Doctors and Lawyers start lawsuit against the EU’s authorisation of the use of the Pfizer Covid Vaccine in children


Doctors and Lawyers are preparing to fight the authorisation to allow the Pfizer mRNA vaccine to be given to children by the EU in court.

The EU have authorised the used of the jab in children aged 12 and over which has prompted Italian lawyer Renate Holzeisen to file a lawsuit against them.

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The lawyer who is from Northern Italy is also currently fighting an action in the General Court of the European Union on behalf of hundreds of regional health workers being made to receive medical treatment against their will, thousands of health workers from across Europe have joined the action.

Holzeisen began her application to the Court of Justice of the EU last year. – “My clients are applying for permission for these medical products to be withdrawn. We have uncovered extensive evidence showing that they have not been properly tested. We also know that they kill people.”

“Even if they were properly tested and safe, it’s wrong for the EU to put citizens in this position,

“The EU policy on this is unlawful. They cannot force these products on people without consent. It’s causing discrimination between the people who will take the products and those who won’t. People who are brave enough to stand up to this are losing their jobs. It’s very cruel. We as lawyers have a duty to protect them. It’s what we’re trained to do.”

Now the lawyer, supported by Doctors, has submitted an expert statement alongside a lawsuit that challenges the EU’s authorisation of the use of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine in children aged 12 and above.

Renate Holzeisen, with the expert testimony of Doctors, argues that the Covid-19 vaccines are unnecessary for use in children due to the extremely low risk of developing serious disease due to the alleged Covid-19 virus, and alternative proven and safe treatments are available if they were to suffer.

She also argues that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is far from effective, stating the claimed 95% efficacy in adults and 100% in adolescents is extremely misleading due to the numbers pertaining to relative efficacy and not absolute efficacy – which is just 1%. The lawyer argues that they are altogether fraudulent.

The final argument made by the lawyer with the help of experts is that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is catastrophically unsafe. She says that Pfizer, the EMA, and the FDA have systematically neglected evidence from preclinical animal trials that clearly pointed out grave dangers and adverse events.

She also pointed out that the Pfizer jab and all other Covid-19 vaccines have caused millions of adverse reactions and thousands of deaths within five months of their introduction.

Holzeisen says that the agencies that granted emergency use authorisation for the Pfizer vaccine committed grave errors and omissions in their assessments of known and possible health risks.

The lawyer concludes that the only possible conclusion from this analysis is that the use of this vaccine in adolescents cannot be permitted, and that its ongoing use in any and all age groups ought to be stopped immediately.

The full expert statement submitted alongside a lawsuit can be viewed here.


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