Vaccine ingredients

“I gathered all vaccine ingredients into a list and contacted Poison Control. After intros and such, and asking to speak with someone tenured and knowledgeable, this is the gist of that conversation.

Me: My question to you is how are these ingredients categorized? As benign or poison? (I ran a few ingredients, formaldehyde, Tween 80, mercury, aluminum, phenoxyethanol, potassium phosphate, sodium phosphate, sorbitol, etc.)

He: Well, that’s quite a list… But I’d have to easily say that they’re all toxic to humans… Used in fertilizers… Pesticides… To stop the heart… To preserve a dead body… They’re registered with us in different categories, but pretty much poisons. Why?

Me: If I were deliberately to feed or inject my child with these ingredients often, as a schedule, obviously I’d put my daughter in harm’s way… But what would legally happen to me?

He: Odd question… But you’d likely be charged with criminal negligence… perhaps with intent to kill… and of course child abuse… Your child would be taken away from you… Do you know of someone’s who’s doing this to their child? This is criminal…

Me: An industry… These are the ingredients used in vaccines… With binding agents to make sure the body won’t flush these out… To keep the antibody levels up indefinitely…

He: WHAT?!

Your conclusion?

The man was beside himself. He asked if I would email him all this information. He wanted to share it with his adult kids who are parents. He was horrified and felt awful he didn’t know… his kids are vaccinated and they have health issues…”

~ By Iris Figueroa 🍃♥️🍃

✅INGREDIENTS TO VACCINES – You CANNOT make an educated decision without being educated.

Here are just SOME vaccine ingredients.
These are being INJECTED into your kids;

◾️Formaldehyde/Formalin – Highly toxic systematic poison and carcinogen.

◾️Betapropiolactone – Toxic chemical and carcinogen. May cause death/permanant injury after very short exposure to small quantities. Corrosive chemical.

◾️Hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide – May cause damage to the liver, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system. May cause reproductive effects and birth defects.

◾️Aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, and aluminum salts – Neurotoxin. Carries risk for long term brain inflammation/swelling, neurological disorders, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism. It penetrates the brain where it persists indefinitely.

◾️Thimerosal (mercury) – Neurotoxin. Induces cellular damage, reduces oxidation-reduction activity, cellular degeneration, and cell death. Linked to neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism.

◾️Polysorbate 80 & 20 – Trespasses the Blood-Brain Barrier and carries with it aluminum, thimerosal, and viruses; allowing it to enter the brain.

◾️Glutaraldehyde – Toxic chemical used as a disinfectant for heat sensitive medical equipment.

◾️Fetal Bovine Serum – Harvested from bovine (cow) fetuses taken from pregnant cows before slaughter.

◾️Human Diploid Fibroblast Cells – aborted fetal cells. Foreign DNA has the ability to interact with our own.

◾️African Green Monkey Kidney Cells – Can carry the SV-40 cancer-causing virus that has already tainted about 30 million Americans.

◾️Acetone – Can cause kidney, liver, and nerve damage.

◾️E.Coli – Yes, you read that right.

◾️DNA from porcine (pig) Circovirus type-1

◾️Human embryonic lung cell cultures (from aborted fetuses)

✳️You can view all of these ingredients on the CDCs website. I encourage everyone to do their own research. Look up the MSDS on these chemicals. Read the thousands of peer reviewed studies that have evaluated the biological consequences these chemicals can have on the body, especially when being injected.

✳️Fact check vaccine ingredients here:


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Spike Protein Protocol 

Glutathione (most important for body detoxification) or better
NAC = N-Acetyl-Cysteine 600-750mg (causes the body to produce glutathione itself)
Astaxantin 5mg (also improves vision)
vitamin D3
Milk thistle (also liver and stomach protection)
Melatonin 1mg to 10mg (against 5G)
Alternatively CDS/CDL and zeolite

Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol contains Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Zinc, Vitamin D3, and Quercetin.

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33 thoughts on “Vaccine ingredients

  1. I guess the vaccines, glyphosate and other attacks weren’t doing enough damage fast enough. Enter genetic modification programmable graphene oxide for time released death. Vaxxed people have, maybe 3 years left. And God save those who remain.🙏🏼❤️

    “How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!”
    -Mark Twain

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    1. Well stated! I *refuse* to take this poison, but 99% of the [brainwashed] people call me a “Murdering moron”. I ask the gals: do you believe in a woman’s right to choose?” hey ALL always say “Of COURSE!” I reply: Then can you extendt that respect to ME, as well? Can *I* have the right to choose what ido with MY body? Also, ALL gals who have had abortions HAVE MURDERED. According to the WHO it [abortion] is also GENOCIDE. I work a home business, so I’m almost NEVER out… yet you are calling ME a “murderer”?? What about the GOVERNMENT that is mandating that you TAKE this poison????”

      They usually answer with the “collegiate” and well thought-out “Whatever.” – usually followed by “Dude”. To “turn the knife”, I tell people where “Dude” came from, and what it originally meant (A well-dressed, respectable man). I then fnish it with “Thank you for referring to me as a well-dressed, respectable man”, and I kindly walk off. I’m hoping they also “get” the premise that I am *not* a moron …. but since THEY are th e”morons”, I doubt it highly.

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    1. The bad News is: They are now engineering this “vaccine” (a slow DEATH injection) into PLANTS!! The NWO (New World Order) WANTS this into everyone’s body – so it “dumbs them down”, making “control” FAR easier. It is a Communist plant – as was “make love, not war”, and many others.

      I have not, and WILL NOT receive this “vaccine”, and we have “Evac” plans if this Communist regime even APPEARS to be approaching. I’m guessing within 2 years. I hope I’m wrong, but that’s my best guess.

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  2. The first on the list Formaldehyde/Formalin is actually produced by our bodies. Our bodies produce more formaldehyde than what is contained in a vaccine. Clearly this person could not even do the most basic research.

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    1. It is ONE EXAMPLE. What about pig dna and monkey dna?? I can’t WAIT to hear you justify that, as well as chloroform. Go ahead – try … we are waiting. By the way, my Brother is a Doctor – we have you beat already – unless you are, and have 22 years’ experience. Go ahead – let’s hear you now.

      Also, WITHOUT looking it up, do you know what rna or dna stands for? (You know and *I* know that you will. *I* know that *I* didn’t need to.

      Sorry to be so tough on you, but … you were a bit tough on the Author. 😦

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      1. Research, eh? YOU look “on the web” …. but would you care to argue this with a renowned Doctor? Be careful before you answer – and I will bet you 6 million dollars. Let me know if you are ready to take us on. We have the money – do YOU have it to loose?

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        1. I have presented the ingredients list of vaccines to several doctors. Interestingly, none could tell me the purpose of most of these ingredients. Some had no idea some of the ingredients were even included in vaccines. 2 doctors flat out refused to discuss it at all. Have you ever asked what their education on vaccines consists of? One part of a single class, with the curriculum provided by pharma companies. How convenient. Have you ever asked what monetary incentives they receive when patients are vaccinated? Try that.

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          1. You are correct – these ingredients were “top secret” – they SAY “for trademark reasons”, but we now know it’s for other reasons. Also, the Nuremberg Code strictly requires that ALL ingredients for ALL medications and vaccines be on the label. Companies making vaccines must have their Copyrights done before they go into service.

            Pharma can’t be sued for injuries or deaths caused by their vaccines, but companies, schools, and individuals that mandate them can be.

            If your institution is trying to mandate or coerce you into taking something against your will, not only is that 100 percent ILLEGAL (more on that below), by forcing you to take a product they make themselves liable if you get injured or die.

            No organization wants to hear that, but given the way our government is promoting the COVID “vaccines,” it is understandable that most institutions don’t even know that mandates are illegal, nor do they understand the liability mandates expose them to.

            To give you legal and ethical ground to stand on, let’s start here …
            Vaccine mandates for experimental COVID shots are against the law in the U.S.
            – You can see the actual law in this letter sent to all universities currently trying to mandate the COVID shot.
            – Mandates (and shockingly many of the government-sponsored vaccine ads) go against FTC law regarding deceptive advertising.
            – Mandates create all sorts of problems with HIPAA (medical-privacy) law – in case you care to see the list of ongoing lawsuits that have arisen when people’s HIPAA rights are violated, you can see here:

            Furthermore, coercion tactics are in violation of U.S. and International Law. The opening frame of the Nuremberg Code — written after WWII to make sure no one is ever again forced to participate in medical interventions without their consent — states this:
            “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”

            Did you catch that part about: “without … any coercion”?

            In actuality, these mandates, and the entire COVID narrative violate all 10 items of the Nuremberg code.

            If you want to see what a group of 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 doctors are doing to highlight these issues and begin new crimes-against-humanity trials, you can see here:

            The short version: The good guys are punching back.

            The bottom line: Mandates and coercion are ILLEGAL.

            Period. People who AGREE with these “forced/mandates” are Fascists/NAZIs, and disagree with International Law. They are actually BREAKING the Law!

            Critical thinking interlude

            Given the above, I’d argue there are some critically important questions to ask:
            – Why are our governments literally spending billions of taxpayer dollars to overtly coerce all of us to take these experimental products?
            – Are they ignorant of the law (seems implausible) or are they actively, knowingly engaged in something illegal?
            – Why is the White House not quick to point out to businesses that mandates and coercion are against the law?
            – Why is the FTC not cracking down on illegal and deceptive advertising? – Why is it left to non-profits to take our institutions to task?
            – Why are donuts, cash, or reestablishing pre-covid privileges (like going to a ballpark in NY without a vaccine and sitting where you used to) not at least being frowned up as manipulation, or discrimination, if not overt coercion?

            It’s not as if the federal government, and even some states, are being subtle about trying to get everyone to take these “vaccines.”

            They are shoving it on us, and using every well-honed tactic of fear, guilt, shame, and attempts to withhold freedoms that they can come up with.

            If you don’t think this is happening, as kindly as I can say it, you’re not paying attention.

            This propaganda is happening from the White House podium and our taxpayer dollars are funding the largest, coercion-based, “vaccine” promoting media blitz in history.

            In case you missed it, here’s a recent quote from Joe Biden?

            “The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours.”

            I’m not a lawyer, but that sure sounds like coercion, Mr. President!

            … and you’re not even being subtle about it.

            Shame on you.

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    2. it is a by product (in very very small amounts), that the body gets rid off, and injecting this poisoning into your blood is definetly unnatural poisoning and stressing the system. So you are just defending the Medical Heritics as they are your Lords and Saviors with total submission. and shut down your own common sense thinking.


  3. Hi there, I am glad that finally some people have done their homework, what each and every Government on this Planet has not done. So that shows us a very important side effect: No Government is worth a penny, because they don’t care what happens to their Souverän who actually is their employer. If there are enough free media in this world, they should give the Souveräne of this planet the Education that no Government can keep them because the people are the real and true power and they should take this chance and kick all politicians out and substitute them with a real Democracy because this word and the very important definition of it, seem to be nonexistent ithe Agenda of the Governments. Just as Mr.DONALD TRUMP says : Where we go one, we go all. Because the entire planet is one Family, not need hate and psychopaths murderer sick inter thinking. I can believe this is the test God wants ud to go through and see if we are worth to be a kind of animal that can take care for this planet, I do very much hope we pass the test, be blessed .

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    1. Apparently, the author is talking about vaccines in general. He nowhere states that the listed ingredients are specific to the Covid vaccine. The vaccine that has been approved is Pfizer’s Comirnaty. It is, and has been, as far as I know, not available. They are using the old vaccine that was approved for Emergency Use Authorization only. Comirnaty may or may not be identical. Whether it is or not, the only vaccines widely available are the EUA ones.

      If you are curious, here is a list of the ingredients of Comirnaty, according to the vaccine insert. It may or may not be accurate or complete, it is just what Pfizer is admitting to.

      COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) is a sterile suspension for injection for intramuscular use. COMIRNATY is supplied as a frozen suspension in multiple dose vials; each vial must be diluted with 1.8 mL of sterile 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP prior to use to form the vaccine. Each dose of COMIRNATY contains 30 mcg of a nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (mRNA) encoding the viral spike (S) glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2.
      Each 0.3 mL dose of the COMIRNATY also includes the following ingredients: lipids (0.43 mg ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 0.05 mg 2-(polyethylene glycol 2000)-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 0.09 mg 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine, and 0.2 mg cholesterol), 0.01 mg potassium chloride, 0.01 mg monobasic potassium phosphate, 0.36 mg sodium chloride, 0.07 mg dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, and 6 mg sucrose. The diluent (0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP) contributes an additional 2.16 mg sodium chloride per dose.

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      1. This person is talking about vaccines and the ingredients it is composed of, what people are calling Covid vaccines does not fall under the definition of a vaccine. The so-called Covid vaccine you have to ask What is Gene Therapy?

        Human gene therapy seeks to modify or manipulate the expression of a gene or to alter the
        biological properties of living cells for therapeutic use

        Gene therapy is a technique that modifies a person’s genes to treat or cure disease.

        In theory, Gene therapies can work by several mechanisms: Replacing a disease-causing gene with a healthy copy of the gene Inactivating a disease-causing gene that is not functioning properly.

        Introducing a new or modified gene into the body to help treat a disease. Gene therapy products are being studied to treat diseases including cancer, genetic diseases, and infectious diseases.

        There are a variety of types of gene therapy products, including:

        Plasmid DNA: Circular DNA molecules can be genetically engineered to carry therapeutic genes into human cells.

        Viral vectors: Viruses have a natural ability to deliver genetic material into cells, and
        therefore some gene therapy products are derived from viruses. Once viruses have been
        modified to remove their ability to cause infectious disease, these modified viruses can be
        used as vectors (vehicles) to carry therapeutic genes into human cells.

        Bacterial vectors: Bacteria can be modified to prevent them from causing infectious
        disease and then used as vectors (vehicles) to carry therapeutic genes into human tissues.

        Human gene editing technology: The goals of gene editing are to disrupt harmful
        genes or to repair mutated genes.

        Patient-derived cellular gene therapy products: Cells are removed from the
        patient, genetically modified (often using a viral vector) and then returned to the patient.

        Simply, Gene therapeutics does fall under the category of a vaccine.

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  4. It is misused information. Uninformed brainless people think this is the coronavirus recipe …. I’m not a fan of this vaccinations but one should be objective as much as possible.

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    1. How long have you been a Doctor? Just curious. Are you world renown? Or just a local GP? I want to “quantify” Your “brainless” definition. Most of us Doctors are hailed as having at least some brains. Medical School is harder to get into than normal University – much less graduate. Let’s hear your academic credentials, please.

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        1. As “anonymous”, it shows a coward. I do speak (spreken) some Deutch, so you almost fooled me. I am somewhat familiar with nanotechnology (cellular and mechanical). I don’t understand about the “money” question. Maye come out from behind the metaphorical bush and have a backbone?

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  5. I am highly allergic to Formaldehyde! Found out in freshman biology the hard way! Just in the room with the stuff. It caused weeping blisters and made me sick! I was not allowed to even consider chemistry. The senior flu shots have an increase of formaldehyde, not doing that again. Remember the wonderful drug given to pregnant women in the 50s and 60s? President Kennedy stopped the use in the U.S.!
    (all those babies born without limbs especially in the UK) oh wait a minute, the company that came up with it was from Germany and the scientist was part of you guessed it, the Third Reich. It was perfectly safe! Not

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    1. Well you are actually lying Mary. IDK about the company you are talking about but saying someone is from Germany means they are murderers is of course nonsense. What MSM (except when they accidentally admit it) and neither controlled opposition alternative like marxist Christine Anderson/AfD won’t tell you is that Hitler almost entirely stopped vaccine tyranny after comming to power even made propaganda against (jewish) vaccines to inform entire country.
      Now imagine how many more (jewish) lies do you repeat about bad antivaxer Hitler and “Nazis”.
      you can imagine it here


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