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A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic

Fear has, as we know, been the key driver underpinning the relentless Covid-19 response and on the Pandemic Podcast we’ve already taken several deep dives into its devastating — and continuing — impact.

But how did the UK Government actually manage to achieve this?

My guest today is Laura Dodsworth, whose new book A State of Fear paints a chilling picture of the strategies and tactics deliberately used to engineer compliance with the raft of draconian measures flowing from Boris Johnson’s first lockdown announcement in March last year.

We will be exploring the roles of the multitude of advisors involved in what at times amounts to an assault on democracy itself, among them SAGE’s SPI-B behavioural psychologists and the Behavioural Insights Team originally set up by David Cameron in 2010 and also known as ‘the nudge unit’.


It is illegal to fund terrorism: How does that leave us when our taxes are used to terrorise us?

Definition of terrorism

The term “terrorism” comes from French terrorisme, from Latin: terror, “great fear”, “dread”, related to the Latin verb terrere, “to frighten”. The terror cimbricus was a panic and state of emergency in Rome in response to the approach of warriors of the Cimbri tribe in 105 BCE.

The French National Convention declared in September 1793 that “terror is the order of the day”. The period 1793–94 is referred to as La Terreur (Reign of Terror). Maximilien Robespierre, a leader in the French revolution proclaimed in 1794 that “Terror is nothing other than justice, prompt, severe, inflexible.”[11] The Committee of Public Safety agents that enforced the policies of “The Terror” were referred to as “Terrorists”.[12] The word “terrorism” was first recorded in English-language dictionaries in 1798 as meaning “systematic use of terror as a policy”.[13]

Although the Reign of Terror was imposed by the French government, in modern times “terrorism” usually refers to the killing of people by non-governmental political activists for political reasons, often as a public statement. This meaning originated with Russian radicals in the 1870s. Sergey Nechayev, who founded the People’s Reprisal (Народная расправа) in 1869, described himself as a “terrorist”.[14] German radicalist writer Johann Most helped popularize the modern sense of the word by dispensing “advice for terrorists” in the 1880s.[15]

According to Myra Williamson (2009): “The meaning of “terrorism” has undergone a transformation. During the reign of terror a regime or system of terrorism was used as an instrument of governance, wielded by a recently established revolutionary state against the enemies of the people. Now the term “terrorism” is commonly used to describe terrorist acts committed by non-state or subnational entities against a state”.[16]


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