Ban on “mandatory vaccination”

The ban on “mandatory vaccination” has been adopted by the European Court!

The European Court has finally ruled on the ban on mandatory vaccination. The link is at the end with the articles of law of the European Court.

Any vaccination obligation is now illegal by default The Council of Europe
(not to be confused with the EU), to which all European states belong except Belarus, Kosovo and the Vatican, which is the sponsor of the European Court of Human Rights, decided on 27.01.2021 in its resolution 2361/2021, among other things, that no one may be vaccinated against his or her will under pressure.

The 47 member states are asked to point out before vaccination that vaccination is not compulsory and that non-vaccinated people should not be discriminated against.

Discrimination is also expressly prohibited in the case of existing health risks or if a person does not wish to be vaccinated. Vaccine manufacturers are obliged to publish all information about the safety of vaccines.

With this resolution, Europe’s largest human rights organization has now established standards and obligations, as well as created guidelines under international law, which must be implemented by all 47 member states, including the EU as an organization.

Discrimination, for example in the workplace or travel bans for unvaccinated people, are therefore legally excluded.

In any legal proceedings, against any authority, any employer, any travel provider, any official.

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4 thoughts on “Ban on “mandatory vaccination”

  1. The so called elites should be used as Guinea pigs for all experimental gene therapy. No one else should be forced.


  2. I fully agree that no one should be forced to have jab but I am going asked to have proof of negative lateral test or nproof of bring double vaccinated st the theatre shows U have booked


  3. The more Shots you get, the more your immune system is be attacked. You cannot get Vaxxed for other things now. If you get a Common Flu or Shingles Vax, you will get the virus from that particular Vax because you no longer have an immune system. You will have a Cytokine Storm. In other words, your body will attack itself & will not be able to fight off anything new introduced to your immune system. Organ Failure & multiple system failure will most likely occur. All these politicians, employers, hospitals, colleges, pushing The Shots on people, on children & pregnant women, should all be charged with Crimes Against Humanity for Atrocities Against Americans & People Around the World! Where’s the ICC Hague!
    (International Criminal Court) All the Tyrants pushing The Shot are Violating the Constitution & Civil Rights & the Nuremberg Code!! There is No Law Mandating Vaccines! No employer can force you to get Vaxxed and get away with Firing You for Not! Join Class Action Lawsuits in your area to sue your employer if you’ve been Fired or Bullied & Segregated to the point of Discrimination & Abuse. It doesn’t matter if it’s a privately owned business. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 says you cannot be discriminated against according to your religion or beliefs, skin color, etc!
    Hospitals are treating patients like they are prisoners. Demand alternative treatments other than the CDC Policy! Demand high dose Vitamin C injections & Hydroxychloroquine & Dexamethasone & a COPD inhaler if you are hospitalized for COVID. Don’t let them put you on a Ventilator!! The reason the ICUs are full is because people are being put in there for regular pneumonia & they are committing Fraud by calling it COVID pneumonia. The bogus tests they are doing are using 40 times instead of 25 times on the sensitivity settings on the testing machines, making them pick up on things that are not COVID! Basically everyone has COVID even when they don’t!! The hospitals get massive amounts of money if they say a patient has COVID & has to go into Segregation aka ICU!
    Big Pharma uses Aborted Fetal Tissue to develop these so-called Vaccines.
    If Abortion is Against Your Beliefs then Employers & Politicians cannot Force You to get The Shot!! Period!! Barnes Law Firm is taking on Class Action Lawsuits to sue Employers & has a form for employees to copy to give to employers stating why you are refusing to get The Shot. There are other forms you can find online too.
    It’s helpful so the employer cannot deny your Civil Rights & Constitutional Rights. Fight Back. Attend Protests & stand up against Mandatory Shots for anyone! Join local groups protesting against The Shots & Masking Children. The government has no right to dictate our lives!


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