Unvaccinated as ‘variant factories’?

Our COVID-19 newsletter is out.

  • Unvaccinated as ‘variant factories’?

15 July 2021 – Several media outlets in the UK have simultaneously released a story alleging that unvaccinated people are risking their own health and will become potential factories of coronavirus variants.,

  • New data confirms children at extremely low risk

15 July 2021 – From the beginning of the pandemic, it has been apparent that COVID-19 is largely a disease of the elderly or those with other co-morbidities and mercifully has had minimal impact on children.

  • NHS Protocol for treatment of COVID-19

15 July 2021 – Nearly a year and a half after the country was locked down to protect the NHS, how is the NHS performing in managing the very condition that so threatened it?

  • Confusion among mask advocates

15 July 2021 – Professor Trish Greenhalgh revealed her incoherent thinking in a long Twitter thread.

  • Hypocrisy at Wimbledon and Wembley

15 July 2021 – In case we were in any doubt, there are now extreme double standards at play in our society. How long will we allow this rampant hypocrisy to continue?

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