GROW your own food. Join a Free Webinar Series: Rapid Soil Regeneration
PETITION Require vaccine history be recorded on death certificates
PETITION Outlaw discrimination against those who do not get a Covid-19 vaccination
SWITCH OFF your devices on 18 JUL 3pm

7 STEPS OF ACTION Nurses, Doctors and Everyone
FILM a short video of yourself: We do not consent and share
JOIN vaccine groups and share harm caused by vaccines on social media – what msm won’t
⭐️ SHARE Mask info graphic with 3 normies friends on social media, schools and institutions: here, here and here
LEARN about Common Law and Equity Law via Dean Clifford
PETITION Remove all covid-19 restrictions on 19 Jul
JOIN Project CovBase Help gather information (under construction)
You can see the project here:
POST Low Death rate statistics to 3 places
⭐️ EMAIL Supermarkets to lift unlawful mask mandate
WRITE to your MP to ask them to vote against vaccine
⭐️ DOWNLOAD and share issue 10, June of The Light Paper for free WATCH what others say

If you like our work please consider to donate:

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