“My best interview to date” Dr. Peter Breggin False pandemic

Peter R. Breggin is a renowned psychiatrist and physician, and an outspoken critic of the current psychiatric system. Dr. Breggin considers modern psychiatry to be a materialistic fraud that takes an overly simplistic approach by medicating patients with all sorts of problems that have their roots in causes other than brain chemistry.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer, two co-founders of the German Corona Investigative Committee (http://www.corona-investigative-committee.com/), spoke with him about a wide range of issues, especially the plandemia we face.

Peter R. Breggin: “This is one of the best interviews I have ever given. […] You’re going to listen to the best of Peter Breggin today.”

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2 thoughts on ““My best interview to date” Dr. Peter Breggin False pandemic

  1. To Breggin: Saying God is within us is the biggest mistake? YOU, a doctor, saying that is the biggest mistake? to ignore your own constant creator? The bible says THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU. What makes you think you are so smart to over look these words? Every nazi/communist on this earth has been able to wage their tortures because nobody has known that this God IS what we are.
    All of you are overlooking these words except for the physicist Barbara Brennan who wrote the book HANDS OF LIGHT. All physicists know that the core of this existence are waves of energy and light. We breathe these waves, we eat these waves, we think with these waves, we create everything with these waves. WE ARE THESE WAVES. These waves are what turn into what we are on a constant basis — which ARE electrical magnetic energy that then is projected as these holographic bodies we are. SO….these waves MUST be the consciousness of God, a God that is a holodeck. THIS is how the Kingdom of God is within us. This is what the words: “created in the image of God” mean.
    Brennan has proven that these waves are consciousness itself……AWARENESS…… If not, how are we conscious at all? NONE of you know. Doctors use electrical machines to measure us, YET, does it come to their minds that WE must be electrical to be able to be measured? We consist of 7 billion billion billion atoms, each one spinning/vibrating/pulsating as electrical energy fields. I get all these words from physicists. How do these atoms KNOW how to resonate PRECISELY into the miles and miles of blood vessels and intestines and organs that we are? HOW DO ATOMS KNOW ? Before there is chemistry, there MUST be quarks and atoms.
    How do these waves turn into us? With intent and purpose to create. This intent/purpose bunches up these waves into atoms. These waves of energy and light that we are is found in this sentence I found in the book THE QUANTUM WORLD written by the physicist Kenneth Ford:
    “magically bursting forth are quarks spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light forming protons and neutrons”. These quarks are images spinning billions of times a second CREATING US/our images.
    We already ARE computers, but the kind that know how to heal itself. WILL any machine built on earth ever be able to heal itself? NO, because it takes constant conscious creation patterns to turn that bruise, that cut, back into that perfect pattern. CAN anyone on earth ever create this consciousness that knows how to heal itself, to go back to the perfection it is? NO, no one of this earth is smart enough to create that holodeck of images that creates perfect images.
    Brennan wrote that we are eternal, multidimensional, holographic and electromagnetic. Those billion dollar energy colliders built around the world NEVER find solidity. They find energy. At the core of us is energy. At the core of the hardest rock is CONSCIOUS energy that constantly creates that rock as an image. When quarks/atoms spin/vibrate/pulsate THAT FAST, then NOTHING can be physical or solid. We are eternal energy and light holograms constantly being created. CREATION IS CONSTANT.
    What all of YOU call germs and viruses are actually the emotions people have of depression and anger, etc. that are electrical energy fields that block/pinch the electrical energy fields these holographic bodies are. There is NO disease. This is a perfectly created holodeck where no disease is created. It is US that creates the 5G and the bioweapons and the lasers using God’s MIND to hurt us. It is our own emotions that hurt us.
    I also get this information from the energy and light beings that visited me as a child. I bonded with them. I knew there was no such thing as death then.


  2. To Fuellmich and Breggin:
    I just finished listening to your video.
    What I hear coming from both of you is propaganda of the worst kind. You both said that we are not God. How can anyone believe they are a treasure if this God is not creating them? They can’t and that is why these oligarchs think we are useless eaters in need of having rulers. That is why outrageous abuse is everywhere. Who will stand up for the Kingdom of God WITHIN us?
    I have read over 200 books the last 40 years that say we ARE God. Without this God we would not be here. How can churches stop closing when even THEY don’t see how they are God? Don’t you see? All of us together are God. God is not out there. God is right here. The waves of energy and light creating us and the whole universe are God’s MIND. Prove it to yourself. Stop breathing. It is not the lack of oxygen that will be felt. It is the lack of breathing in God’s mind that is constantly creating us that will be felt. Of course we will still exist whether we breathe or not. Just go to the youtube videos like UNIVERSE INSIDE US or the videos that say we are electrical beings that can heal ourselves with our own imagination. Look at the pictures in the book HANDS OF LIGHT that show us as eternal holograms and eternal electrical energy fields.
    The people of this whole earth have been taught that they are physical and then die. This also is the worst kind of propaganda ever told. Quantum physics says we are NOT physical or solid. Each time a quark bursts forth spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light forming protons and neutrons proves that we are light 100%. This light is the core of enlightenment. This light is how we heal. Imagine holograms of light, super intricate, precisely being woven into billions/trillions of patterns, constantly bursting forth as beautiful strands of pulsating light…….eternal light whether within this dimension or another. We ARE eternal right now. This information is what is needed for a Christian revival to stop communism.


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