Former WHO Scientist Tired Of All The Lies – Warns People About A Depopulation Plan

8 June, 2021

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Another conspiracy theory by the scientists is proven to be correct.

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I have seen so many documentary movies, and they are full of conspiracy theories statements. People are tired of these lies. So many people have higher education and suffered the consequences of their lies, so they cannot put it up with themselves anymore.

Many people have to say the truth out loud, so they can find peace and forgiveness.

One famous doctor and a former scientist at the WHO, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, shared a plan to depopulate and control the population through the CCP virus.

“They are trying to block people’s freedoms, which is really disturbing,” Stuckelberger said. “They want to annihilate any thought, emotion, and cognition.”

“Because they are closing churches, they are closing things that make people spiritual, they are emulating all-natural healers, and even in Switzerland, they are letting doctors practice, but natural healers don’t,” she added.

She questioned the PCR test usage and how they are inserted through the nose, DNA samples, and targeting the brain, which can have consequences of aging and longevity.

Also, the doctor shared that this group will subjugate people through nanotechnologies, which will make them obedient.

“They want to annihilate them, those who survive with their brain completely dysfunctional will be obedient. They even want to put nanotechnologies under the skin, imposing the passport of vaccines”. Stuckelberger said. “So I’m just, you know, I’m calling on people to wake up and take back their health, not to believe what the government wants them to believe, he’s creating a pandemic for profit,”

“It is an eternal pandemic. This is the worst nightmare. You can be in perpetual fear all your life. [In] perpetual vaccination. So, you see, that’s what they want, and they’re doing it right under everybody’s nose, you know.” She concluded.

If you want to watch the video, you can find it here.


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