Croatian MEP Ivan Vilibor Sincic: “The whole crisis is not so much about health as it is about control and money”

Message from Mike Yeadon to Ivan Vilibor Sincic…\e: introduction to Member of EU parliament Mr Ivan Vilibor Sincic

Thank you, Senta.

Mr Sincic, my hat is off to you, sir! Let me say that your understanding matches mine.

What is happening now, regardless of its origins, is solely aimed at control and not health in any way.

As a simple research scientist, I can only keep telling those who will listen that every part of the driving narratives about this virus, measures etc is a lie. I say ‘lie’ and not ‘mistake’, because many of the speakers of these narrative points were educated at the same time as I was, in the same university system and worked in the same pharmaceutical environment.

We (governments advisors and I) would have received the same foundational lectures, owned the same set text books and read overlapping scientific literature. I like to say “they know what I know”. I’m no cleverer than they are, nor are they.

So its absolutely the case that we are being lied to. Taking a step back, and realising that scores of countries almost simultaneously discarded their pandemic preparedness plans, which largely agreed with what WHO had on their website in 2019, and adopted the same eight or so covid lies (which I have given many interviews upon). How could this possibly be? that scores of governments and their advisors all adopted the same set of untrue statements?

The answer is hard to hear for many, but ignoring the implications for a moment, which is what prevents people reaching the correct and obvious conclusion, it is an international plan. It is coordinated. We might call it a conspiracy. There is nothing theoretical about it.

It is hard to oppose, because the mass media and internet censor everything on the guise of public safety. Ironic, because they are the ones damaging public safety.

I fear the end game, as I have for over a year: the introduction of ludicrous vaccine passports (which add not a thing to public safety) will hand totalitarian control to whoever runs the database and algos.

And most frighteningly of all, the ‘booster shots’. Do not accept these. Every immunologist knows that influenza is the exception, not the rule. The rule is very slow evolution of respiratory viruses. This one has changed less than 0.3% in 18 months. Its a lie to tell us we need boosters either because immunity wanes quickly or because the ‘variants’ are so different, our immune systems won’t recognise them.

Instead of conferring immunity, I am the most fearful I have ever been about what is actually in those glass vials. I won’t be explicit here, but I genuinely fear a Holocaust, far larger than the last one.

To me, nothing else could surmount in the minds of the perpetrators the amount of pain, suffering and lasting harm they’ve already created. Only an outrage as large as I am suggesting logically follows from todays position and trajectory lines up all the incentives these psychopaths have.

I wish I knew how to prevent this. Rest assured I have not abandoned my post and I have no intention of “going quietly into that good night”.

Thank you, Ivan.


Dr Mike Yeadon

On Thursday, 22 July 2021, 20:48:18 BST, Senta Depuydt wrote:

Dear friends,

I met Mr Sincic in Brussels a few months ago on behalf of CHD Europe, as he has been one of the only European members of Parliament to openly criticize the pandemic response within the EU.

I remember that Mr Sincic had already questioned the EMA regarding the vaccine issue on his own initiative. He would like to be in touch with you to join efforts in stopping this madness.

Here is a video in which you can hear him. I also took the opportunity to invite him to the telegram channel of D4CE but I believe personal contacts are essential.


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