Vaccine vs Virus: Fatalities Skyrocket as COVID Vaccines Increase

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, has been in place since 1990 as a way for healthcare providers to document adverse reactions to vaccines. While imperfect in many ways, VAERS provides an early warning for potential health risks of vaccines. In recent weeks, VAERS has reported over 1,600 deaths related to the COVID vaccines manufactured by Moderna and Pfizer.

VAERS and the True Cost of COVID Vaccines

It has been quite a year. At this point in 2020, we still had plans to watch the March Madness tournament, people around the world were gearing up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and millions of hardworking Americans were still employed. We were told that the lockdowns, mask mandates, and utter destruction of the world’s greatest economy were necessary.. And temporary.

Vaccines have been touted by virtually every health agency in the world as our only path back to normalcy. The vaccines were rolled out in record time, skipping important clinical trials and completely devoid of any comprehensive safety studies. Since the first dose was administered on December 14th, early data suggests that we have made a terrible mistake.

VAERS covid vaccine data

With about 98 million doses administered so far, VAERS data suggests that the death toll is somewhere around .003% of those vaccinated. But that number is likely much smaller than the reality.

First, it’s important to know that VAERS is a passive monitoring system, meaning doctors are not required to report adverse events. Several studies have suggested that as few as 5% of all adverse reactions are reported. Using that number to extrapolate the current data, the true number of deaths from the COVID vaccines may be as high as 32,740, or somewhere around .05%.

Current data tells us that about .03% of the global population have died from COVID-19. In the United States, that number jumps to about .16% of the population.

Virus vs Vaccines: Understanding the Numbers

Perhaps the most important question to ask ourselves is: Is the vaccine more likely to kill me than the virus? After all, the entire point of fast tracking these vaccines and using billions of tax dollars to deliver and administer them is to protect us from COVID-19.

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2 thoughts on “Vaccine vs Virus: Fatalities Skyrocket as COVID Vaccines Increase

  1. Hello Mark,

    What about the 2011 Harvard /Pilgram Health study on reported adverse events did you NOT agree with. If you something is bullshit–that presupposes you’ve actually STUDIED the issue. So what percentage of Vaccine adverse events DID this study report as ACTUALLY being reported to VAERS: 1 percent? 6 percent? 15 percent or 30 percent?


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