Dr. Malone: CDC’s Own Data Shows Masks & Vaccines Don’t Stop COVID; Junk Science Is Driving Authoritarianism

July 31, 2021

On Saturday, the inventor of mRNA technology lambasted public health officials for making coronavirus policy decisions based on junk science and scolded government scientists for willfully misleading the public about vaccines.

Dr. Robert Malone, an American virologist and immunologist (often credited for inventing mRNA technology) said, “We gotta get back to evidence-based medical science.” He continued, “It’s quite clear from the CDC’s own slide deck, if you have a reproductive coefficient like chickenpox…our current vaccines plus rigorous masking will not stop this virus from spreading.

Malone comments came during an episode of War Room: Pandemic, where he was apparently referencing a new study released by the CDC on Friday. The study analyzed coronavirus infection data in Massachusetts — which concluded that 75% of people infected by the Delta variant had been fully vaccinated.

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The Washington Post and The New York Times reportedly obtained internal memos from the CDC, which in part cited the Massachusetts study, warning that the Delta variant spreads as easily as the chicken pox.https://electionwiz.com/2021/07/30/video-founder-of-mrna-tech-vax-could-cause-virus-to-be-more-dangerous/embed/#?secret=EbWfZ6iF3P

Dr. Malone blasted public health officials, saying the government’s current COVID response is driving the virus to evade the vaccines and “The fundamental rules of clinic ethics have been thrown out the door.”

Malone said the unholy alliance of the mainstream media, the government, big tech, and big pharma is resulting in toxic “group think.” He predicted that future studies will show a number of people died because of the myopic focus on coronavirus vaccines.

“It’s not just me saying it. We’ve got Pfizer saying it. Okay. What better validation do you need,” Malone asked.

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Dr. Malone pointed to a Pfizer tweet, where the pharmaceutical giant apparently conceded that current COVID vaccines are insufficient to stop the spread of the virus. In the tweet, Pfizer admits that combating COVID will likely require a new antiviral drug.

During his remarks, Dr. Malone presented his strategy for moving America out of the pandemic. The virologist said universal vaccination of the population is unnecessary and carries significant risks, especially for children.

Screenshot of Dr. Malone’s COVID strategy





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  1. Please get this info out to physicans, or do public tv specials for those who dont understand, or are afraid to tell truth. How can i contribute?


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