Is there a correlation between higher radio frequencies exposure and rate of injection-related adverse events?

There is a growing phenomenon around uninjected people experiencing adverse events such as menstrual bleeding anomalies, rashes, spontaneous abortion, testicular pain, fluid discharge and other symptoms.

As such, while not going into fear (since fear is what the matrix controllers want), many are responding to the growing need to get to the bottom of what is really going on.

We know that the TWO main research areas where thousands of studies showing harm don’t seem to matter because of the clandestine agendas, are:
1) Vaccines / Injections
2) Wireless / 5G / EMF

It is increasingly obvious that BOTH are central to agendists’ plans for transhumanism and population reduction.

1) Is there a correlation between higher rF exposure and rate of injection-related adverse events? For those experiencing adverse events both a) following injection, or b) “secondhand”, being exposed to injected people. What is their exposure to wireless — whether it’s 5G infrastructure, their phone, wifi or another source?

2) Are nano-biological processes ‘triggerable’ by specific frequencies – either now or in coming months?

3) Are rF and/or mmw frequencies now functioning as carrier waves, with symptom-causing ‘information’ causing physical and mental bioeffects? (If so, is the cell phone the vector point / programming node?) Or is it simply exposure to the frequency / waveform / modulation itself that is the mechanism, i.e. an not the carrier-wave hypothesis?

4) Perhaps the essential question is, with the mRNA injection push, are the injection + wireless agendas now connecting in a previously unforseen way… and if so, how?

This is emerging as a critically-important research area.


Some initial research links:

A Deeper Look at Covid Vax Transmission Phenomenon:

Dormant until rF activation (@7:00):

Bioinitiative Report: thousands of EMF studies summarized in categories including Gene & Protein Expression, DNA Damage, Immune System Effects, Stress Response, Neurology & Behavior, Disruption, Fertility Effects, Fetal & Neonatal Effects:

NEW STUDY: “COVID-19 Attributed Cases and Deaths are Statistically Higher in States and Counties with 5thGeneration Millimeter Wave Wireless Telecommunications in the United States”
Magda Havas, PhD and Angela Tsiang

“5G Risk: The Scientific Perspective”
Martin Pall, PhD

“Is There A Toxic Connection Between 5G & COVID19?”
Study by Gabriel Cousens, MD

And since we know that there’s a universal law where harmdoers need to disclose what they are doing, in order to try to gain our tacit acceptance as free will beings….

Movie where cell phones are used for mind control and mass killings (Kingsman: Secret Service [2015], Samuel L. Jackson):

Movie where cell phones turn everyone into zombies (CELL [2016], Samuel L. Jackson, Stephen King):

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