updated to show serious and permanent disability connected to the vaccine.

“The report listed a long list of things I have going on — high blood pressure, blood test abnormal, chest pain, dizziness, malaise, nausea, neck pain, palpitations, tremors, throat tightness, paraplegia (a type of paralysis).

“None of my neurologists will contact NIH for information that could help me, even though NIH said they need to.

“My neurologist told me she is seeing more people with the vibrations coming in for treatment.

“There is no informed consent on neurological issues. The is medical negligence.

“My primary doctors did not want to link my symptoms to the vaccine. I received an apology letter from the hospital, after I begged them for help. I had no blood work until months later; I reported my doctors to the medical board in California.

“Stop labeling us as an anxiety or panic issue because it’s not.”


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