Australia – Permit required to leave home to work, curfew, and face masks no longer allowed to be removed outside to drink alcohol despite just 5 people being in hospital


Melbourne, Australia is currently in its sixth lockdown despite a grand total of 5 people being in hospital due to the alleged Covid-19 disease in the whole state it resides in, Victoria. Now the Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews has announced new stricter lockdown measures in response to the public finding loopholes in the current tyrannical rules.

The rules around donning face coverings will tighten even further as Premier Daniel Andrews announced that Melburnians will no longer be allowed to remove their face masks if they’re out of the house and drinking alcoholic beverages in public.

The move comes in response to reports over the weekend of people flouting lockdown restrictions with venue crawls and big outdoor gatherings.

A number of other lockdown rules are changing too, with stay-at-home conditions extended until at least 11.59pm on Thursday, September 2, a curfew put in place between 9pm–5am and permits required to leave the house to go to work and to universities.


To say the draconian restrictions are unjustified would be a huge understatement considering the current data on Covid-19 in Victoria, Australia.

As of August 15th the entire state registered just 22 new alleged confirmed cases of Covid-19. For context 6.7 million people currently reside in Victoria, Australia.

As of the 15th August 2021 the entire state has just 205 alleged active cases of Covid-19. This equates to just 0.003% of the entire population.

And the vast majority of those alleged 205 cases are in people under the age of 29, who also happen to be the people with negligible risk of suffering alleged serious disease due to the Covid-19 virus.

As of the 15th August 2021 just 2.4% of the 205 alleged cases, and 0.00007% of the entire population of Victoria have been admitted to hospital with a positive test result for Covid-19, whilst just a single person is currently in intensive care.


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