Investigation – UK Gov. / SAGE document admits the Covid-19 Vaccines will lead to a variant that kills 35% of people because the jabs do not prevent infection or transmission


A document produced by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies advising the UK Government on future Covid-19 variants and the consequences of them, clearly states that it is likely a new variant will emerge that has a 35% case fatality rate, and the reason is that the current Covid-19 injections on offer do not prevent infection or transmission of the existing variants of Covid-19.

The document, entitled ‘Long term evolution of SARS-CoV-2‘, was published on the UK Government site on the 26th July 2021 and explores several potential scenarios that could occur in the future due to the current vaccination programme, and the use of antiviral drugs.

The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) state within the document that the eradication of Covid-19 is extremely unlikely and that they have high confidence there will “always be variants”. However they claim the number of variants depends on one thing…

The number of control measures put in place by the UK Government.

If you thought things were going back to normal any time soon then the SAGE paper clearly shows that you are very mistaken.

SAGE outline one scenario within the document that states there is a realistic possibility that a Covid-19 variant could emerge that causes much more severe disease in the greater population than what has occurred to date. They claim it could even kill as many as 35% of those it infects.

The reason they give for this scenario occurring is that the current Covid-19 vaccines on offer are highly unlikely to continue to provide protection against severe disease if there is a significant drift in the spike gene sequence of future variants.

However, SAGE state that an increase in hospitalisations and deaths would be expected even if the spike gene sequence doesn’t drift in future variants.


Because SAGE admit that the current vaccines “do not fully prevent infection in MOST individuals”.

But SAGE has a plan to help prevent this occurring. A plan which involves regular vaccine booster doses to ensure the pharmaceutical companies they either work for or have shares in get richer, enforcing restrictions within the UK to attempt to reduce transmission, maintaining restrictions of a persons ability to both leave and enter the United Kingdom, and slaughtering animals en masse if they become infected with SARS-CoV-2.

SAGE also recommend that scientific research is focused on producing vaccines that induce high and durable levels of immunity in order to reduce infection and transmission of the Covid-19 virus from vaccinated individuals.


Because they clearly state the current vaccines do not do this as they only allegedly reduce the already minute risk of hospitalisation and death.

SAGE also admit within the document produced for the UK Government that the current vaccine programme could lead to disaster. They state that as vaccines against Covid-19 are deployed across population they could create a selection pressure for variants that can escape “vaccine-acquired immunity”.

They also clearly state that the methods used to predict mutations in the Covid-19 virus have never involved using the Covid-19 virus itself. They have instead used artificial methods to generate and express the alleged spike variants such as yeast, phage or expression of another virus. Surely if the Covid-19 virus exists they would be able to use that within their methods to predict mutations?

To summarise, SAGE have admitted that –

  • There is a potential for a new variant that could kill 35% of people it allegedly infects
  • The new variant could appear because the current Covid-19 vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission in most people.
  • Regular booster jabs will be required with the current vaccines to make the pharmaceutical companies richer.
  • Mass vaccination could lead to the introduction of a new variant whilst the virus is still in high circulation in the general population.
  • There will always be variants and control measures must be enforced to reduce the number of them, therefore more lockdowns and less freedom are inevitable.
  • They’re unable to use the Covid-19 virus to predict and express variants in the spike protein of Covid-19, however they are perfectly capable of using a different virus to predict and express them. But the Covid-19 virus “definitely” exists.

It’s all there in black and white, SAGE have just substantiated everything we have been telling you for the past year.


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