The Global Uprising You’re Not Supposed to Talk About

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July 31, 2021

A massive uprising in opposition to the authoritarianism of government lockdown mandates has gone global.

ByDon Via, Jr.

@COVID19Up: Last Saturday, July 24, streets in cities around the world were besieged in abundance by hundreds of thousands—if not millions, as claimed by organizers of the global rally—of protesters demanding to preserve their right to bodily autonomy.

For one day, demonstrators from dozens of countries stood united in opposition to the continued authoritarianism of government lockdown mandates.

From London to Tokyo, Greece to Australia, citizens took to the streets in droves in an attempt to retain their individual sovereignty from what they see as the World Economic Forum’s “new normal”/ “Great Reset” agenda.

Despite the supplication of the citizenry here in the United States—resulting from a combination of both apathy and effective propagandizing—much of the rest of world is recognizing the encroaching tyranny beating at their door and taking a stand before it’s too late to change course.

However, what is of most concern is that you wouldn’t know any of this is happening if you turned on the television, thanks to the heavy implementation of narrative management by corporate media.

The narrative managers would rather the public remain divided over political theater than united against the ruling class. Coverage of such mass upheaval would threaten the status quo, as it would rouse many Americans from their walking slumber to the realities at hand. It would be a galvanizing force, a beacon of hope after a year and a half of chaos. The media blackout prevents the “peasantry” from getting too rowdy and business as usual continues for the corporatist plutocracy.

Here, we hope to amplify that dim beacon and chronicle this most recent of revolts as they continue to intensify around the world.


We begin with an account of France’s uprising. The jacquerie, as it were, of Parisians and their fellow countrymen taking to the streets was admittedly heartwarming to this author particularly, being partiality of French lineage myself.

Over 175 marches were planned, with millions said to be expected to flood the streets across the nation, in what was largely a continuation of the mass Bastille Day protests just days prior: a response to president Emmanuel Macron’s implementation of vaccine passport restrictions, which were later partially rescinded as a result.

The previous demonstrations saw a semblance of unity, as French police temporarily dropped their shields and joined protesters on a march. The most recent protest, however, was not met as graciously and resulted in violence and civil unrest.

French police clashed with dissenters in Paris and elsewhere, deploying tear gas and water cannons until they were ultimately pushed back by the people’s perseverance.

After protesters forced the French police into retreat, some took to storming the Town Hall, tearing down portraits of President Emmanuel Macron and hurling the remnants from the windows to the ground below.


Similar rallies and bedlam also occurred in London as well as throughout the rest of the United Kingdom.

British prime minister Boris Johnson’s particular brand of COVID-19 vaccine passport tyranny is in many ways seen as the harshest. The disdain for this was generally reflected by the outrage of the people, as England saw some of the largest protests throughout the weekend.

In Trafalgar Square, London, more than 10,000 protesters gathered expressing their contempt for the latest round of restrictions.

Shortly thereafter, British riot police responded to the gathering in droves. As it often does when the state responds with force to peaceful assemblies, violence erupted not long after outside of the Parliament building with scores of police pushing back citizens who were freshly enraged that their legitimate concerns were being met with such disregard.

Big Tech responded in Orwellian fashion, with YouTube ultimately pulling down live streams of the protest in the square.

Similarly throughout England, several thousand more citizens took to the streets of Birmingham and Manchester. As well as in Leeds, where a sizable crowd amassed outside of the BBC headquarters and began chanting “Shame on you!” before being dispersed by police.

During the unrest of the Manchester demonstration, some took to storming a local COVID-19 testing facility.


As in England, some of Ireland’s major cities also witnessed large uprisings against COVID-19 health mandates. Despite the notably more docile nature of the Irish population throughout the crisis, massive marches were witnessed through the streets of Dublin, Cork and Belfast, with 1,500 people rallying outside of Dublin’s Custom House bringing traffic to a standstill.

In other parts of Dublin, members and supporters of Ireland’s chapter of the Yellow Vest Movement, which began in France in 2018, held mass gatherings and speeches decrying what was referred to as the global totalitarianism of lockdown mandates.

In Cork, a large crowd of unknown size made their way through the streets.


Various other nations of the European continent hosted notable protests in solidarity with the Worldwide Freedom Movement on July 24.

In Finland, hundreds of protesters were filmed marching through the streets of Helsinki. Far fewer numbers than seen in most other protests, with the fervor likely curtailed by the considerably less strict approach to the pandemic taken by the Finnish government.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Finland has never implemented a full lockdown. Only holding discussions in Parliament considering the measure in March of this year, just days before rejecting the proposal and ruling it unconstitutional.

Amsterdam, Netherlands saw substantially larger crowds during their demonstration—as the nation has endured a far more turbulent atmosphere concerning their own restrictions. One such instance in late February, saw two Dutch courts at odds with each other as one rescinded the curfew order, ruling it unconstitutional, with the other reinstating it just hours later.

Amidst the global rally for freedom on the 24th, thousands of protesters marched through the streets of the nation’s capital demanding an end once and for all to the various restrictions put in place.

Several thousand others attended rallies elsewhere across Europe in places such as the Spanish provinces of Madrid and Barcelona.

Even Lisbon, Portugal.

In Slovakia, tensions reached a fever pitch the day prior, as thousands of protesters forced their way into the Slovakian Parliament building. Condemning “Corona fascism” and lambasting officers with shouts of “Gestapo!”

The following day, marches in unison with the rest of the worldwide rally seemingly remained slightly more composed. Several hundred demonstrators protested outside of the Parliament building.

Anger boiled over as protesters began pelting the building with eggs. In response to this benign act of civil disobedience, Slovak police retaliated with brute force, deploying teargas within the crowds.

Toward the southernmost regions of Europe, major conflicts continued to break out through the day as mass uprisings persisted.


Throughout the Italian provinces, throngs of citizens descended upon their localities to express contempt for their lawmakers’ exceptionally harsh restrictions and intentions to enact discriminatory vaccine passport policies.

From Naples to Turin, Milan, Geona, Rome, Padova, Trieste, and numerous cities in between—People marched through the streets shouting their demands: “No green pass,” “Down with the dictatorship,” & “Libertà!” (Liberty).


While no notable police altercations erupted during the Italian demonstrations, their Greek neighbors directly to the east were not as lucky.

Protests against the Greek government’s passing of new restrictions and vaccine passport programs had been ongoing for more than ten days prior to the July 24 Worldwide Freedom rally. On the 14th, 5,000+ disgruntled citizens descended upon Athens to oppose the new legislation. With further clashes breaking out amongst police and those opposed to new vaccine mandates on the 22nd, during which police used water cannons and tear gas to dispel the crowds.

Despite this, Greek proponents of liberty were not dissuaded. During the global uprising on the 24th, approximately 5,000 protesters once again converged upon the Parliament building of Athens, demanding their rights to freedom of choice remain intact in the face of new laws attacking their bodily autonomy.

Once again, Greek riot police responded with violence. Continuing to deploy tear gas and water cannons as clashes with demonstrators carried on into the night.

Finally, this report would not be complete without mentioning Australia.

Since the outset of the pandemic, the continent down under has suffered perhaps the most oppressive and fascistic of responses, considering the lack of any serious COVID-19 outbreak.

However, as the protests of last weekend have expressly exemplified, the people have finally had enough.

In defiance of a massive police presence, over one hundred thousand demonstrators are estimated to have marched through the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Aussie police hastily responded with heavy-handed crackdowns on the participants.

The following day, New South Wales police announced the creation of a new strike force whose sole purpose is to identify and track down as many participants as possible. On Friday, the Australian military was deployed to help enforce Sydney’s lockdown.

In Brisbane, the number of demonstrators is said to have been nearly 7,500, with no official estimation having yet been identified for the Melbourne protest.

If Saturday, July 24, 2021 can be denoted for one thing it should be that the world demonstrably has had enough of draconian mandates. These global movements of freedom revolts have been occurring on a regular basis for months on end. They are continuing to grow in popularity.

It’s worthy of note that even as extensive as this article has been to document what happened, it is still only a fraction of the uprisings that took place less a week ago today.

On the same day numerous other nations rose in solidarity with all of the aforementioned, among them; South Africa, Japan, Argentina, Canada, India, Denmark, Israel, and many many more.

The next global event is scheduled for September 18, 2021.


A unified pushback against the globalist agenda

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