In South Korea, 72 people vaccinated against COVID died in just 5 days, causing local media to start raising questions about injections: Report

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Suspicion of flu vaccine in south korea after at least 30 deaths

According to the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) website, as of June 19, there were 388 deaths and 395 suspected cases of anaphylaxis after vaccination against COVID. The South Korean outlet FN Today reports :

This is a count of only reported cases, and the number increases when the actual number of unreported cases and deaths that may have been mistaken for death from an underlying disease is added.  

Considering that the death toll after vaccination was 323 as of June 14, a whopping 72 more people died over five days from 15 to 19, which is a very shocking figure of more than 10 people dying afterward. to be vaccinated in one day.

The KCDC claim there is no causation, but that’s just the KCDC claim. Within the medical community, there are voices that say that no one can be sure that there is no causal relationship between the vaccine and death, in a situation where the COVID vaccine has not been developed recently and clinical trials are not enough. .  

Currently, few people are vaccinated nationwide, but if the number of people vaccinated increases due to the instigation of the media in the future, the death toll after vaccination will increase dramatically. The theoretical conclusion is that death will occur after vaccination. 

 The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) stated in a press release on June 19 that “the total number of deaths, including cases with a change in patient status (98 in total) is of 388 cases (AstraZeneca 151 cases, Pfizer 236 cases, Johnson & Johnson 1 case) “.

The number of deaths from vaccination is greater than the number of deaths from coronavirus On June 13 and 14, only three people died from COVID. It is unclear if they died from an underlying disease or from COVID. On June 15 and 16, only one person died of COVID. Between June 17 and 19, only one person died.

In the end, there is only one case of death from contracting the coronavirus per day, and the mortality rate (probability of dying from the disease) is 1.4%. This is not a fatal number that even requires vaccination, and many argue that common sense does not understand that the number of deaths after vaccination is greater than the number of deaths from the disease. 

The number of confirmed cases per region is announced every day, but the number of deaths is around one. It is noted that this is a death rate that is not as high as the flu. There is no justification for getting vaccinated

The scientific evidence that herd immunity occurs when a vaccine is received is very weak. It raises considerable suspicion that the government unilaterally pushes the theory of herd immunity to the people and vaccinates the entire nation, believing only the words of a few medical experts.

Some say, “No matter how many vaccines you receive, herd immunity cannot be achieved and there is no guarantee that the currently developed vaccine will be effective.” This claim is constantly being raised in the medical field.

Furthermore, the efficacy of the virus itself is questioned, as mutated viruses continue to appear and cases of corona infection occur frequently even after vaccination.

In a situation where the effectiveness of the vaccine is also questionable, why is the government mobilizing all its administrative power to vaccinate the entire nation with such force? The media are also evaluated as “vaccine sellers.”

Why is the government creating fear as if it is not getting a vaccine right away, is going to contract the coronavirus right away, and makes an anti-humanitarian argument that “the vaccine has side effects (such as death), but the benefit of vaccination is higher “?

“Is the government a normal government that insists that all people receive a vaccine that has not been verified, where there is a possibility of death after vaccination and hundreds of people actually die after vaccination?” The question begins to arise. 

Suspicions abound that a worldwide frenzy is taking place to satisfy the interests and purposes of certain political forces and to satisfy vaccine manufacturers with popular taxes. The evidence is too obvious to dismiss these claims as conspiracy theories. 

Many countries have imposed bans on the AstraZeneca vaccine, primarily in Europe. Most of Europe, including Denmark, Italy, Austria and Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Latvia, have banned the AstraZeneca vaccine and protests against the vaccine are taking place everywhere. The United States does not recognize the AstraZeneca vaccine itself, and many states have removed their masks and returned to their daily lives even though the vaccines are well below herd immunity standards.

In particular, it is surprising that children and young people are trying to get vaccinated even though they have no problem with COVID.  

It is also doubtful that various vaccines work by age and that there is a risk of side effects only in certain age groups, but even this is not observed in Korea.

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