How to overcome the pressure to get a COVID vaccine (lawyers, forms, etc)

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If I were an employee or student who was required or feeling coerced into getting a COVID vaccine, here’s how I would strategically handle it…

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May 27, 2021 (True Whole Human) — Recently, a friend of mine who adamantly did NOT want to get a COVID vaccine did so anyway because of pressure from her peers and her employer. 

For any of you who feel pressured to get a COVID jab and feel like it’s becoming impossible to say no, I’ve got your back.

Before I’m done you will:

  1. Understand why vaccine mandates and coercion are illegal
  2. Have a practical way to converse about your decision to opt out.
  3. Feel confident in your decision, and (I hope) feel emboldened to speak up.

Side note: In case you missed my recent article on 18 reasons I won’t be getting a COVID vaccine, you might check it out if you want additional talking points beyond what’s below. 

Dealing with employer & school mandates

If I were an employee or student who was required or feeling coerced into getting a COVID vaccine, here’s how I would strategically handle it …

Ask for exemptions

Politely, and with a curious tone, ask what exemptions are in place for people who need to decline the shot? 

If you get any pushback for asking that question, you can kindly say that is between you and your doctor. 

Hopefully, you’ll be presented with how to file/qualify for the allowed exemptions and that will be the end of the story. 

If asking for exemptions does not prove to be fruitful, here’s what I would do next. 

Point out liability

Pharma can’t be sued for injuries or deaths caused by their vaccines, but companies, schools, and individuals that mandate them can be

If your institution is trying to mandate or coerce you into taking something against your will, not only is that 100 percent ILLEGAL (more on that below), by forcing you to take a product they make themselves liable if you get injured or die.

No organization wants to hear that, but given the way our government is promoting the COVID “vaccines,” it is understandable that most institutions don’t even know that mandates are illegal, nor do they understand the liability mandates expose them to. 

To give you legal and ethical ground to stand on, let’s start here …

Vaccine mandates for experimental COVID shots are against the law in the U.S.

  • You can see the actual law in this letter sent to all universities currently trying to mandate the COVID shot. 
  • Mandates (and shockingly many of the government-sponsored vaccine ads) go against FTC law regarding deceptive advertising. 
  • Mandates create all sorts of problems with HIPAA (medical-privacy) law – in case you care to see the list of ongoing lawsuits that have arisen when people’s HIPAA rights are violated, you can click here

Furthermore, coercion tactics are in violation of U.S. and International Law.

The opening frame of the Nuremberg Code — written after WWII to make sure no one is ever again forced to participate in medical interventions without their consent — states this: 

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. 

This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

Did you catch that part about: “without … any coercion”?

In actuality, these mandates, and the entire COVID narrative violate all 10 items of the Nuremberg code.

If you want to see what a group of 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 doctors are doing to highlight these issues and begin new crimes-against-humanity trials, you can click here

The short version: The good guys are punching back.

The bottom line: Mandates and coercion are ILLEGAL.


If your school or employer goes to court and is found guilty of breaking these very-clear laws, they will lose.

Let that sink in … and now let’s talk about how to practically …

Stand up for your rights

Here are two tactics you can consider to help you point this out the problems with mandates: 

  • Good Cop: You could mention this liability issue as a way to show you are looking out for the best interest of your school or employer — i.e. you could be the hero that keeps them out of court, helps craft a respectful policy, and saves them countless dollars in legal battles.
  • Bad Cop: You could overtly mention litigation and that you would be happy to file a lawsuit if anything happens to you or your peers. This may or may not be good for office politics (or your education/career path), but if you’re in a position of leverage, this may be the fastest way to sway in your organization’s policy. 

Before I get to how I might handle peer pressure or medical pressure, permit me a … 

Critical thinking interlude

Given the above, I’d argue there are some critically important questions to ask:

  • Why are our governments literally spending billions of taxpayer dollars to overtly coerce all of us to take these experimental products? 
  • Are they ignorant of the law (seems implausible) or are they actively, knowingly engaged in something illegal?
  • Why is the White House not quick to point out to businesses that mandates and coercion are against the law? 
  • Why is the FTC not cracking down on illegal and deceptive advertising? – Why is it left to non-profits to take our institutions to task?
  • Why are donuts, cash, or reestablishing pre-covid privileges (like going to a ballpark in NY without a vaccine and sitting where you used to) not at least being frowned up as manipulation, or discrimination, if not overt coercion?

It’s not as if the federal government, and even some states, are being subtle about trying to get everyone to take these “vaccines.” 

They are shoving it on us, and using every well-honed tactic of fear, guilt, shame, and attempts to withhold freedoms that they can come up with.

If you don’t think this is happening, as kindly as I can say it, you’re not paying attention. 

This propaganda is happening from the White House podium and our taxpayer dollars are funding the largest, coercion-based, “vaccine” promoting media blitz in history. 

In case you missed it, here’s a recent quote from Joe Biden? 

“The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours.”

I’m not a lawyer, but that sure sounds like coercion, Mr. President! 

… and you’re not even being subtle about it.

Shame on you. 

  • You are breaking the Nuremberg code.
  • You are contributing to the division in this nation. 
  • You are being dismissive of the risks these products carry.
  • You’re tying our freedoms to compliance with what you think it best.
  • You are stepping into the middle of a private decision between us and our doctors.
  • You are unraveling trust in science, medicine, and our government. 

When did you become so emboldened as to blatantly violate the law?

Are you actually ignorant of the law, or do you know better and do this anyway?

It makes me wonder if you’re a President … or a puppet. 

Side note: I’m saving my thoughts on the wizards behind the curtain for another post about how you can talk me out of my “conspiracy theory.” 

For now, here’s the point …

If our federal government can unashamedly break the law, encourage social media titans to censor all dissent, suppress or withhold all non-vaccine treatments, and erode our freedoms, who then is actually looking out for us?

This isn’t a gray area. Mandates and coercion are black-and-white illegal. 

Even if you want to get the “vaccine” (fine, that’s your choice), does it not bother you to see what our federal government is doing? 

If clear examples of government overreach don’t bother you, I’m guessing (I could be wrong) this is because they have worn you down by taking away so many of your freedoms that you’re willing to make this intellectual compromise just so life can “go back to normal.”

Am I right? 

Dear friends, if you think giving up your freedoms has ever resulted in getting them back, you don’t know history. 

The only way we take back our freedoms is to fight for them.

As sincerely as I can ask: At what point will you look at the bigger picture and say “OK, this has crossed an unethical line” 

What more would have to happen before you say that?

Even if you like the so-called “vaccine,” what is your line in the sand for unethical government overreach, and when will you stand up and do something about it? 

OK … interlude over … back to how to effectively push back against pressure to get a “vaccine.”

Find legal help

Given that our leaders aren’t likely to be held accountable or change their tune in the next few months, let’s turn our attention back to the immediately practical.

If I’m in your shoes … and the above didn’t cause your school or employer to (quickly) remove the mandate, or at the very least hastily find an exemption, I’d make sure to kindly submit (in writing) my objection to being forced to take it, and let it be known that if I am forced to do so, or if my employment is threatened, I would have to consider legal action.  

If you need help finding an attorney to pushback against your school or employer, here are some resources for you:

  • Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) – In order to obtain potential legal assistance, email ICAN at and provide a copy of the written notice from your school or employer stating that the COVID-19 vaccine is required. You can also see this letter ICAN is sending to all universities mandating vaccines. 
  • America’s Frontline Doctors, Legal Eagle Dream Team (love that name) – has put together fantastic letters you can share with your employer or school to put the fear of God in them by showing them how untenable a vaccine mandate is and the scary volume of liability they would have if they tried to. 
  • Children’s Health Defense – has put together this simple one-page letter explaining the law to any employer or school that attempts to mandate the COVID vaccine. 
  • Health Freedom Defense Fund – They aid families and individuals whose health rights have been infringed and they support legal challenges to unjust laws that undermine our health and freedoms. You can contact them and see a list of resources here. Their legal team can also send Cease-and-Desist letters on your behalf if needed.
  • State-by-State List of Vaccine Attorneys. If you need help for a more specific situation, you can check out this list of attorneys standing by to help.
  • For those living in Canada, you might be able to find legal help here

I’m sure there are other places you can find legal help and letters to submit to your organization (if you know of more please let me know and I will add them), but the above should get you started.

Now let’s turn our attention to …

Dealing with medical or peer pressure

If you are under pressure from anyone in the medical profession to get a covid jab, here are some ways I might handle it. 


Doctors work for you, not the other way around. 

If a healthcare professional is pressuring you to take the shot, politely (or confrontationally if that’s your style) fire that doctor or nurse and find a new one. 

There are plenty of doctors who are happy to protect (and champion) your right to decline the shot. 

If your relationship with your doctor (or a friend/peer) is one you want to keep and you’d rather take more of a bridge-building/educational approach, you can pivot to this strategy:


As I detailed in my last post, there are so many show-stopper, inconvenient, exposing questions to ask about these “vaccines,” but let me give you the simplest one that is probably all you need.

Ask for a Lab Test to Screen You for Susceptibility to Vaccine Injury

In other words, ask your doctor (or friend) what type of lab tests are available to make sure that your body (or someone with your health condition) is not at risk for having any of the known, heart-wrenching, life-altering injuries detailed in this video from the Informed Consent Action Network.

If you didn’t watch the above video montage yet, please find the time. 

Those stories are just a fraction of the ones that the powers-that-be would prefer to sweep under the rug in their unabashed vaccine propaganda. 

The point is …

None of the people in the montage above were tested for counter-indications that would have been a red flag for a possible vaccine injury.


Because testing for susceptibility doesn’t happen.

The best “screening” I could find is this laughable, propaganda document from the CDC that basically says unless you have a severe allergic reaction to polyethylene glycol (or your first COVID jab), you should be good to go. 

The bottom line: There is no test your doctor can give you to screen you for possible complications.

Not one.

Let that sink in. 

If you don’t believe me, ask for a test. 

The pushback you may get …

If you ask the unanswerable question, you’ll likely get the standard, canned reply … “Not to worry, the vaccines are safe and effective, and the risks are one-in-a-million.” (BTW, injuries are way more than one in a million).

In case you get that predictable reply, here’s all you have to do — repeat your question. 

Say, “I get it doc, but how do we know MY body is not at risk for becoming injured?”

An honest doctor (or nurse/pharmacist, etc.) will tell you there’s no way to know. 

No modestly-informed person, certainly no medical professional, disputes that all medical products carry risks. 

Furthermore, is there any medical professional or public-health leader who denies that these shots have injured or killed people?

From blood clots to menstrual issues to Bell’s palsy to anaphylaxis’, body-wide hiveslife-altering tremors, and death, these vaccines carry very real risks. 


In case you’re reasoning with someone in the medical profession, let me drive home the unanswerable question with a video interview of three nurses who were devastatingly injured when they got a COVID “vaccine.”

Healthcare workers Shawn Skelton, Angelia Gipson Desselle Kristi Simmonds appear on a recent episode of Del Bigtree’s HighWire. SOURCE: The HighWire with Del Bigtree / Rumble

All three nurses: 

  • Suffer from debilitating tremors.
  • Are unable to work, thus they lost their income.
  • Are unable to drive.
  • Get no worker’s compensation.
  • Have no recourse to sue the manufactures. 
  • Have mountains of debt from all their medical bills.
  • Have been abandoned by their own medical profession.
  • Can’t file an insurance claim because their situation isn’t covered.
  • Have to rely of family members to meet their most basic and personal needs.
  • Blame themselves for not “doing their homework.”

Two of the nurses didn’t even know the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) existed before they took the shot.

One of them even said if she had been presented with the “anecdotal” information about all the risks, she would have still gotten the shot. 

Do you suppose she thinks differently now? 

Do you think she wouldn’t take back her choice in a heartbeat?

These nurses were all “pro-vaccine,” obviously. 

They all “trusted the science” and now have been left with injuries that may be lifelong. 

How do you know this wouldn’t happen to you?

Is this the time for blind faith, or is it the time for tougher questions?


In case you need any other questions to reason with your friends or medical professionals, here are some other talking points to choose from:

  • Ask when the clinical trials for these “vaccines” ended? Hint: They haven’t. They aren’t schedule to be over until near the end of 2022 or sometime in 2023. 
  • Ask to see the results of the long-term safety studies. Hint: There aren’t any. How could there be?
  • Ask to see the “package insert.” What’s that? It’s an informative piece of paper that should come with every shot. If you can find one, you can ask questions like: 
    • What does it mean “There is no FDA-approved Covid-19 vaccine?” (p.1), or
    • Why doesn’t it list “stopping transmission or infection of the ‘SARS-CoV-2 virus’” as one of the benefits (p.3)? Hint: that’s because SARS-CoV-2 is the virus – Covid-19 is the symptoms you manifest. Accidental omission? Hardly.
    • Ask when we’ve ever used an unapproved vaccine (or any vaccine) in the middle of an outbreak. Hint: We never have. Why not? What problems could that cause?
  • Especially if you’ve already had COVID: Ask when have we ever vaccinated people for a disease they have already overcome? Hint: We never have. Why would we do that now? What risks does that present
  • Ask what other medical product has ever been prescribed for every medical condition, every gender, and (almost … they’re working on it) every age? Hint: Not one. So, what makes these products something that is “safe and effective” for everyone, without even adjusting the dosage regardless of how old you are or how much you weigh?
  • Ask if they’ve seen any of these 18 reasons not to get the shot.

You might even curiously point out that:

In 1976, our government stopped a rushed vaccine program (for H1N1) because:

  • 450 (of 45,000,000 who were vaccinated) reported developing Guillain-Barre syndrome (.00001%) 
  • 30+ people died (less than .000001%)

For comparison sake … 

(NOTE: The numbers below rely on a reporting system that is notorious for capturing only a small fraction (1%) of known adverse events, Nonetheless, let’s compare the best data we can find from U.S. and EU government agencies.)

That’s probably a few more clotting disorders than you heard about in the news …

… and yet the COVID-vaccine agenda marches on.

What would it take for us to finally be alarmed at the carnage these vaccines are causing?

If you formally ask the CDC such questions, be prepared for a long silence

With all that said, let’s step back from logical arguments and get personal. 

Dealing with the emotional loss of family, friends, and freedom

Now, you may be thinking, “OK, I get it — the vaccines carry real risks and the mandates are illegal.” 

BUT, if I cause a ruckus or say no to the shot, I’m also saying no to seeing my family and friends, I’m likely losing my ability to travel, and I may have a pick an uncomfortable fight with my work/school, etc. 

If that’s you, perhaps this quote from Benjamin Franklin can be of value: 

“He who gives up a little freedom to gain a little security, deserves neither and will lose both.”

Yes, your life, and your choices in the near term may get annoyingly, unpalatably disrupted. 

Your family may refuse to talk to you. 

You may have to find new friends.

You may travel less … for a while. 

But, what is better, handing over your freedom and gambling that you won’t get injured, or adjusting your strategy and expectations, finding new friends, and fighting for your freedom.

Which choice will you look back on and say was the right choice?

Here are two things I can tell you:

  • Given that demand for the COVID jab is plummeting, the propaganda engine is kicking into high gear. The pressure is not going to let up anytime soon. You’re either going to cave, or find your backbone. 
  • You are NOT alone. The truth-loving, science-protecting, freedom fighters are not cowering in their basements. I’ve been encouraged to meet so many of the them (doctors, nurses, scientists, and activists) since writing this post that went viral. 

In addition to knowing you’re not alone, be encouraged by looking at the revolutions of history that have overthrown tyranny.

What you find is that there’s a good chance we don’t even need a majority. If (from the estimates I’ve seen) 13-20 percent of us will get loud, organized, and stand up for truth, we win this!

Look, I know it takes courage to stand in the fire. 

know these conversations are uncomfortable, but do you have a better option?

As I said above, once they take our freedom, they won’t give it back. 

If we cave in now, there will be more mandates, and more erosion of our freedoms.

Here’s the beautiful thing about speaking truth and asking genuinely-thoughtful questions — there’s no need to be rude, or bombastic; truth just needs to be spoken.

People will recognize truth when they hear it. 

Where can you let your voice be heard and stand up for what’s right?

In conclusion

I hope you found this both practically helpful and inspiring.

Don’t be bullied into compromising your integrity and succumbing to an illegal mandate.

The time to stand up for truth is upon us. It may get uncomfortable, but so be it. 

For all of you who’ve felt too fearful to speak out, we need you. 

Find the courage to stand in the fire and join the fight.

Truth is going win!

Published with permission from True Whole Human.


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    1. The link in this section leads to the canada link talked about in the next point, can you please check and update?!?!
      State-by-State List of Vaccine Attorneys. If you need help for a more specific situation, you can check out this list of attorneys standing by to help.


      1. Ditto – same here – it was a Canada link and I want to find an attorney in Illinois to assist in an exemption letter after Governor Jelly Belly’s mandates. I certainly hope litigation is already being filed far and wide here. How the heck can the governor order vaccines for all school and healthcare workers??


    2. Dear XO

      We live in South Africa and if you read up in Google you will see our bafoons ( sorry for the name but they have been stupid before this and now I think they are just zombies)are now making plans to force us to get these evil DNA altering rubbish vaccines.

      In our country it’s a bit like being in the wild west still and our freedoms have been a little more protected. Problem is now we are all a little meek and we now have to start fighting back.

      Do you know of institutions that we can get help from that protects world wide and in Africa too. The way I see it we need to report to independent groups and start reporting globally injuries, deaths,lies to non government and non new world order institutions so we can show those with closed eyes the truth.

      Who do we get help from in South Africa. And who in Africa and who globally. It’s amazingly sad how the principalities ( new world order) have infiltrated our whole world. And as I type this I am keenly aware how they spy on us all everywhere.

      So my questions are

      1.if we need to report independently safely to whom do we? Maybe equivalent help just in our Country and globally like the help you gave names of in your article
      2. How do we help in making a difference and fighting against this. I am not sure where to start
      3. I pray and know God hears and have asked Him to expose this. But we all need to stand together and fight as you said.


  1. What’s a GOOD one liner reply to shut down when asked “did you get the jab?” I know there are a lot of us non vaccinated getting tired of being asked.


    1. Have you been tested for STDs? Exactly … that’s protected health information, just like the question you’re asking me.


    2. It’s only a matter of time
      Before the FDA approves these shots and they will no longer be deemed experimental. Medical exemptions should be approved for all
      People in all states.
      Ask yourself: should a two hundred lb person get the same dose as a hundred lb person? Should a baby or toddler with digestive issues or allergies or respiratory condition have a shot containing toxic ingredients? Do your research, get bloodwork done and get healthy. Make sure your children are healthy.
      This is a virus and it is not going away. Viruses mutate. So just like we have been living with the flu we have to learn to live with Covid.


    3. I say “I’m good” really enthusiastically with two thumbs up then I abruptly change the subject or my phone that is on silent, suddenly gets an incoming call that I have to take. Not lying, not dealing with confrontation and a major debate, has been working for me. Or you can say I am fully vaccinated and change the subject. I have had all my other shots and these aren’t vaccines so they can assume whatever they want.


    4. My reply for a woman who asked me if I got my vaccine is….” Did you get a Pap smear lately?” For a man, who has never asked, but if it ever comes up…..” Did you see your proctologist lately?”

      Thank you for the fact that “ Why would I get the vaccine when I have overcome that 🦠 Covid 19” it is rare, RARE that I see a response for those of us who have already recovered and have the anti- bodies when told to get the vaccine anyway….DUH!


    5. I just spoke with my doctor about this today.

      She said I can reply with (not a one-liner, but use what resonates with you haha): “Thanks for your concern about me. I am not getting this medical treatment. Covid has a 99.7% rate of living. I have a plan in with place my doctor for treatment should I ever get sick. She said to email her at anytime. I am young, healthy, and in the “low risk” category, so in my heart and mind I know I stand pretty great chances at getting well, should I ever get sick.”

      Something like this hahah I haven’t tried it out yet though 😉

      I have been asked by family/friends in a respectful way in the past. I just try to keep it short and polite but firm and confident (also cuz I hate confrontation).

      Them: so what vaccine did you get?
      Me: none
      Then: ….are you going to get it?
      Me: I have no plans to at this time
      (This usually ends it, if not…)
      Them: why not?
      Me: I’m waiting for more long term data to come out to make a fully informed choice.
      Them: ushxjwidbejsjdhsjshshhsblahblahblahblahblahblah

      It hasn’t gone past this luckily.


  2. I just saw that the DOJ is stating that it’s not illegal to mandate this ? And all employers are following this ? How is that possible ?


    1. I am a public servant in Texas and my employer is requiring vaccination verification for open enrollment. Unvaccinated are not given quarantine leave and offered a cash incentive if they do. HR will be asking for vaccine status soon and no where on the information we were given does it say exemptions how ever unvaccinated basically cause a disruption.


  3. Yeah, I work for a company that provides contract work for a company that just announced a vaccine mandate yesterday. Has something changed with regards to the legality of mandates or do these companies just not care?


    1. They never cared. It’s all about money. Any company mandating it lacks a spine, and is run by lost souls. They will tell you whatever they got to tell you to get paid.

      Their currency is your fear.


  4. I’m not involved with facebook or twitter, and I’m not too bright at “forward”ing something unless it says “forward”…can you help ?


    1. Tap the row of three vertical dots on the upper right of your phone. There uou can copy link. Then you can paste that link into an email, text message. Or anywhere you want. To do that hold you finger on the spot where you want to paste, the option to do so will pop up. Click on that. Hope that helps


  5. Can a company legally ask you if you are vaccinated? They ask yes no or prefer not to say. They claim is confidential. I feel they will use this information against the employees to fire them. They may call it performance or job eliminations. .


      1. Me too. I actually am working from home, I am the only one and I am the only who hasn’t gotten the vaccine. Pretty sure I am going to lose my job soon. I am mad as hell and I don’t know what to do about it. Just go banned from the Scientific Journal site for calling them morons, so I probably deserved that. I am just so pissed. It is all just so wrong. I feel so alone in this. Why are so many people just caving? I think that may be what is making the most mad.


    1. If that is what you feel, then that is what’s happening. When they try to bury you for not getting the vaccine, remember that they forgot that you are a seed.


  6. What about the response to someone who tells you “You do this to protect everyone else. If you don’t get the jab, you must not care about others”


    1. Firstly, it is not your personal responsibility to prevent strangers from catching airborne viruses from you. This has never been the case for any flu/cold. Secondly, If the others got their vaccines, if the vaccines work, and are wearing their masks then they shouldn’t be getting the virus in the first place. Thirdly, the ethics behind undergoing a medical procedure for other people rather than for yourself is highly questionable. Would it be right to vaccinate a 12 year old to protect a 75 year old?


    2. Who is protecting YOU?
      I have a friend, who was a nurse, pro vaccine.
      Her mom was elderly and got the shot, and passed right after. She was already contracture, so some muscle disease.
      Nurse got the job as soon as she could. She quickly had an inflammatory response (same as many children are having reports of right now). Imagine that.
      She was a med height but small framed person, weight of young teen, I suppose. The jab is measured the same for everyone. Was it too much? This experiment will tell soon enough.
      My son, a 6’4″ Marine, solid. Got the jab and within the first week had numb arm and hand, as well as foot on the same side as the vax.
      Another nurse who shared an office w me, was head of infection prevention, who pushed the jab got a tumor in her armpit almost immediately. Had to have emergency surgery. I have not heard the results of the biopsy, as she became so tired and worn out that she quit.
      I’d like to ask of anyone’s employer, or the government, is planning to reimburse for time off, for care in covering expenses related to illness, in compensation for death?
      You should be seeking that.
      In the LTC facility I worked in, late April, after the 2nd shot wad being pushed on people, I saw one after another elder come through on hospice, lasting just a day or two. I have never seen so many at once.
      It makes no sense that they say they are protecting the most vulnerable, since we know the very young and very old, as well as those w compromised immune systems are the ones with the lowest immunities. So you give them a big dose of some concoction that we know relative little about. That’s crazy.


    3. I would just tell them the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of covid so it really doesn’t matter if I have it or not. The vaccine is just to make the symptoms not as bad and help lower the chances of getting admitted into a hospital.


  7. Hey I need some advice.

    A prof that is a bit of a mentor for me asked me if I took the vax, because classes would be in person soon. I panicked and blurted out that I didn’t. My prof was super upset – I was reprimanded and told about someone that was critically injured from the virus, told that they’re concerned for my safety or what if I spread it, I felt guilty and ashamed.
    Pressured on the spot, I said I’d get the vax as I tried to convince myself that since most of my family did so it must be safe but even I learned one of my family members was just lying about it.
    I found out that a YouTuber I watch lost their life from the vax.
    I go to a liberal uni so there’s more pressure but I don’t want the vax. Plus I need recommendations and I don’t want to end up alienated. What should I do/say if my prof asks again? I don’t want to rock the boat but I don’t know what to do. Thanks for any help.


    1. Difficult situation but I would advise to bare in mind that it is YOUR body. Just remember, if you do have a reaction it is you, not your professor, who will face the effects. Nobody else can make these choices or feel the effect of your medical choices. Just remember you are not alone and there are ALWAYS choices. It may not be easy, but you will have your freedom. Good luck!


    2. Then don’t take it. It’s your decision. I am not Vaccinated yet everyone I talk to doesn’t care if I am or not. Sorry if it sounds like I’m speaking for myself.


  8. I found this article wonderful thank you for writing and sharing. Question my employer wants proof of vaccination in order to not wear a mask in the work area (which is a construction warehouse) I think this is a violation of my privacy, is it? or do they have every right to ask fro proof? thank you again.


  9. I need to get involved someway in a paid group promoting our freedoms. I live in PA, a union worker who is facing increasing pressure from my employer. I refuse to get any of these shots and will do whatever is necessary to remain jab free. I know I am going to lose my job over this and I know I am supposed to be doing something important to help. The hard part for me is losing everything I have in the process. Please, anyone… help a single father out. Thanks


  10. My daughter has one term left of nursing school at Kaiser University, they are forcing her to get the vaccine right away or she will not be able to continue her nursing program, what is she to do? She and other students are feeling forced to do something against their will. She would be happy to do online classes! They wont give any of the students options. Are their lawyers that will handle her case in Florida?


  11. How could this work with members in the military that do not want this jab, any advise on how to go about that?


      1. A military member can refuse an UNLAWFUL order. However, that’s typically when (s)he’s ordered to do something that’s criminal in nature. Military personnel are expected to submit to medical examinations and/or treatment in order to render them fit for duty, so refusal to do so for fears that the “Jab” may prove harmful could and likely subject the member to disciplinary action for failure to obey a lawful order from his/her CO, i..e, INSUBORDINATION, one of the more seriously military offenses.


    1. my family member is in military close to retirement he refused the shot they told him either take the shot or there not going to give him his pay this after serving in 2 wars 30 years of loyal service no shot no pension


      1. Likely (s)he can be separated from the military branch (s)he’s in for cause; however, threats to deny the pension ALREADY EARNED will likely prove hollow. More than likely the discharge will be GENERAL in nature, i..e, for lack of fitness for duty, rather than conviction of a military offense via a court-martial.


  12. You admitted it it’s your conspiracy theory and conspiracy theories are nothing but false their conspiracies things made up to scare people and the only people I’ve seen go for conspiracy theories are the ones that make them meth heads


    1. The Bible talks about Principalities, leaders of the world , He says our fight is.not against flesh and blood. And in our language we have a saying where there is smoke there is fire. My English lecture ages ago said. The grapevine is the strongest form of advertising . This also goes for things that are actually the truth. Problem is that the ones who are actually telling the lies are telling us that the truth is conspiracy theory. This is and has been the devils old trick. Like when he told Jesus that should Jesus bow before him he would give him all. So now the lot working for the devil is saying bow and we will give you all. This is still the same lie he told centuries ago. Hold on to the truth the Bible says. I know these things are not conspiracy theories and not because of what we all read or see. But because the Holy Spirit warns us. Listen to the video about what Rockerfellar wrote and see what is and has been happening around us all.lies. We are not friends of this world we are aliens like Paul wrote we are not of this world but we are in this world. So maybe it is time we all look at the truth and stop calling them conspiracy theories and understand the mainstream media is all part of this telling us we are mad and we believe in conspiracy theories. I believe in the one who calls himself I AM and He is the truth. This world is not free of satan and we need to swing the sword.

      GO SEARCH the links to the rockerfella lies

      And then the truth….The Armour of God


  13. Hi. Can you please update the link for the State-by-State List of Vaccine Attorneys? It currently links to the “those living in Canada” site. Thanks!

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    1. Yes, I also would like to see the state by state list. Was disappointed when I clicked and it went to the Canadian list.


  14. I’m in a very tough situation at the moment I ended up getting this virus a few weeks ago I have been making a good recovery. However, at the moment it probably comes down to being my fault but there are certain family members who I live with who are more or less forcing me to get this vaccine. This is something that I do not feel comfortable about in any way what so ever. I have no idea what to do or how to handle this


  15. Great inspirational article, thanks for all you do!
    I live in NYC and starting today I’m basically no longer allowed to partake in society. I’m in shock how easy it was to impose these rules. I have (medical) reasons not to want the shot, and I’m curious if anyone has experience getting an exemption letter from your doctor. My doctors won’t write me one, even though I’ve had COVID and tested positive for antibodies about a week ago. Thankful for any help!


    1. Have you checked with Frontline Doctors. I don’t know that they can help but might be a good place to start. Maybe if they can’t do it they would at least know a doctor near you that would. I wish you the best, please don’t give in.


  16. I and others in my company have done all the things stated above. I asked about liability and was told if there were long term effects then I probably wouldn’t be the only one and the government would have to take care of us. I laughed at that, cause the government has taken such good care of us so far right?? I wasn’t able to get any kind of exemption because the only accommodation is working from home and my job can’t be done from home. I wrote a letter stating my objections which was only replied to as “received”and one of our sites is in NM and we had one of the NM Stands Up lawyers write a cease & desist which was ignored.Sept 1st is our deadline, jab or we’re fired. No option to get tested weekly and we’re already masked. I have watched the resistors numbers fall from about 80 (4 sites with a total of around 400 people) down to around 20 as of this week. Many are older and taking early retirement, some who could do their jobs from home were allowed to go totally remote, some quit and many gave in and got jabbed. Most of the ones still standing up are in NM, I think I am the only one left at my site in VA.

    They have started my termination process and my last day will be Aug 31st. They say they won’t fight unemployment yet the reason on the termination paper will be “violation of work policy” which in my reading will automatically disqualify us from unemployment. The fight to save my job is over, it’s a done deal, what I really need now is a lawyer who will work pro bono or contingency to bring a wrongful termination suit. I have taken it this far and willing to go the rest of the way. Your link to state by state lawyers goes to the Canadian site. Please could you post the US one? I really need some help here


    1. I hope we can find attorneys who are willing to take the stand. It’s going to be a battle, but I believe we are strong people, or we would have gone along w the crowd like those who followed hitler blindly.

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      1. I think we will see attorneys advertising for this specifically, fighting mandates now and probably in the future the same ones will be taking vaccine liability cases.I have talked with two lawters where I am and neither one would try and do anything to fight the mandate but they said to call them on Sept. 2nd if the company actually goes through with it.I just hope they’ll be willing to take it on.

        You are right that we are strong, At firsst i thought so what all I’m doing is letting them fire me, that doesn’t mean I’m brave or strong. But as time went on and I watched my fellow patriots give in i felt differently. And when you’re left in the end as the only one still holding out it gets real lonely and a bit scary, makes you question yourself.But when you overcome that feeling and keep on pushing you realize you are strong and maybe even brave.

        Good luck to you in this battle and the battles to come!


  17. In New Jersey, the jab is about to be mandated for all teachers. This is lunacy. It’s not FDA approved and everything you stated above. (Thank you for all of the time you put in to relay all of the resources to use). So, Gov Murphy is going to mandate it. Can he overrule everything because he is governor? What are some steps to do as NJ teachers to protect themselves and their jobs?

    I love my job and what I do. This is such a shame to force people into something. It is heart-wrenching to end my career as a teacher due to this experimental drug. Something I am absolutely not going to get until further and truthful information comes out down the road. I’m a very healthy individual. If this jab is supposed to be mandated, then they need to mandate: less or no smoking cigarettes (or anything), less or no drinking alcohol, exercise 3x+ more a week, mandatory time off for mental health whenever needed no questions asked.

    God Bless to all. Have faith.


    1. Hey now leave y cigarettes alone 🙂 Just kidding I get where you’re coming from. I got so tired of people asking me if I’d gotten my jab that my answer became – Have you gotten a colonoscopy? And if they said that wasn’t comparable because it didn’t affect others I said sure it does, every case of colon cancer puts my insurance rates up. Funny how people stopped asking me.

      Richmond, VA just mandated for all their school employees, from principals down to the custodians. I know a couple people in the system and they are not happy. My one friend is a custodian there and said he’s quitting. of course it’s pretty easy to get another janitorial job right now, teaching maybe not so much.

      I wish you the best with your fight, don’t give in!


  18. I enjoyed this. So much so I will donate to the news outlet and become a new follower.

    Thank you for the valuable info and keep fighting the fight. “We” will overcome this together!!!


    1. Yeah I’ve heard that term before. You know, “We’re all in this together?” Well thanks to COVID, that statement has lost all meaning to me thanks to the fact that it’s been over saturated and greatly overused just for the sake of propaganda. So until something major happens to change my mind, I will not be convinced that any of us are in this together…AT ALL.


  19. The FDA just approved the jabs on August 20, 2021. No public hearing. No transparency. But we’ve come to expect this sort of thing, right?

    So where do we stand now with employers coercing and imposing mandates? Is it still illegal? I am very aware of the Nuremberg Codes and the Helsinki Declaration.

    My understanding is that it is a HIPPA violation to even ask an employee about any medical anything. My daughter’s boss told her and staff that it is illegal for him to even ask if they’ve received the genetic modification shot or ask for any other medical info.

    Will you be updating this web page soon to reflect this sudden change in status, please? Thank you!🙏🏼


    1. THE FDA DID NOT APPROVE THE JAB. If they did, the EUA would be OVER. They approved a FUTURE jab that is not even in production yet in order to deceive the public into conceding and getting jabbed! The FUTURE shot will not be produced until 2023 and it comes with LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES which is why, until 2023, the producers will be trying t get that immunity REMOVED.

      RESEARCH. Comirarty was approved. It is NOT being produced. This is a bait and switch for stupid people to submit to the EUA BioNTech jab…. WHICH IS STILL EXPERIMENTAL and illegal.


  20. FDA just illegally gave the thumbs up for Pfizer (follow the $$). My workplace thinks because of this, we should feel comfortable in getting the poison. As it stands now, we have a choice, get tested weekly (yes thank you) or get it. They do plan on making it a condition for employment. Even w/o that they can still come up with some bogus reason to fire ppl. Can’t fight that, they’ll claim some bogus reason you can’t get unemployment.


      1. Oh damn, I didn’t catch that, sorry. I am still waiting to hear from the two I contacted. One is a constitutional lawyer, The other an employment lawyer. I only emailed Wed night so hoping the fact I didn’t gt a no right away means they are looking into it, maybe researching the company and such. I will update if I find a good list or if these guys take me on


        1. I should have mentioned that what I said wasn’t just from the title of the list, but I actually contacted 3 in my state (I tried 4) and the 2 who would really talk to me said they just do injuries, and that I should call around to find a constitutional law attorney. I guess that’s why is getting thousand of calls for help.


  21. If someone have a good source of lawyers in Canada who are willing to help on this issue. please post them, thank you


  22. My company is mandating the jab or get fired. They accept medical or religious exemptions. I submitted a religious exempt based on I don’t believe in a drug that uses aborted fetus for their tests. I am now being asked if ever in my
    Life I have ever gotten vaccinated (any) or taken any medications. How do I respond?


    1. You do not need to provide them a religious “timeline” nor should you have to explain that you’re a far more informed person now than previously; assuming you took a flu or other vaccine AS AN ADULT. What happened as a minor is irrelevant. What matters is at this moment in time THIS vaccine and it’s development does not align with your religious beliefs… period. Best of luck to you in this absurd world we currently find ourselves.


  23. Thank you, it’s very informative. The link in this section leads to the Canada link talked about in the next point, can you please check and update?!?!
    State-by-State List of Vaccine Attorneys. If you need help for a more specific situation, you can check out this list of attorneys standing by to help.


  24. Thank you for your information. With the fact that the Covid shot isn’t as effective anymore isn’t that the reason they’re coming out with boosters?
    We don’t want to get the shot. Will it ever be FDA approved? So far we’re not being mandated into it and we hope that we never do


  25. Thank you for all the information… recently had a dental cleaning. Upon entering the sitting room I had to be masked I was asked to fill out a questionaire. It asked if I have been out of state in last 2 weeks, have I ever had covid, and the VACCINATION STATUS, Fully Vaccinated Partially Unvaccinated This was outlined in yellow.
    I marked that I had not been out of state, had covid in Oct of 20 and I signed the form. The receptionist asked me why I did not answer the whole form I calmy said. I answered that I have not been out of state, and that I had covid in Oct of 20….the rest of the inquiry is none of your business… she told me I was being rude and I said No. I came here to get my teeth cleaned. The rest is none of this offices business…they were not impressed with a patient telling them to back off.


    1. Good for you! Did they go ahead with your appointment? I am waiting for the day when we get denied medical care and other necessities because of our clean blood. I suspect it’s coming.


  26. Well today was my first day without a job in probably over 30 years, they fired me yesterday as their mandate went into effect today. I slept til 10 which was a nice change but then got up and filed for unemployment (I have it in writing that they will not fight it) and got in touch with a lawyer. We’ll see what happens but I hope to take them down for this. Money is good but it’s secondary, I want to prove a point.


    1. Good for you! In this labor market hopefully you are able to be working again soon, for an employer without a mandate and that unemployment sustains you in the meantime. Keep us posted on the legal action too – I hope you get some good results from that but I fear that all the judges are as corrupt or coerced as the rest of the ass hats running this country.


  27. my husband is being forced to take the shot. I am declining as long as possible. Fortunately I stay at home most of the time. There are so many other things out there the FDA has approved that are garbage and dangerous.(Lyrica, the fpv vaccine to name a couple) I don’t want the covid shot period.


    1. Most garbage the FDA approved, caused the FDA to be sued and lose billions. Look up “FDA spraying DDT on children” if you want to see some heinous brainwashing by them.


  28. “The FDA protects big drug companies, and is subsequently rewarded, and using the government’s police powers, they attack those who threaten the big drug companies. People think the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing, and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day.”

    Dr. Herbert Ley Former commissioner of the US FDA

    Let that sink in…


  29. There are attorneys around the world working together to expose Coronavirus crimes against humanity in something like “Nuremburg Trials”. Their website is the Corona Committee, –in German called

    Since mid-July 2020, the Corona Committee, headed up by California attorney, Reiner Fullmich, has been conducting live, multi-hour sessions to investigate why federal and state governments imposed unprecedented restrictions as part of the Coronavirus response and what the consequences have been and still are for people. As of today there’s over 150 hours of interviews recorded, alot of them are in German, with many of them in English as well.


  30. I’m a government contractor in the national security sector. Been fighting metastatic prostate cancer for 11 years. Oncologist says I’m in remission, but also says it’s unknown how my meds will react with vaccine. My red blood cell count and marrow count is way down because of the meds, but I’m physically extremely active and healthy, with otherwise good CBC numbers. For all the reasons we all know, plus my medical reasons, I do not want to take this vaccine. And now that Pfizer is “approved”, I have read that if I’m terminated, I can’t get unemployment benefits. I will, of course, fight this, but how long will THAT take, given the speed of bureaucrats and the oozing, gooey, leftist nature of many courts? Looking for anyone else that is a government contractor who reads this to find a group of like-minded and like-situational people so we can come up with a mutual solution. About 70 percent of my small company (about 350) have taken the vaccine, but there are about 80 of us who have not. Unfortunately, we don’t know who we are — why? Because of privacy about medical records…but my employer knows because he asked! The ironies of this entire situation are not lost on me…


  31. I feel pressured to get the vaccine, which should not be a reason to get it. I feel like those who are for the vaccine are being extremely critical of those against it. I rarely go out of the house, and when I do, I don’t get too close to people. I know I’m safe, so if I’m being safe, why risk getting a vaccine that may cause me harm? I also have health issues, so I feel it would be too risky. I’m going out of town soon to visit distant relatives, who have all had the vaccine, but I still feel pressured to get it. Why should it matter if I get it if they already had the vaccine? I already am going to be forced to get it anyway, because I’m traveling outside of the country next year, and I’m not too happy about that. But being pressured by family that has already gotten the vaccine is something else. I wish it wasn’t this way. I already have a lot of anxiety without this being added to it. Thank you for this post, it was very interesting and informative.


  32. Can you your saying in this above article Apply to All Canadian’s in our Country whom are being put under pressures
    and under Corercions to taking the Vaccines in medical facilities or loosing their job positions,many Nurses in Canada
    are resigning from their jobs due to being forced against their Democratic,Freedoms,Freewill’s,Life To Libertys,Rights and Privileges to taking said forced Vacinations.Many find this to being tyrannical measures in mandating vaccines,
    Goverment continues,to be Lieing,Decieving with Deceptions about Vaccines jabs

    Canada is Decending Into Tyranny Against its own Entire Ctizenry Population and Country and committing Treasonous acts by its own Federal Goverment Politicians.and are Lying to the people 24/7 with Fake Statistic’s and
    Fake Stories about Covid 19 to the General Public Population and are swallowing up what goverment is telling them

    All People’s needing to ”AWAKEN-UP” Wake-Up People-”There Is But One Truth And There Is But One Set Of Facts”. Knowledge Is Power” In The Right Hands- And ” Hey People It’s Time To Shutting Down The Covid Juggernaut. Stop being and Becoming Sleeping Sheep of being Led To The Sheep Pens To Being Led Too Be All
    Slaughtered by Those Politicians With Dark Ambitions in their Dark Hearts and Souls for Control & Manipultions of
    the entire citizenry population they Are using your Fears and and panic and anxieties against yourselfs to controlling
    yous,do-not fall for it.Now if you do-not comply or agree with them they All Are Now Wanting To ”PUNISH YOU’S And
    To ”ENSLAVE” US ALL. Stand-Up And Fight Them For Your Democracys,Freedoms,FreeWill’s,Life To Libertys and for Your Rights and Privileges,that they are now Stomping Upon,Trampling Upon,

    ”ONLY WE THE PEOPLE CAN SAVE OURSELVES” From Their Rouge Tyrannical Tyranny,Oppression,Repression
    from Their Dictorial-Dictatorships of our Countrys and world Wide.They All Needing to being All Held Accountable
    For Treasons.And Massive Genocide of All Human Beings,Tried,Charged and Punished and Prosecuted and All
    incarcerated for 150 Years


    1. I think so, but don’t see many attorney’s jumping on it. I’ve noticed that the comirnaty which is approved, is legally different than the original Pfizer BioNTech (even if the bottle content is same, but label is different, they are legally distinct. See page 2, footnote 8 of the reissued EUA after the approval To me this means that unless you go to get the jab, and the label says “comirnaty” you’re still getting an EUA drug, which is a trial, ergo voluntary. I’ve tried to book an appointment at any of the local places to manually choose “comirnaty” but as far as I can tell, the shots are as per “available stock”, OR if you get to pick Pfizer, then there’s no way of knowing if it’s Comirnaty or BioNTech. I haven’t seen any clear place where it says that “We’re mandating since it’s now approved, here are the exact steps to get the approved Comirnaty.” This is all very vague and 99% of the people are still getting the EUA drugs, but now cause they’re being coerced with threat of losing their jobs. I’ve written to ICAN, like this article suggested, and haven’t heard back from them. My organization even has clinics and they offer money for those getting vaccinated (bribe?). It’s all very saddening, and depressing. I applied for religious exemption in order to not be required to take the jab, then am finding other places to join to help fight against this and help remove the mandate alltogether. Hope this helps you! If anyone here IS an attorney or finds one to pursue the above method of litigation, please count me in to a class action. Thanks!


    2. It isn’t approved. The ones they are using are still just authorized for emergency use in the event of no alternatives, which do exist and ARE safe and effective.


  33. I live in Australia I loved my boss like my brother… But now he says ” no jab no job ” I will seek legal advice and go from there. I know I can’t win, but I’m will to die fighting for. I will be financially broke in the next 4 weeks. After that I have to start a criminal career. That’s what happened when you try to murder good Citizens


  34. I live in Australia I loved my boss like my brother… But now he says ” no jab no job ” I will seek legal advice and go from there. I know I can’t win, but I’m will to die and flight for my freedom. I will be financially broke in the next 4 weeks. After that I have to start a criminal career. That’s what happened when you try to murder good Citizens


  35. My husband is a security officer at a nuclear facility. They are requiring all personell to get the jab by 10-28-21. The plan is to stay until he is fired! Other officers are refusing! I wonder who will protect the nuclear plant from a terrorist attack?

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  36. I work for the government abs have until 11/22 to be fully vaccinated. First off because of all the reasons you listed above, I am scared to take this vaccine. Secondly I am ticked off and will NOT be told I have to take something no one knows anything about . Like many above if I have to lose my job, then so be it!

    I will attempt to request a reasonable accommodation and I will see how well that goes.

    Thanks so much for what you are doing, it is nice to know I am not alone.


    1. Hi Brenda – like you, I also work for the federal government and an a veteran and I am irate about the new 11/22/21 vax mandate. I am terrified to get the vaccine because I personally know someone’s uncle who died from the Covid-19 vax soon after he took it. Her dad was also hospitalized soon after taking it as well but thankfully survived.

      It is good to know there are Feds out there fighting this. I will be requesting a religious accommodation and see how that goes. Brenda, I have a ton of resources I can provide to you as well including an excellently written religious accommodation template if you need it. Send me an email at

      Thank you for providing this critical information. I’ve been looking for unbiased factual information. I’m only interested in the truth! SO THANK YOU.

      I’ve been under the assumption that the Pfizer vaccine was fully FDA approved not realizing that only the conmirty vax was approved which from what I understand is almost impossible to find.

      God bless you all.


    2. You are not alone Brenda. I will most likely lose my job Jan 4th, which was made official in a company wide email from our President of the company i work for letting us know we must be fully vaccinated. Im an electrician in a Union(St Louis, MO. IBEW Local ONE) and not getting ANY protection and still standing strong. Today is 11/14/21, and I WILL NOT GET VACCINATED. Stay strong!


  37. One Day God will Judge these deluted Dictators. I pray they will be saved before it is to late. They have sold their souls to the lies of Satan. My hope is in Jesus through all of this. No matter what happens, he will never leave you, or forsake you. At the end of the journey, we will have Heaven, joy, peace, and everlasting life….. I hope that is your hope…. How to be saved…..1. Admit that you are a sinner with a penitent heart, and realize that you can’t save yourself. Rom 3:23 For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. 2. Understand that you are on your way to hell, but God has a Gift, that his son Jesus fully paid for on the cross for your sins. Rom 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. 3. Know that God loves you, and will save you. Rom 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died. 4. Call on God today to forgive you of your sins, and trust in his finished work. Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Rom 10:9 If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in thine heart that God has raised him from the dead, Thou shalt be saved..


  38. As of 09/27/2021, Marriott International, the largest hotel chain in the world, has announced all employees have until Nov. 15 to either get fully vaccinated or be “approved” by their exemption status (they’re only entertaining exemptions for medical or religious reasons, and again, they are the ones who must “approve” the request). If employees don’t comply by Nov. 15, they will be placed on UNPAID LEAVE until Dec. 31. They also stressed it’s not a “job-protected leave.” If employees still haven’t been fully vaccinated between Nov. 15 and Dec. 31, they will be terminated. End of story. Again, this is for ALL Marriott employees–even those that work remotely! How dare they? Marriott used to be the pinnacle of workplaces, with a truly family atmosphere. Just a few months ago in June, the current CEO said he wouldn’t force vaccines What happened in 90 days?


    1. I started my career with Marriott and loved the company. I wish I had the answer to “what changed” – highly doubtful it is because unvaxxed Marriott employees are spreading the virus around to guests since anyone can catch and transmit it. All of these mandates have much larger implications and are not science based whatsoever. And being in HR, I can only imagine the immense amount of turnover and recruitment drama that will exacerbate an already high turnover, difficult to be appropriately staffed industry. Marriott was always what I considered a very ethically run company all things considered. Them either taking money (bribes) or being threatened in some way is all I can think of why they would put themselves in such a precarious position. I would imagine that they will have to reduce occupancy or close a lot of hotels down altogether. Since it makes no financial sense and does nothing to protect staff (except maybe from the “less severe Covid” narrative) or guests there is something more sinister going on.

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  39. Does your article still stand true since President Biden declared the mandate for companies of 100 or more with a deadline of Nov 1 2021 to be vaccinated or have a medical or religious exemption approved by the company.


    1. A mandate is not a law. An Executive Order is not a law. The President does not make laws. The Legislature makes laws. The Left would have the citizens believe that Executive Orders are functionally laws, but acceptance and enforcement are non-entities, as they are strictly directions having to do with government functions. The Federal Police to do not enforce at local levels. The Constitution doesn’t even mention Executive Orders, and the format that is used today was first used by JFK. The only “enforcement” at local levels is when Republican government officials do not stand up for their constituents, and do not push back against this tyranny. Every GOP state governor should have issued an order barring all law enforcement from working with the feds to violate constitutional rights. Where are they???

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  40. Has anyone been successful in getting a medical or religious exemption? If so, would you mind providing the details/wording used to gain the exception, thanks!


    1. Haven’t submitted a religious exemption yet, but there is a phrase that needs to be in your reason and it is this: “this is my sincerely held religious belief.” Keep a copy of your submission too. Try looking up Robert Owens on JBS. Org and letter templates from Liberty Council in Florida for some suggestions. Best to you.

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    2. Hi there, I have successfully submitted and received a religious exemption. What helped me is reading the EEOC law around the “definition of religion” and understanding it from a legal perspective ( As the company was having an attorney review the request, I thought it very important to write like a “legal” letter vs. emotional or philosophical. What I understood from the definition, is that it states that your religion doesn’t need to have a name as such, doesn’t have to have other followers, and doesn’t even have to match other followers of the same fate (just cause the pope took the shot doesn’t mean you as a Christian have to be expected to believe in it too). Also the law, and the cases referenced in the site, in my opinion, made it clear that if one did not make the logical connection between their belief, the aspect of belief that gets affected by taking the vaccine, and how this effect ends up distancing them from the greater connection to God or purpose in life (there were several references to a ‘greater purposes or meaning’) then the petitioner had failed to demonstrate how the action would keep them from practicing their religion. I took these understandings, then fit my story within it. I made sure to touch on 1) my ‘sincerely held religious belief’ and its connection to something bigger 2) what aspect of my practice of my religion gets affected by the vaccine 3) how that keeps me from connecting to God and therefore KEEPS ME FROM PRACTICING my religion. My request was pretty long, but it got approved. Let me know if there are other links I can help with.


      1. Sir thanks so much for your response on this matter and the information you provided! Is there any way I can send you my religious exemption to review? It is not very long. If so please email me at

        Thanks again for all of the info you provided.


    3. Also, I heard that medical is tougher to request, as there’s a set of guidelines from CDC and such that the company may be following. I’ve also noticed that many doctors seem to be “in bed” with this effort, though am not sure of their motives. I have an unknown ‘novel’ medical condition and as much as I tried asking my doctors if there’s any evidence that the vaccine won’t affect me negatively (which there isn’t as it’s an ‘unreported/novel’ condition), I kept getting a canned response as to how I should just do it cause the risk is “minimal”. As in my opinion I qualified for both, I chose to request religious instead of medical since I found that more possible to tackle.


  41. Is there any way to protect those in the Military against the Covid Mandate?…
    If so my needs your help; He’s the last one in his class to reject the shot and is being threatened with a “less than honorable discharge” from the AF…
    Is there any way you can help him??


  42. Hello Araxdoni when I read your message I thought there is hope! Thank you for sharing your experience and the details you provided. I would be ecstatic if I could get a religious exemption approved. I don’t qualify for a medical exemption. I work for the government and have to be fully vaccinated by 11/22/21. I have been so stressed out by this mandate because deep down inside I sincerely believe I shouldn’t get this vaccine. I feel I would be going against what I believe to be true. I do not agree and do not willing want this vaccine. With all the information I’ve read and seen I’ve made a personal choice to not want this vaccine. I also don’t want to lose my Job as it provides for me and my children. About 12 of 200 within my workforce have not been vaccinated including me some are quiting others are waiting to get fired some have gave in an got the vaccine. I don’t have a lot of people to turn to that agree with me or understand my point of view. I don’t know where to turn and get honest reliable help. I’ve talked to my doctor and my childs cardiologist and its was no help. Basically I was told its safe and to get vaccinated because the benefits out weigh the risks. Medications can be give to help with any side affects. I ask WHAT ABOUT DEATH? That’s a rare occurrence. Everyone sounds so scripted. These were Not the answers I was looking for and frankly I feel really defeated right now its so depressing. How can this be going on? I’ve been scrambling trying to find a way to get an exemption. To be honest I don’t know how to word it or what to write that would make it qualify as a valid exemption that will get approved. My time to act is running out and I need help. All I know is I whole heartedly do not want to be vaccinated. My fear is that I will run out of time and ultimately have to succumb to getting vaccinated against my beliefs. Please help me.


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