Why ARE they applying awful pressure to get EVERYONE vaccinated?

May 21, 2021

Sure, the elderly & clinically vulnerable.
But then why ANYONE else?
Why pregnant women? We’ve not got the reproductive toxicology results yet.
Why young & healthy people? They’re more likely to die in a fall off a step ladder or down their own stairs at home than “with Covid19”.
Why children, for goodness sake. They’re at unmeasurably low risk.

Yet vaccination unfortunately has killed thousands. If U.K. alone, well over 1000 reported to Yellow Card alone. Sure, there are coincidental deaths after anything. Doesn’t mean causation.
But comparing number of deaths post Covid19 vaccination & any other vaccination in U.K., we find this stunning fact: the number of people who’ve died within 28d of Covid19 vaccination in four months is GREATER than the total of all other vaccinations COMBINED for a period of OVER ten years.
It’s not down to the number of vaccinations, either.
It is a complete SCANDAL that no one but outsiders are talking about this.

It’s happening all around the world where mass vaccination is going on.

Back to the “why are they intent on getting everyone vaccinated?” question.

The most likely explanation is that there’s an intent to herd everyone onto a Vaccine Passports system.

Why that? Because it grants the owner of the database & algorithms (what it decides what a person can do or not do, when they present a VaxPass) TOTALITARIAN POWER over everyone. Any threshold like a border or a shop can be so controlled. So could every transaction.

Why is that an important objective for these criminal perpetrators?

While I cannot be certain, the combination of callous disregard for people’s safety & lives, the economy & civil society, coupled with ignoring criminal activity, breaches of the Nuremberg code, the lying about variants & top up vaccines, on top of the tens of thousands of lockdown policy deaths (including from poor access to the NHS for over a year) leads me to suspect the following.

VaxPass will order you to attend for your 3rd or 4th vaccination. As an immunologist, I am telling you that do not need these vaccinations, especially if you’ve had two jabs already.

I can think of no benign reasons for any of this, and see several places where your life is being put at risk, for no benefit to you.

All the things which are happening in U.K. are also happening in scores of other countries, including the same half a dozen ridiculous lies. The same fearful propaganda techniques. The same censorship & smearing, instead of debating.

To me that’s unequivocal evidence of cooperation & planning, internationally.
That’s conspiracy. Anyone baulking at that word, please ask yourself why.

It’s not coincidence but a conspiracy. Nothing theoretical about it.

My honest opinion, and it gains strength by the gathering lunacy on a weekly basis, is that there is a clear intent to murder a great number of people.

You don’t go to this much trouble only to give up at the end.

40 years learning & applying human biological sciences in a commercial R&D setting honed my ability to “spot faint patterns in sparse data”.

That’s what I did for a living, for decades.

No one is paying me to say this, on the contrary, it’s costing me to speak out.

I’m sharper & better read than I’ve been in a decade.

So when I conclude that the most likely interpretation is that top up vaccines will be used to murder a significant proportion of the planet, with “plausible deniability”, it’s worth you giving deep attention to it. What if I’m right?

You’ve not got long. No one is going to save us, if I’m right. Only you / we can save ourselves.

Two common objections:

  1. “No body is that evil”. Ha ha. Are you kidding? Missed history?
  2. “This is far too difficult to have planned it”. It’s not that complicated. Use a handful of lies & policies. Take complete control of the media & censor all others. Wait for social psychology to do the rest.

Mike Yeadon

Ex Former Pfizer VP and Chief Science Officer

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