Swedish Professor: People Will Need FIVE Covid Vaccine Doses for Immunity – If you Don’t Submit You’ll no Longer Qualify as “Fully Vaccinated”


Latest flu vaccine failing against current strain, CDC ...
A Swedish professor has suggested that Covid-19 vaccine booster shots will be necessary to combat breakthrough cases, as two doses are simply not enough.

As many people around the world complete their Covid vaccination schedule and submit to both doses, one professor has stated that this is simply not enough and has recommended as many as five injections.

Biomedical analyst Matt Sallberg of the Swedish Karolinska Institute (KI) said that individuals who are inoculated with two doses of the Covid vaccine may not have enough protection. He said that “recurring shots” will likely be necessary to maintain immunity against SARS-CoV-2.

Sallberg said: “We don’t know how long the vaccine protects against serious illness and death. This means that you pick the safe before the unsafe.”

The KI professor continued: “After receiving the second dose, the immune response slowly subsides. Within a year, many may have lost their protection. We do not know yet, but if you get a third dose, it will be activated again.

“Biology says that a fading immune response is not unlikely. Then it’s time for a third, fourth, maybe fifth dose.”

Sallberg’s comments came as several European countries recently announced a third round of Covid-19 booster shots in September 2021. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) also suggested that fully vaccinated individuals will be given another injection in autumn.

Although, the professor’s comments in support of a never-ending cycle of booster shots appeared to have a hidden motive. Alongside his role at KI, the biomedical analyst also held executive positions at vaccine manufacturer Svenska Vaccin Fabriken (SVF). A simple scroll through the company’s website named him as the SVF founder, chairman of the board, and chief scientific officer.

So, no conflict of interest there…

An Israeli doctor, Dr Kobi Haviv, echoed Sallberg’s comments and warned that “the effectiveness of the vaccine is waning/fading out” and that “85-90% of the hospitalisations are in fully vaccinated people.” According to Dr Haviv, the breakthrough cases of Covid in vaccinated individuals have set up a scenario where booster shots would become necessary.

Despite these health experts pushing for booster vaccines, many scientists have questioned their need as there is not enough data to justify them. In June 2021, a group of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientists said that the general population may not need booster doses for the time being.

Although, the scientists said that booster shots may be needed when vaccine-induced immunity dwindles or a new “variant” has a negative impact on vaccine effectiveness. The scientists did, however, push for additional vaccine doses for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and organ transplant recipients.

Dr Sarah Oliver, a medical epidemiologist at the CDC, said the agency should monitor residents of long-term care facilities, the elderly, health care workers, and people with a weakened immune system, as she suggested that these groups are the ones who may need booster shots.

Of course, these health experts will ignore the countless adverse reactions and deaths that these “vaccines” have caused, instead of pushing for annual booster shots which will be required to have any form of “freedom” in society.

In the UK, the government has been advised by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) to introduce a Covid booster shot programme in September 2021alongside the flu jabs in order to “maximise protection in those who are most vulnerable to serious COVID-19 ahead of the winter months.”

Booster vaccines will only be offered to younger brits in the late summer of next year after the vulnerable groups are dosed up first, such as the elderly, those who are immunosuppressed, and social care workers.

However, in the UK, as of 5th August 2021, there have been 1,120,009 adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines and 1,536 deaths, which have been officially reported to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme. Yet, we will all be required to get booster doses to stay fit and healthy.



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