Spanish doctors received 600 million from pharmaceutical companies in 2018 (what about 2020?)

  • Since last year, these payments are published with name and surname
  • The figure is 5% higher than 2017 and 20% higher than four years ago
  1. Alberto Vigario


The pharmaceutical laboratories present in Spain dedicated nearly 600 million euros last year to their relationship with the medical sector in our country.

Most of this figure -259 million euros- was invested by the laboratories in contracts with organizations and health professionals to develop research projects. The next item with more aid is the one received by doctors from the pharmaceutical industry to cover expenses for attending scientific conferences -118 million-. Benefits for professional services were 84 million euros, and donations, which can only go to health organizations, amounted to 37.5 million.

The figures for this annual collaboration have been published since 2016 by the industry’s own employer -Farmaindustria – which decided in this way to make all transfers transparent to clear the shadow of doubt about these relationships. The initiative -which was already carried out in the US- was adopted by all the employers’ associations of pharmaceutical laboratories in Europe, but it has been in Spain where the light and stenographers on these payments have reached further . And it is that since last year all these collaborations between laboratories and doctors have been published individually, with the name and surname of each medical professional. Spain was the first European country to do so.

In addition to the publication of the total amount carried out by Farmaindustria, all the pharmaceutical laboratories associated with the employer – more than 190 companies – have published these days on their websites the complete list of their collaborations with doctors in 2018, with the name and last name of each recipient. Without a doctor, he does not accept this model of transparency, he cannot collaborate with the pharmaceutical industry.

“The relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare organizations and professionals is key for drug research and proper use. This collaboration also contributes to the updating of knowledge about drugs by professionals; it allows the industry to incorporate clinical experience from health workers to R&D processes, and assures the health system that its professionals are at the forefront of knowledge “, they assure from the Farmaindustria employer’s association.

The laboratories recall that only the average registration for a national scientific congress is 600-700 euros , an amount that can be significantly increased, even reaching around 1,000 euros, if the meeting is international.

20% more in four years

The aid of the laboratories to the medical sector grows every year, at least since 2015 when the data is published. Thus, the total amount reached last year -597 million- was almost 5% higher than that disbursed in 2017, when this figure was 564 million. In 2016, the amount disbursed was 501 million euros, somewhat above the 496 million in 2014. Thus, in the last four years, from the data of 2015 to those of 2018, aid has risen by 20%.


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