Pfizer Engineered Agreements With Governments Stating They Had to Pay for Covid Vaccines Whether They Worked or Not – NO Recourse for Injuries


Pfizer Inaugurates $50M Manufacturing Site in Saudi Arabia ...
The contract reveals that governments have been forced to pay for the vaccine whether it worked or not, whilst Pfizer cannot be held liable for any injuries caused by the jab.

Shocking revelations posted to social media this week revealed that Pfizer engineered a contract, which governments had to sign when purchasing the experimental Covid-19 vaccine. Excerpts appear to show that there is no way for the pharmaceutical company to lose, even if the vaccine is dangerous, causes injury, or is ineffective.

The details of the contract were posted by a Twitter user named Ehden, who begins a thread of tweets (many of which have since been deleted) by stating: “Pfizer has been extremely aggressive in trying to protect the details of their international COVID19 vaccine agreements.

“These agreements are confidential, but luckily one country did not protect the contract document well enough, so I managed to get a hold of a copy. As you are about to see, there is a good reason why Pfizer was fighting to hide the details of these contracts.”

Here are some of the key points taken from the contract:

The contract appears to state that the agreement covers the manufacturing of vaccines for Covid-19 and its mutations, but also for “any device, technology, or product used in the administration of or to enhance the use or effect of, such vaccine.”

The reason why governments around the world were suppressing the use of alternative treatments for Covid-19 – including Ivermectin – is because the contract does not allow them to pull out even if a more effective treatment than Pfizer is discovered.

Pfizer cannot be held liable for any delivery delays or missed deliveries: “Pfizer shall have no liability for any failure to deliver doses in accordance with any estimated delivery dates… nor shall any such failure give Purchaser any right to cancel orders for any quantities of Product.”

To emphasise this, the contract states: “Purchaser hereby waives all rights and remedies that it may have at Law, in equity or otherwise, arising from or relating to:…any failure by Pfizer to deliver the Contracted Doses in accordance with the Delivery Schedule.”

Additionally, once governments have purchased vaccines, they cannot be returned: “Pfizer will not, in any circumstances, accept any returns of Product (or any dose)…no Product returns may take place under any circumstances.”

There is also the cost of the vaccines. Reportedly, the US government, and likely Israel as Ehden speculates, were charged $19.50 per dose of the jab whilst other countries were only charged $12.

To add to this, Pfizer assured that it is guaranteed its money and that governments cannot withhold or try to credit funds for the vaccines.

It seems as though that it doesn’t matter to Pfizer whether the vaccines are effective in the short or long term, either. The contract states that the “Purchaser acknowledges…the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known.”

Through the contract, Pfizer has guaranteed that all sales are basically final, as is the exception of the contract. Ehden writes: “There are clauses about termination possibility, but in fact, as you saw so far, the buyer has almost nothing that can be considered a material breach, while Pfizer can easily do so if they don’t get their money or if they deem so.”

And, of course, no one can hold Pfizer liable for anything related to its Covid-19 vaccine, as the contract states: “Purchaser must provide Pfizer protection from liability for claims and all Losses, must implement it via statutory or regulatory requirements, and the sufficiency of such efforts shall be in Pfizer’s sole discretion.”

Whilst to many of us a contract like this isn’t really surprising, it just emphasises that these pharmaceutical companies are only interested in money and power. It shows that the Covid vaccine has never been about protecting the population, but that it’s just a worldwide experiment that guarantees Pfizer and big pharma will get rich whilst those who receive a dose suffer adverse reactions.


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