Klaus Schwab: Cyberattack Worse than COVID-19 Crisis – Power Grid Down, Banking Offline

That’s right – appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, Klaus Schwab had a mother. After she was married to Klaus’ father, her surname was “Schwab”. But before that, her name was (drum roll, please)…Rothschild.
And we’re not talking about the Brooklyn Rothschilds. We’re talking about the Frankfurt Rothschilds, the proprietors of a vast international banking empire with a worldwide monopoly on money creation. Basically, they get to print their own monopoly money and pass it out to their friends, leaving the rest of us to suck rocks.
Perhaps certain genealogical aspects of our problems are now starting to come clear.
Now ask yourself who, if anyone, might benefit from (e.g.) a Great Reset, a “Digital Dollar”, or a global pandemic of cyberattacks against everything from the banking system to the electrical grid.
Answer: Only someone with (a) high-level access to COG (continuity of governmant) facilities and other hardened, self-contained installations, and (b) the wherewithal to go underground and outwait the calamity, but then reemerge to crush the weakened remnants of humanity and sweep them into a convenient little pile of abject slaves!
When you’re nothing but property, there’s nothing about which to complain when your owners don’t need you any more. 😉

Chris Langan


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